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“North Sea Connection” (2022) added.

“Nailed” (2006) (90 mins) Crime/Horror.

Charles Porter, Wilson Jermaine Heredia, Sam Sarpong, Samantha Mumba.

Director: Adrian O’Connell.

Low budget: $250,000

Filmed in Compton, California, USA and Belfast, Co.Antrim.

Nailed DVD

Two hoodlums on the run seek refuge in what they think is an abandoned house. But once inside, they find a man lying on a bed, covered in bandages, whose carer seems to be the house itself! Now the two intruders are desperate to escape to jail to get away from the house’s sinister, horrific clutches in this psychotic, pounding nail-biter that will shock you to your core!

Available on DVD – US Region.1. import – thankfully scarce!

“Naming the Names”  (1987) BBC Screen Two: Season 3, Episode.6.

Sylvestra Le Touzel, Michael Maloney, Mick Ford.

Director: Stuart Burge.

Writer: Anne Devlin.

Plot summary from the book.

Aired 18/2/1987.

Not available.

“Nephew, The”  (1998) (105 mins) Drama.

Donal McCann, Pierce Brosnan, Sinéad Cusack, Hill Harper, Aislín McGuckin, Luke Griffin and Niall Tobin.

Director: Eugene Brady.

Filmed in Ireland – County Wicklow – Roundwood, Wicklow Town and Wicklow Head.

The Nephew

Tony Egan (Donal McCann) receives a letter from his long estranged sister, Karen, who left their island home in Ireland for New York twenty years earlier. Her last wish is to have her ashes returned to the land she loved so deeply, thus she is sending them with her son to the island. Meeting the boat at the island pier, Tony is shocked to discover that his nephew, seventeen year old Chad Egan-Washington (Hill Harper) is black.

Trying to adjust to farm life and frustrated by Tony’s lack of communication regarding his mother, Chad seeks out the answers to his questions from other islanders. One bright spot is Aislín (Aislín McGuckin), daughter of Uncle Tony’s arch rival, Joe Brady (Pierce Brosnan). A free-spirited girl with a painful past, Aislín welcomes the intrigue Chad which brings to the island. The out-going Brenda O’Boyce (Sinéad Cusack), Karen Egan’s best friend, holds the key to a past Tony and Joe have tried to forget and which Chad has never known.

Chad’s budding romance with Aislín reawakens old grudges and secrets the islanders have kept secret for decades. As Chad unravels the mystery behind his mother’s departure, the feud between his Uncle and Joe Brady reignites.

Available on VHS and DVD – also as a newspaper promo DVD.

“Never Grow Old”  (2019) (100 mins) Western Drama.

Emile HIrsch, Deborah Francois, John Cusack, Danny Webb, Tim Ahern and Sam Louwyck.

Writer/Director: Ian Kavanagh.

Filmed in Connemara.

$12 million budget.

An Irish undertaker profits when outlaws take over a peaceful American frontier town, but his family comes under threat as the death toll rises.

Available on DVD.

“Neverland”  (2011) (240 mins) TV mini-series.

Rhys Ifans, Anna Friel, Charles Dance and Bob Hoskins.

Director: Nick Willing.

Filmed in Ireland – County Dublin (Swords); Italy – Genoa.


Neverland reveals the never-before-told story of how Peter Pan became the Boy Who Never Grew Up.

It’s 1906 and young ragamuffin Peter (Charlie Rowe) and his gang of pickpockets earn their keep by committing robberies for crooked fencing instructor Jimmy (Rhys Ifans). Hired by the enigmatic Richard Fludd (Charles Dance) to steal a mysterious orb from an antiques shop, Jimmy involves Peter and his friends, little knowing that the sphere acts as a gateway to another world. When the orb is accidentally activated during the robbery, Peter looks on as Jimmy and the boys are transported to the magical realm of Neverland. Confronting Fludd, Peter finds his own way to Neverland, but discovers that Jimmy and the boys have already been captured by pirates, led by the beautiful but ruthless Captain Elizabeth Bonny (Anna Friel).

Meanwhile, Peter is saved from a swarm of angry ‘Tree Spirits’ by a group of Kaw Indians who reveal that they’ve been in Neverland for hundreds of years and have never aged a day. Onboard the pirate ship Jolly Roger, Jimmy finds himself drawn to Bonny and her maniacal plans for ruling Neverland. Desperate to get her hands on the powerful ‘mineral dust’ that gives the Tree Spirits their power, Bonny plots against the Kaws who protect the magical creatures from harm. Peter sets out to save his friends and find a way back to London, but discovers that his beloved mentor Jimmy has been much changed by Bonny’s malign influence. As Bonny’s cruel methods cut a swathe of destruction through Neverland, Peter finds his loyalty to the increasingly unhinged Jimmy tested as a remarkable series of events set him on the path to becoming the Boy Who Never Grew Up.

Available on DVD.

“Never Put It In Writing” (1964) (93 mins) Comedy.

Pat Boone, Milo O’Shea, Fidelma Murphy, Colin Blakely, John Le Mesurier, Eddie Golden, Harry Brogan, Reginald Beckwith.

Director: Andrew Stone.

Filmed in part at Shannon Airport and in Dublin.

Stephen Cole (Pat Boone), a London insurance executive, is in Ireland when he hears that his boss’s nephew, Oscar (Colin Blakely), has been promoted in his stead. Furious, he writes an abusive letter, but in a subsequent phone call learns that he has been made Vice-President instead. All attempts to stop the letter fail. Together with a friend and Katie (Fidelma Murphy), a pretty Post Office clerk, he pursues the mail in a chartered plane. At the office his attempt to purloin the letter is frustrated. Oscar reads it and waits for the evening banquet where Katie creates a diversion and another letter is substituted praising Stephen’s integrity.

Never Put it in Writing

Not available.

“Next Man, The” (1976) (108 mins) Thriller.

Sean Connery, Cornelia Sharpe and Albert Paulsen.

Aka: “Double Hit” and “El Arabe“.

Director: Richard C. Sarafian.

Filmed in the USA (New York) and in Ireland – County Kildare – The National Stud and Castletown House.

El Arabe

Khalil Abdull-Muhsen (Sean Connery), is a visionary Saudi Arabian ambassador who dreams of making peace with Israel and freeing the needy nations from the conflicts in the Middle East. After Khalil goes to the United Nations with his controversial proposal, he instantly becomes the target for a series of assassination attempts. On the run for his life, Khalil finds aid through Nicole (Cornelia Sharpe), a mysterious beauty that he unwittingly starts falling in love with. However, when he discovers that Nicole is an international assassin, he’s left alone to fight for his life…

Available from Amazon on DVD.

“Night Boat to Dublin” (1946) (100 mins) Thriller.

Raymond Lovell, Guy Middleton, Muriel Pavlow, Robert Newton, Herbert Lom.

Director: Lawrence Huntington.

Night Boat to Dublin

Dastardly villains, evil Nazi spies, secret documents, kidnapped scientists and a thoroughly British hero all come together in this most ripping of yarns,  Away from the frontline of World War .II, another kind of battle was commencing, a battle of intelligence, a battle where mysterious spies cunningly try to outwit each other. It was a game of cat and mouse where science and progress were vital commodities. So when British intelligence gain information concerning a missing Swedish scientist developing an atomic bomb for the enemy there’s no time to lose. Their first lead is a villainous perpetrator hiding undercover in Ireland. The night boat to Dublin awaits but is everything what it seems in this deceitful game of subterfuge?

Available on DVD (2010).

“Night Fighters, The” (1960) (85 mins) Thriller

Robert Mitchum, Anne Heywood, Dan O’Herlihy, Cyril Cusack, Richard Harris, Marianne Benet, Noel Purcell, Joe Lynch, T.P. McKenna.

Aka: “A Terrible Beauty“.

Director: Tay Garnett.

Filmed in County Wicklow – Rathdrum and Ardmore Studios, and County Dublin.


Night Fighters VHS (2)

Ireland 1941: Irish Republicans have made a tentative bond with Nazi Germany to help Ireland in its struggle against Britain. A small cell of IRA volunteers is recruited in one village, under the leadership of the morally and physically lame Don McGinnis (Dan O’Herlihy). Among the new recruits is Dermot O’Neill (Robert Mitchum), who wants to free Ireland from Britain, but is not as convinced of the means as his comrades. McGinnis means to prove himself through violence, even though he’s not able due to his disability to participate in the raids he sends Dermot and others on. On one such raid, Dermot and his pal Sean Reilly (Richard Harris) are separated from the rest of the squad. Dermot helps the wounded Sean to safety, but when Sean returns to their village and is captured, Dermot must decide whether his duty lies with the cause, with Ireland, or with his own humanity.

Was available on VHS (see above) but impossible to find now and not officially released on DVD.

“Nightflyers” (2019) (10 x 60 mins) Horror/SciFi Netflix TV series

Gretchen Mol, Eoin Macken, David Ajala, Sam Strike, Maya Eshet, Angus Sampson.


Adapted from the 1987 George RR Martin novella of the same name.

Filmed at Troy Studios, Limerick.

Set in the year 2093, Nightflyers is a psychological thriller that follows a team of scientists aboard the Nightflyer, the most advanced ship ever built, as they embark on a journey to find other life forms. Their mission takes them to the edge of the solar system, and to the edge of insanity, as they realize true horror isn’t waiting for them in outer space-it’s already on their ship.

Available on Netflix.

“Night in Tunisia, A” (1982) (52 mins) Channel 4/RTE.

Mick Lally, Ciarán Burns, Gráinne O’Reilly, Robert Carrickford, Jill Doyle.

Director: Pat O’Connor.

Writer Neil Jordan?? Book of 1976 short stories Night in Tunisia.

Some filming in Butlins Holiday Camp at Mosney, Co.Meath – see below.

Night in Tunisia from RTE Stills Library

Nothing available other than a few stills in the RTE library.

“Nightingale Falling, A” (2014) (110 mins) Drama.

Tara Breathnach, Muireann Bird, Gerard McCarthy.

Directors: Garret Daly, Martina McGlynn.

Based on the novel by PJ Curtis.

Shot in July 2013, in Daingean, County Offaly.

Set in Ireland during the War of Independence, two sisters’ lives are changed forever as they care for a wounded soldier in their home. What transpires in this historical period drama, is a tragic love story of an Anglo-Irish household and its inhabitants, caught in the crucible of deep dark secrets. Framed against a backdrop of a turbulent war-torn Ireland in the early 1920’s, May Collingwood is forced to make critical and difficult decisions when she rescues a British soldier and must now protect herself and sister Tilly. They live in fear of the British Black and Tans, the rising IRA, their own entrapment, and ultimately the dark secrets of unrequited love unfolding from within. This is a powerful drama of lives overtaken and destroyed by the events and hardships of the period. Official site.

Released in cinemas September 2014.

Available on DVD.

“Nightride” (2021) (97 mins) Thriller

Moe Dunford, Gerard Jordan, Joana Ribeiro, Ciaran Flynn, John Travers and Stephen Rea.

Director: Stephen Fingleton

Nightride is a real-time, one-shot thriller set on the midnight streets of Belfast. It places us in the driver’s seat with small-time drug dealer Budge (Moe Dunford) as he tries to pull off one last deal with cash borrowed from a dangerous loan shark. When the handover goes catastrophically wrong, Budge finds himself in a race against time to find his missing product and get a new buyer before the loan shark tracks him down.

Available on Netflix – March 2022.

“Night Train” (1998) ( 90 mins) Romantic Drama.

John Hurt, Brenda Blethyn, Pauline Flanagan and Lorcan Cranitch.

Director: John Lynch.

Shot on location in Dublin, Venice and Yorkshire Television Studios in Leeds, Yorkshire.


In Dublin, an ageing ex.con (John Hurt) is released from jail and moves into digs with with a middle-aged woman (Brenda Blethyn) and her mother (Pauline Flanagan). While striking up a tentative relationship with his lonely landlady he finds that unfinished business from his past is coming back to haunt him. Local gangster (Lorcan Cranitch) whose books he kept is closing in on him. Against this background his budding romance with his landlady progresses as they are both determined to grab one last opportunity for happiness.

Available on VHS and DVD.

“Noble” (2014) (100 mins) Biopic

Deirdre O’Kane, Sarah Greene, Brendan Coyle, Liam Cunningham, Ruth Negga.

Writer/Director: Stephen Bradley

Filmed in the UK (Cumbria) and Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam.

Noble poster

Vietnam 1989: Fourteen years after the end of the war. When Irish woman Christina Noble flies into Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon) she leaves behind an extraordinary life story. But the best is yet to come. Christina lands in a country “that she wouldn’t be able to show you on a map”. With a few dollars, a dream and her own hard-won courage, she is about to change everything. For hundreds of thousands of people – forever! Noble is the inspirational true story of a woman who believes that it only takes one person to make a difference. And of how she is proved right.  Stephen Bradley

Trailer available here: http://vimeo.com/90590516

Available on DVD.

“Nora” (2000) (106 mins) Drama.

Ewan McGregor, Susan Lynch and Andrew Scott.

Director: Pat Murphy.

Filmed in Dublin; Hamburg and Trieste.

June 10th 1904. On a Dublin street, James Joyce (Ewan McGregor) meets Nora Barnacle (Susan Lynch), a hotel maid recently come up from Galway. He is a writer still struggling to get his first work published, she is a proud and outspoken country girl. Joyce falls in love with her at once.

Nora is everything he wants in a woman – faithful, tender, innocent and pure. But still their relationship is troubled at first. Joyce, frustrated by his lack of success, is difficult and unpredictable, often consumed with jealousy and thoughts of betrayal. Nora perseveres and, despite their problems, it soon becomes clear that the couple are destined to be together.

Available on VHS and DVD.

“No Resting Place” (1951) (80 mins) Drama.

Michael Gough, Eithne Dunne, Noel Purcell, Brian O’Higgins, Jack McGowran.

Director: Paul Rotha.

Based on the book of the same name by Ian Niall.

Ian Niall was a pseudonym for John McNeillie (1916-2002) a Scottish author who’s original novel set the story in Scotland.

The first British film made without the use of a studio.

Filmed on location in County Wicklow – Enniskerry, Glencullen and Kiltiernan.

First feature film for Director Paul Rotha and also for cinematographer Wolfgang Suschitzky (1912-2016) who would later be director of photography on Ring of Bright Water (1969) and Get Carter (1971). His memories of making No Resting Place – available online – referred to only two days on location when it didn’t rain, and of long hours playing poker on the bus used by the film crew!

Michael Gough (1916-2011) is a name that might not leap off the page for many readers but he had a remarkable movie career spanning eight decades. While No Resting Place was his first lead role (?) he will be best remembered by most for his role as Alfred Pennyworth, the Wayne family butler in Batman (1989), Batman Returns (1992), Batman Forever (1995) and Batman and Robin (1997).


The brilliant British documentary filmmaker Paul Rotha made his feature-film debut with 1950’s No Resting Place. Filmed on location in Ireland, the film is a lightly fictionalized study of the country’s itinerant workmen. Michael Gough plays tinker Alec Kyle, whose life is thrown into turmoil when he accidentally kills a gamekeeper. Kyle spends the rest of the film evading Guard Mannigan (Noel Purcell), a civil servant who relies on instinct rather than scientific deduction to get his man. Without ever trying to elicit sympathy for his characters, Rotha manages to compellingly detail the miserable living and working conditions of Ireland’s itinerant artisans.

Not officially released on VHS or DVD.

“Normal People” (2020) 12 part TV Drama series for Hulu/BBC 3

Daisy Edgar-Jones, Paul Mescal, Sarah Greene, Desmond Eastwood, Aislín McGuckin.

Directors: Lenny Abrahamson and Hettie Macdonald.

Based on the novel of the same name by Sally Rooney.

Filmed in Dublin and Sligo.

Normal People is an exquisite, modern love story about how one person can unexpectedly change another person’s life and about how complicated intimacy can be. It follows Marianne (Daisy Edgar-Jones) and Connell (Daisy Edgar-Jones) over several years—both from a small west of Ireland town, but from very different backgrounds—as they embark on an on-again/off-again romance that starts at school and continues through college, testing their relationship as they explore different versions of themselves.

First episode aired RTE 28th April 2020

Available on DVD.

“Northanger Abbey” (2007) (120 mins) Drama. TV Movie.

Geraldine James, Felicity Jones, Liam Cunningham and JJ Feild.

Director: Jon Jones.

Based on the novel by Jane Austen.

Filmed in County Meath – Ardbraccan House; County Offaly – Charleville Castle, Tullamore; Dublin Castle and other locations in County Dublin; and County Waterford – Lismore Castle (pictured below)

Northanger Abbey

Set in late 18th century England. When Catherine Morland is given the opportunity to stay with the childless Allen family in Bath, she is hoping for an adventure of the type she has been reading in novels. Soon introduced to society, she meets Isabella Thorpe and her brother John, a good friend of her own brother, James. She also meets Henry Tilney, a handsome young man from a good family and his sister, Eleanor. Invited to visit the Tilney estate, Northanger Abbey, she has thoughts of romance but soon learns that status, class and money are all equally important when it comes to matters of the heart.

Available on DVD.

“North Circular Road” (2015) (96 mins)  Drama/Horror

Lorna Larkin, Patrick O’Donnell, Patrick J Molloy.

Writer/Director: Donal Nugent.

Low budget – €100,000.

Shot in Dublin.

A married couple move into a new house in Dublin. Wife Janice is a weather forecaster and is tricked into working from home by her boss Joe, with whom she has had an affair. Feeling guilty about this affair, she goes to visit spiritual healer Mary and tries to follow her advice. She soon becomes distracted by a bigger issue – she begins to see ghosts in the house. They soon reveal a shocking tale of an unhappy marriage and a possible murder. Janice researches the house’s past and finds the visions may have an historical basis. As she uncovers the truth, she is forced to come to terms with the secrets of her own past.

Available on Amazon Prime here.

“Northman, The” (2022) (136 mins) Drama

Alexander Skarsgård, Nicole Kidman, Willem Dafoe, Anya Taylor-Joy, Ethan Hawke.

Director: Robert Eggers.


A Viking revenge film. Set at the turn of the 10th century in Iceland, a Nordic prince, Amleth, seeks revenge after his father is murdered.

Filming in Ireland began in September 2020 in Antrim and Donegal but was disrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic.

In Irish cinemas April 2022.

“North Sea Connection” (2022) Thriller. 6-part TV mini series for RTE.

Lydia McGuinness, Kerr Logan, Sinéad Cusack, Claes Ljungmark, Alida Morberg, Natalie Simpson, Dónall Ó Héalai, Ryan Donaldson, Denis Conway, Stuart Graham, Kieran O’Reilly, Lynn Rafferty, Gavin O’Connor and Jeanne Nicole Ni Ainle.

Filmed in Connemara.


The Kenny family have fished off the West Coast of Ireland for generations. Ciara (Lydia McGuinness), the youngest, might very well be the last to do so. When her brother Aidan (Kerr Logan) puts the family’s lives in danger by secretly facilitating a drug route for a Swedish cartel to help fund a new business venture, it is Ciara who must appease them and find a way for the Kennys to stay alive.

First episode aired RTE 1 – 4/9/2022.

“North Sea Hijack” (1979) (99 mins) Thriller.

Roger Moore, James Mason, Anthony Perkins, Michael Parks, David Hedison.

Director: Andrew V. McLaglen.

Screenplay by Jack Davies from his novel Esther, Ruth & Jennifer.

(Released as “ffolkes” outside the UK and as “Assault Force” on US TV.)

Filmed in County Galway – Galway Bay and docks. Dunguaire Castle, in nearby Kinvara, was used as the Scottish castle home of ffolkes.


Madman Louis Kramer (Anthony Perkins) captures a Norwegian cargo vessel delivering supplies to North Sea oil rigs and plants bombs on two oil rigs. He threatens to destroy the two vital oil rigs in 24 hours unless the British government pays him a £25 million ransom. Unwilling to negotiate with the terrorists the government decides to contact Lloyds with a view to using their private, specialized methods for dealing with such problems. Only one man has the necessary skills – Rufus Excalibur ffolkes (Roger Moore), a reclusive underwater expert who leads an elite private commando team.

Available on VHS and DVD.

“No Surrender” (1986) (100 mins) Comedy.

Ray McAnally, Joanne Whalley, Michael Angelis, Avis Bunnage, James Ellis, Tom Georgeson, Elvis Costello.

Director: Peter Smith.

Writer: Alan Bleasdale.

Filmed on Merseyside, England.


New Year’s Eve – Mike (Michael Angelis), is the new manager of Liverpool’s seedy Charleston Club. First he discovers that the club’s previous owner is being tortured, Gestapo style, by the club’s mobster boss. Then he finds that the guest list includes a wanted terrorist, the local Orange Lodge, and their age-old Catholic enemies! Suddenly unemployment seems very appealing.

With help from brainless bouncer Bernard (Bernard Hill), and Cheryl (Joanne Whalley), a cook who should stick to singing, entertainment from a band that can’t play, a magician called Rosco de Ville (Elvis Costello), who specialises in nervous breakdowns – and murder, fist fights,  sectarian hatred and fancy dress on the menu, ‘No Surrender’ is one New Year’s Eve Party you’ll never forget!

Available on DVD.

“Not Afraid, Not Afraid” (2001) (86 mins) Drama.

Jack Davenport, Miriam Margolyes, Paul McGlinchey.

Director: Annette Carducci.

Filmed in County Dublin and County Wicklow – Brittas Bay…

After being abandoned by her husband of 28 years, an overbearing, self-centred psychologist embarks on a quest to revisit her past loves, accompanied by her 6-year-old grandson, who has Down’s syndrome, after he turns up unexpectedly in her van.

Not available.

“No Tears” (2002) (240 mins) True Drama. 4 part RTE TV mini-series.

Brenda Fricker, Maria Doyle Kennedy, Tina Kellegher, Ruth McCabe, Barry Barnes, Ian McElhinney.

Director: Stephen Burke.

Production Company: RTE/LittleBird.

Based on the Hepatitis C scandal that rocked Ireland in the mid-1990s, No Tears tells the story of two very different women, Dubliner, Kitty Fogarty (Maria Doyle Kennedy) and farmer’s wife Grainne McFadden (Brenda Fricker) who discover that they have been infected with Hepatitis C by a contaminated anti-d injection years before. It shows the devastating effects on the women and their families of an illness of which they were unaware. Journalist Monica O’Callaghan (Tina Kellegher) brings them together in a campaign group, “Positive Action“, to take on the health authorities and expose the evasions and lies of the political and bureaucratic establishment.

Available as a newspaper promo DVD and to stream on Amazon Prime.

“Nothing Personal” (1996) (83 mins) Thriller

Ian Hart, John Lynch, James Frain, Michael Gambon, Maria Doyle Kennedy.

Original title “All Our Fault

Director: Thaddeus O’Sullivan.

Based on a novel by Daniel Mornin.

Filmed in Dublin – Ringsend.


Belfast 1975: An IRA bomb goes off in a crowded pub. Loyalist and Republican bosses are negotiating a ceasefire, but the foot soldiers on both sides want blood. Childhood friends Liam (John Lynch) and Kenny (James Frain) find themselves trapped in a hopeless cycle of savagery and revenge from which neither can escape.

Available on VHS and DVD. Also an Irish Star newspaper promo DVD.

“Nothing Personal” (2009) (85 mins) Drama.

Stephen Rea, Lotte Verbeek and Tom Charlfa.

Director: Urszula Antoniak.

Filmed in Holland (Amsterdam), Ireland (Connemara) and Spain.

Anne (Lotte Verbeek) lives in Holland until one day she puts all her personal belongings and furniture out on the pavement for people to help themselves to. Lastly, she takes her ring from her finger and with that final gesture she leaves Holland and her old life behind and travels to Connemara, Ireland, where she chooses to lead a solitary, wandering existence, without any connection to the world or the people she meets. Eventually, on her travels, she comes upon a hermit, Martin (Stephen Rea), who agrees not to ask her any questions and in return for manual labour gives her food and a place to stay.

Available on DVD.

“November Afternoon” (1996) (82 mins) Drama. B+W.

Michael McElhatton, Jayne Snow, Tristan Gribbin and Mark Doherty.

Directors: John Carney, Tom Hall.

Filmed in Ireland – County Dublin.

A stylish low budget feature about two couples whose relationships begin to crumble over an eventful weekend. Karen and her husband return from London to Dublin to visit Karen’s brother Robert and his partner. Vague tensions arise between the brothers-in-law as the realisation that Karen and Robert are conducting a clandestine incestuous affair simmers below the surface…

Has been screened on RTE once – late at night – and at various film festivals.

Does not appear to be available?

“Nowhere Fast” (2017) RTÉ 2. Comedy 6-part series

Alison Spittle, Clare Monnelly, Genevieve Hulme-Beaman, Cathy Belton, Mark Doherty.

Director: Simon Gibney.

Writers: Alison Spittle and Simon Mulholland.

Shot in North County Dublin.

Nowhere Fast is a comedy about women in rural Ireland, and one woman in particular. Fresh from a disaster in her media career in the big smoke, Angela (Alison Spittle) returns to her family home to lick her wounds and plan her next move. Can she escape the quicksand of small-town Ireland and get her life back on track? And in the meantime can she keep her friends and family happy so she can get lifts?

First aired RTÉ2 on 13/11/2017.

“Nowhere Special” (2021) (96 mins) Drama

James Norton, Daniel Lamont and Eileen O’Higgins.

Writer/Director: Uberto Pasolini.

Shot on location in Northern Ireland in 2019.

Nowhere Special

35-year-old window cleaner John (James Norton) has dedicated his life to raising his 4-year-old son, Michael (Daniel Lamont), after the boy’s mother left them. When John is given only a few months to live, he attempts to find a new, ideal family for Michael, determined to shield him for the reality of the situation. But how can he judge a family from a brief encounter? And does he know his own child well enough to make this decision for him? As John struggles to find an answer to this impossible question, he accepts the help of a young social worker, opening himself to solutions he would never have considered. John finally comes to accept his anger at the injustice of his destiny, the need to share the truth with his son, and to follow the child’s instincts on the biggest decisions of their lives.

Available on DVD.

“No White Knight” (2005) (85 mins) Thriller.

Kevin Marron, Gerry Coyle, Gerry Farrelly.

Director: Kevin Marron.

Production Company: Pingin Productions.

Filmed in Carrickmacross, County Monaghan.

Low budget: €35,000

Shay, an easy-going debt-collector, saves a young woman from being attacked after a nightclub. Unknown to him, her attacker is his boss’ brother, and now there’s a price on his head. With his former colleagues eager to collect on the contract, there are few places he can hide, but with the help of an old friend he works out a way to hit them where it hurts. www.kmarron.com/film.htm

Not available.

“Now I Know” (1987) Comedy/Romance.

Matthew Modine, Maeve Germaine.

Director: Robert Pappas.

Producer: John Kelleher.

After 4 weeks filming in Atlanta, Georgia – Strongbow Productions moved to Dublin.

A humorous love story.

No sign of it online. Lifetime Network – cable??


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