“Bloodlands” new BBC Irish Crime Drama

The first of four episodes in this new BBC mini-series airs tonight (21/2/2021) with James Nesbitt as a detective forced to revisit an unsolved murder case with a personal link. Filmed in the beautiful County Down this looks to be a cracker.

Broken Law – another disappointment!

Now on Netflix.  I gave it a whirl last night but found it dull, dull, dull and with no likeable characters didn’t care what the ending would be.  As it happened, the ending, like the rest of the movie was something of a damp squib.

Poor attention to detail – especially in relation to the Gardai – made for yet another poor viewing experience. If I was awarding it points out of ten it would get a two and that’s only because it was made in Dublin.


Pixie – Another for the bargain basket?

Just having watched the official trailer it’s hard to find any redeeming feature in this comedy (?) save for it being made in Ireland and presumably providing some employment. Despite a cast of well known actors it comes across as being a formula written, plastic, load of rubbish that tries too hard to be funny. Poor old Colm Meaney, the actor who’s most outstanding role to date was as Jimmy Snr. in “The Commitments“, is involved in yet another lemon. It’s currently in Irish cinemas but I’ll be waiting until it turns up in Dealz bargain basket or in my local charity shop. Provisionally, I’m awarding it three of these 

Wild Mountain Thyme – a new Classic is born?

For the day that’s in it, begorrah! With the World and his Wife talking about this new “Oirish” production today it looks sets to become another iconic film in the best traditions of “The Quiet Man“. The people of Mayo are certainly more than happy with the portrayal of their county as will be the suits at Failte Eireann. Judging from the trailer, it is best watched with a good deal of alcohol onboard.  You be the judge. There’s a cinema release in December but I’m not sure whether that’s for the USA or Ireland.

Innocent – 4 part ITV Crime Drama

I haven’t watched much television, apart from rugby in my local, since the introduction of Saorview in 2011 and as a result missed this mini-series. I have just added it to the blog today and watched the trailer; looks good and I shall be picking up a copy of the DVD soon. A second series has been filming in Ireland this Autumn.

Ignatius – A thought provoking short!

Hidden domestic violence is difficult subject for a short (10 minute) film but this one hits the spot. Not exactly pleasant viewing except to admire the film-maker’s craft at work with zero budget and a cast drawn from the local drama group. “Ignatius” is a faultless production written and directed by Enniscorthy man, Fintan Kelly, and shot on location in the town. Hopefully, the success of the film will lead to greater things.

“Vivarium” at the Dublin International Film Festival

Sci-Fi fans may enjoy Lorcan Finnegan’s “Vivarium” which premiers at the Virgin Media Dublin International Film Festival this February. Without giving too much away – a young couple looking for the perfect home find themselves trapped in a mysterious labyrinth-like neighbourhood of identical houses – sounds like Ballinteer!

The trailer contains spoilers/all the best bits but if you must here it is.

Last Rites for “The Last Right”

I’ve only seen the trailer – below – but it’s more than enough to put me off wasting my money on going to see this film in the cinema and I’ll wait for the DVD to turn up in a charity shop. So many questions such as – How do these movies ever raise the finance to get made, and why do quality actors the like of Jim Norton and Colm Meaney get involved? A look at the Writer/Director, Aoife Crehan’s previous credits on IMDB is illuminating.

Dark Lies the Island – in cinemas from 27th September 2019

Not much to be said about this but the trailer looks promising, and almost anything with Pat Shortt is worth a gander. Now all I need is for our local cinema to reopen but I’ll probably have to make do with the DVD instead!

Extra Ordinary (2019) – Can it be as bad as the trailer?

Where do people manage to find funding for rubbish like this?

Directorial debut for Mike Ahern and Enda Loughman, starring Maeve Higgins and Will Forte plus a motley crew of lesser known Irish stars including Barry Ward, Claudia O’Doherty, Jamie Beamish, Risteard Cooper, Mary McEvoy and Alison Spittle.  Premiered at the Galway Film Fleadh on the 13/7/2019.