Page updated 31/8/2018

“Game of Death, The”  (2000) aka “The Suicide Club”.

Jonathan Pryce, David Morrissey, Catherine Siggins and Paul Bettany.

Director: Rachel Samuels.

Based on the short story “Suicide Club”  by Robert Louis Stevenson.

Filmed in the West of Ireland – Galway, Mayo and Limerick.

Game of Death

Set in London in 1899, at a time when taking one’s own life was considered beneath cowardice. Captain Henry Joyce (David Morrissey), is a man who has lost his appetite for life since his true love died six months earlier. When an old friend convinces him to hit the town one night, they meet a man who’s gambled away not only his family’s fortune but his family’s good name as well. This gambler recognizes Henry as a fellow “ruined man,” and invites him to join a suicide club where members buy into the opportunity to die without the social stigma of suicide Mr Bourne (Jonathan Pryce) runs the club, which randomly assigns victims and “anonymous” killers thanks to a random draw of cards. Bourne provides his clientèle with whatever last vices they desire but membership of the Suicide Club is an irrevocable contract with only one exit clause – death. However, when Henry falls for the only female member Sarah Wolverton (Catherine Siggins), it complicates his commitment to the club and to dying.

Available on DVD.

“Game of Thrones”  (2011-) (67 episodes: 7 seasons – so far) TV Drama series.

Lena Headey, Emilia Clarke, Iain Glen, Sean Bean and Liam Cunningham.

Creators: David Benioff, D.B. Weiss.

Based on the book by George R.R. Martin.

Filmed in Northern Ireland – Counties Antrim and Down; as well as Malta, Morocco, Scotland and Croatia.


Seasons 1-7 available on DVD.

“Garage” (2007) (85 mins) Drama.

Pat Shortt, Anne-Marie Duff, Conor J.Ryan, John Keogh and George Costigan.

Director: Leonard Abrahamson.

Filmed in Ireland – Cloghan, County Offaly; Woodford, County Galway; and Rathcabbin, County Tipperary. Some interior shooting was done in Dublin.


Regarded by his neighbours as a harmless misfit, Josie (Pat Shortt) has spent all his adult life as the caretaker of a crumbling petrol station on the outskirts of a small town in the mid-west of Ireland. He is limited, lonely, yet relentlessly optimistic and, in his own peculiar way, happy. Garage is the story of Josie’s hapless search for intimacy over the course of a summer which sees his life changed forever.

Available on DVD.

“Gates, The” – Jennifer Johnston.

Available…….May not have been made into a film??

“General, The” (1998) (129 mins) Crime Drama.

Brendan Gleeson, Adrian Dunbar, Sean McGinley, Jon Voight, Angeline Ball, Mary Doyle Kennedy and Pat Laffan.

Director: John Boorman. Production company: Merlin Films.

Filmed in Dublin City and County.


The rise and fall of the notorious Irish gangster Martin Cahill (Brendan Gleeson) who held Dublin in his thrall during the 1980’s with a series of daring robberies, gaining him the name “The General”. This film tells the story of Cahill’s life of crime, exposing his deep-seated resentment and open defiance of all authority, and of his relentless battle with the Irish police force. He overreaches himself when he and his gang (Adrian Dunbar, Sean McGinley) steal paintings belonging to the Beit collection from Russborough House. Cahill and his gang are watched night and day by the police, but he continues to defy and elude them. However, when the IRA become involved the consequences are far-reaching for Cahill and his gang.

Available on VHS (used) and on DVD.

“General John Regan” (1934) (74 mins) Comedy.

Henry Edwards, Chrissie White, W.G. Fay.

Director: Henry Edwards. Screenplay by Norris Davidson & Lennox Robinson.

Based upon a novel by George A. Birmingham.

Filmed at Hilltown, Co.Down – apparently.

Irish villagers invent a mythical hero to impress rich American.

Not available.

“Gentle Gunman, The” (1952) (86 mins) Drama.

John Mills, Dirk Bogarde, Robert Beatty, Elizabeth Sellars, Gilbert Harding, Barbara Mullen, Michael Golden, Joseph Tomelty.

Director: Basil Dearden. Based upon the stage play by Roger MacDougall.

Filmed in Ireland – Wicklow and Dublin. Also at Ealing Studios in England.

The Gentle Gunman for blog

During the 1940’s IRA campaign in Britain, an IRA gunman (John Mills) wearies of the constant violence. He begins to preach a philosophy of peaceful persuasion and refuses direct orders to blow up a London railway station. The gunman’s impatient brother (Dirk Bogarde) finds his sibling’s new approach to be counterproductive to the movement. The IRA leadership agrees, and soon the gentle gunman is branded a traitor and a price is placed on his head.

Available on VHS (scarce) and DVD.

“Get Up and Go” (2014) (98 mins) Comedy Drama

Peter Coonan, Killian Scott, Gemma-Leah Devereux.

Director: Brendan Grant.

Production Company: Fastnet Films.

Shot in Dublin City.

Get up and Go DVD

The story of Coilin and Alex, two friends in Dublin at the wrong end of their 20’s whose dreams of artistic greatness haven’t quite worked out.  When Alex discovers that his girlfriend is pregnant, he refuses to allow her derail his plans to leave Dublin for the bright lights of London.  Meanwhile, Coilin’s carefully constructed world of hopes, dreams and expectations begins to come crumbling down around him.

In cinemas from 1st May, 2015.

Available on DVD.

“Ghostwood” (2006) (85 mins) Horror.

Alan Devine, Patrick Bergin, Shane Connaughton and Louise Osbourne.

Director: Justin O’Brien.

Shot in County Dublin.


Driven to investigate the mysterious disappearance of his father, New York psychologist, Ed Hunter (Alan Devine), travels to a remote village in the West of Ireland and finds a community that has been living in fear for centuries. He meets a mysterious girl, Sarah (Louise Osbourne), who tells him that his father had been searching for the spirits of a mother and child who were buried alive in the nearby forest over 1000 years ago. His father’s friend, the local parish priest, Father Paul (Patrick Bergin), holds all the answers but has locked himself in his church for fear of his life…From official site.

Available on DVD.

“Gift, The” (2017) (82 mins) Drama

Alan Devine,  Úna Kavanagh,  Dawn Bradfield, Brendan Grace, Donal Courtney and Peig Ni Shuilleabhain.

Director:  Damian O’Callaghan.

Written by Paul FitzSimons and Damian O’Callaghan.

Filmed in and around Killarney, Co.Kerry.

The Gift tells the story of Sean, a man bereft after losing his wife to cancer. He has decided what he must do but life gets in the way – a family who miss him, a demanding landlord, a class of uncontrollable students. And, with his own imagination working overtime, deciding to end his own life is his latest frustration.

In cinemas from 21st April, 2017.

“Gingerbread Men, The” (2012) (104 mins) Dark Comedy.

Elliot Moriarty, Kenneth Conway, Gillian Walsh and Louise Cargin.

Writer/Director: Dáire McNab. Narrated by Damian Clark.

Filmed in Dublin.

Low budget – €12,000.

GB MEN 003

Charlie (Elliot Moriarty) – the womanizer and Ken (Kenneth Conway) – the virgin, are two final year college students in Dublin. After witnessing Charlie bring yet another conquest back to their shared apartment, Ken decides enough is enough and enlists Charlie to help him break his duck.

Available on DVD.

“Ginger Man, The” (1962) (90 mins) B+W. Made for BBC TV.

Ann Bell, Ronald Fraser, Ian Hendry and  Margaret Tyzack.

Director: Peter Dews.

Based on the novel by J.P.Donlevy.

The story follows the often racy misadventures of Sebastian Dangerfield, a young American living in Dublin with his English wife and infant daughter and studying law at Trinity College.

Not available.

“Girl at the End of the World, The” (2014) (75 mins) Romantic Comedy.

Camilla Jackson, Ciara Donnelly, Declan Reynolds, Katie Lanigan, James J.Wolfe, Stephen O’Riordan.

Director: Dave McGlone.

Crowdfunded and produced on a very low budget – circa €8,000.

Dan & Katie are in a long distance relationship, but when a meteor hits the earth and knocks out all technology, they must battle oceans and continents to be together.

Along the way, Katie’s lifelong friend Sam declares his love for her, forcing Katie to choose between him or Dan! Does Katie risk losing her lifelong friend by choosing Dan or does she throw away everything she has built with Dan, for the boy next door? From Official site.

Was available as a digital download here: www.soldiermonkeyproductions.com but the site is down/gone – 31/1/2018.

“Girl With Green Eyes” (1964) (91 mins) B+W. Drama.

Peter Finch, Rita Tushingham, Lynn Redgrave, T.P. McKenna, Marie Kean, Julian Glover.

Director: Desmond Davis.

Adapted from Edna O’Brien’s novel – ‘The Lonely Girl’.

Filmed in Dublin and Wicklow.



Rita Tushingham and Peter Finch stroll along the River Liffey in Dublin city centre.

Available from Amazon on VHS (scarce) and DVD.

“Giro City” (1982) (102 mins) Channel 4 TV Drama/Thriller.

Glenda Jackson, Jon Finch, James Donnelly, Kenneth Colley, Karen Archer, Graham Berry, Chris Renty, David Quilter, Peter Halliday.

Writer/Director: Karl Francis.

Aka “And Nothing But the Truth”.

Filmed in Ireland, England and Wales.

Written and directed by ex-TV current affairs producer Karl Francis.  Shot in six weeks for a mere £400,000  it is a fluent, provocative,  finely acted exposé-cum-thriller, that throws a harsh light on the behind-the-scenes power struggles which may distort and suppress factual information on its way to your TV screen.

Giro City

Filmmaker Glenda Jackson and reporter Jon Finch head to South Wales, where a farm family has taken on the local village government. Accusations have been raised that a powerful corporation has (within legal limits) bribed the village to permit encroachment upon local farmland. In pursuit of the truth, Jackson and Finch are subjected to character assassination and overt threats. Only gradually do they discover that their own bosses are also on the take.

Was released on VHS but impossible to find.

“Give My Head Peace” (1998/2007) (30 mins) TV Comedy (10 series: 73 episodes).

Tim McGarry, Damon Quinn, Martin Reid and Michael McDowell.

Director: David G. Croft

Give my Head Peace

A spin-off from the feature-length comedy show called “Two Ceasefires and a Wedding”.

* Only Season .6. appears to have been released on DVD.

“Glassland” (2014) (93 mins) Crime/Drama

Jack Reynor, Will Poulter, Toni Collette, Michael Smiley.

Writer/Director Gerard Barrett.


In a desperate bid to save his mother from addiction and unite his broken family, a young taxi driver on the fringes of the criminal underworld is forced to take a job which will see him pushed further into its underbelly. But will John be prepared to act when the time comes knowing that whatever he decides to do, his and his family’s lives will be changed forever?

Available on DVD.

“Glory Boys, The” (1984) (139 mins) Thriller. Originally three-part TV mini-series. Turkey 1 Turkey 1

Rod Steiger, Anthony Perkins, Aaron Harris, Gary Brown, Alfred Burke, Joanna Lumley, Sallyanne Law, Ron Berglas, Michael J. Jackson.

Director: Michael Ferguson.

Based on the novel by Gerald Seymour who also script wrote the film.

Glory Boys 2

Professor Sokarev (Rod Steiger), a top Israeli nuclear physicist is officially invited to London to deliver a lecture to British scientists. Thousands of miles away in the hot, dusty Lebanese countryside, fanatical Palestinian freedom fighters are planning Operation Mushroom – a plan to gun down Sokarev in London. The Arabs have joined forces with the IRA, and two young men McCoy (Aaron Harris) and Famy (Gary Brown) – The Glory Boys – form a murderous combination stalking the streets of London waiting for the moment to strike. Appointed to protect Sokarev is a special agent, Jimmy (Anthony Perkins). His instructions are simple – body to body protection for Sokarev every moment he is on British soil. Sokarev must say alive at all costs, even if he, Jimmy, has to die in the process.

Verdict: A poor film overall with wooden acting and if you must watch it, buy the promo DVD in a charity shop.

Glory Boys 1

Available on VHS (1985), DVD (2003) and Daily Mail promo DVD.

“Glory Hole, The” (1982) (55 mins) TV movie. ITV Playhouse series: Series 14, episode 10. Thames Television.

Niall Toibin, James Telfer, Bernadette Short and Donal Donnelly.

Cathy, a Catholic, and Noel, a ‘Prod’ soldier, fall in love and are killed by a single bullet in Northern Ireland. They meet again in Hell each blaming the other for their deaths. Jokey, another near-innocent victim, also in Hell, tries to reconcile them to their differences lest they remain there forever. TCD.IE

Not available.

“Gobshite” (2004) (88 mins) aka “Hooligans”. Black comedy.

Andy Curtis, Brendan Dempsey and Jamie Belton.

Director: Mike Scullion.

Filmed in Ireland and Canada.

Production company: Nomadic Pictures.

Low budget.


A small-time English gangster with a big criminal ambitions schemes to take over a family pub in a sleepy Irish seaside community. Problems arise when the proprietors put up more of a fight than he had bargained for, leading his planned promotion of a new brand of beer to turn sour in more ways than one.

Available on DVD.

“Gold” (2014) (88 mins) Comedy.

James Nesbitt, Kerry Condon, Steven Mackintosh, David Wilmot, Maisie Williams.

Writer/Director: Niall Heery.

Shot in Dublin & Wicklow.

Driven by her ambitious step-dad coach (James Nesbitt), Abbie (Maisie Williams) dreams of making it big as a long-distance runner. But her life takes an unexpected turn when her estranged father of ten years, Ray (David Wilmot), shows up on her doorstep wanting to reconnect with his daughter and ex-wife. Causing chaos and upheaval with every day that he stays, Ray learns that being a father again isn’t as simple as he first thought!

Available on DVD.

“Goldfish Memory” (2003) (85 mins) Comedy.

Sean Campion, Flora Montgomery, Stuart Graham.

Director: Elizabeth Gill.

Filmed in County Dublin.


Goldfish Memory is a light-hearted look at the dangers and delights of dating in contemporary Dublin. Following the concept that goldfish have a memory of three seconds, making every experience fresh and new, a group of lively twenty-somethings strive to find the perfect relationship over and over again. Tom is a university professor who has his eye on all of his female students. He is dating the adventurous Clara who is exploring her bisexual side with the poised Isolde, who is merely passing through one lover to the next. Then there is adorable bike messenger Red who lusts after the straight David — but they’re just friends now. After a night of hitting the pubs, does David fall in love with his drinking buddy? Red’s best friend Angie is a vulnerable lesbian looking for the love of her life, but after one uncontrollable night, she and the bike messenger become more than friends.

Available on DVD.

“Gold in the Streets” (1998) (94 mins) Drama.

Karl Geary, James Belushi, Lorraine Pilkington and Ian Hart.

Director: Elizabeth Gill.

Production: Bórd Scannán na hÉireann, Ferndale Films, Radio Telefís Éireann (RTÉ).

Shot in New York and Ardmore Studios, Bray, County Wicklow.

Gold on the Streets

Available on DVD.

“Good Behaviour” (1983) (60 mins) RTE TV movie?

Judy Cornwell, Roger Davenport, Hannah Gordon, Henrietta Manktelow, Daniel Massey, Joanna McCallum and Timothy Sinclair.

Based on the novel by Molly Keane and adapted for television by Hugh Leonard.


“Good Man, The” (2012) (75 mins) Drama.

Aidan Gillen, Thabang Sidloyi, Kelly Campbell, Lunathi Mampofu.

Writer/Director: Phil Harrison. Production company: Treasure Entertainment.

Filmed in South Africa and Ireland – Antrim.


Michael (Aidan Gillen) is a young Irishman on his way up in the world. But everything begins to unravel when, through a simple act of thoughtlessness, he causes a stranger’s death in an accident.

Available on DVD.

“Good Vibrations” (2012) (97 mins) Music/Drama.

Jodie Whittaker, Richard Dormer, Liam Cunningham, Michael Colgan, Karl Johnson, Dylan Moran and Adrian Dunbar.

Directors: Lisa Barros D’Sa, Glenn Leyburn.

Production companies: Revolution Films, Matador Pictures.

Filmed in Northern Ireland – Belfast City.

Terri Hooley is a radical, rebel and music-lover in 1970s Belfast when the bloody conflict known as the Troubles shuts down his city. As all his friends take sides and take up arms, Terri opens a record shop on the most bombed half-mile in Europe and calls it “Good Vibrations”. Through it he discovers a compelling voice of resistance in the city’s nascent underground punk scene. Galvanising the young musicians into action, he becomes the unlikely leader of a motley band of kids and punks who join him in his mission to create a new community, an alternative Ulster, to bring his city back to life.

Available on DVD.

“Gorgo” (1960) (78 mins) Sci-Fi.

Bill Travers, William Sylvester, Vincent Winter.

Director: Eugène Lourié.

Filmed at Coliemore and Bulloch Harbours in Dalkey, County Dublin, England (London) and the MGM Studios in Hertfordshire.


English fishermen make an unusual catch of a 60-foot tall deep-sea creature. When the monster is taken to London and displayed at a circus, it is discovered that the creature is merely a baby and it’s not long before its mother comes looking for it and wreaks havoc on the city.

Available from Amazon.com on DVD.

“Governor, The”  (1995-1996) (600 mins) 2 Seasons. Prison Drama.

Janet McTeer, Derek Martin, Sophie Okonedo.

Directors: Alan Dossor, Robert Knights, Bob Mahoney.

La Plante Productions.

Filmed in Ireland..?


Series One Helen Hewitt (Janet McTeer), the youngest woman ever to be placed in charge of an all-male maximum security prison, in this hard-hitting drama series written and produced by the multi-award-winning Lynda La Plante (Prime Suspect, Widows). The series traces Hewitt s progress following her high-profile appointment as governor of the troubled Barfield Prison, which has been partially destroyed by recent rioting. As Barfield is rebuilt, Hewitt must fight for the respect of suspicious, antagonistic officers, counter the threat of renewed violence from a volatile and ever-growing prison population, and finally demand the right to implement a more effective new regime. Helen Hewitt has a formidable task and few allies…

Series Two continues to trace Helen’s progress following her high-profile and controversial appointment as governor of Barfield Prison. The situation within the prison remains highly volatile; this series sees Helen negotiating in a traumatic hostage crisis, while among Barfield’s 700 inmates is new arrival ‘Tarzan’ one of Britain’s most dangerous men. And Helen has to face her toughest challenge when the staging of the prisoners’ musical provides the perfect cover for a breakout by some of Barfield’s most violent top-security inmates…

Available on DVD.

“Grabbers” (2012) (94 mins) Comedy/Sci-Fi/Thriller.

Richard Coyle, Ruth Bradley, Russell Tovey, Bronagh Gallagher and Lalor Roddy.

Director: Jon Wright.  Co-production between Forward Films and Sampson Films.

Filmed in County Donegal and Belfast, County Antrim.

Grabbers for blog

Available on DVD.

“Grasscutter, The” (1990) (110 mins) TV Drama

Terence Cooper, Martin Maguire, Ian McElhinney.

Director: Ian Mune.

Filmed in New Zealand.


An idyllic life in New Zealand is a far cry from the violence of Belfast that Brian Deeds thought he had left far behind him ten years previously after turning “supergrass”’ against his comrades in the Ulster Volunteer Force. His peace is suddenly shattered when his past catches up with him, and friends and family are targeted by a murderous Loyalist hit squad hell-bent on revenge.

Seems to be available on DVD but may have been copied from VHS so – apparently – the quality is poor.

“Green Years, The” (1946) (127 mins) Drama.

Charles Coburn, Dean Stockwell, Tom Drake, Beverly Tyler, Hume Cronyn, Gladys Cooper, Selena Royle, Jessica Tandy, Richard Haydn, Norman Lloyd, Wallace Ford.

Director: Victor Saville.

Based upon A.J. Cronin’s best-seller.

An Irish orphan is sent to live with his mother’s family in Scotland.

Filmed in the MGMs studio at Culver City, California, USA.


Available on DVD  – scarce and expensive – manufactured on demand. Appears to also be on Warner Bros normal DVD and cheaper – 26/12/2012

“Grey” (2004) (90 mins) Romance/Drama.

Brian Dunphey, Angela Murray and Joe O’Gorman.

Director: Joseph Murphy.

Filmed in County Cork.

Nothing in life is black and white. When death reveals a painful secret all the rules you live by are abandoned. In the town where he was born 28 years earlier, Jack Duggan discovers a part of himself that he never knew existed. Haunted by his mother’s pain Jack begins his search for revenge, which leads him into a dangerous world beyond his control. Suddenly he is faced with choices he never dreamed he would have to make. Meeting Laura changes everything and reminds him of the morals he once held so dear. But is he already in too deep? When an ordinary man becomes driven by revenge what happens when he comes face to face with the past? Set against the backdrop of modern-day Cork, this unique revenge thriller begs the question… His life or her love? Written by Red11 Productions Limited   – The Production Company

No sign of it having been released anywhere? London based company still extant.

“Guarantee, The” (2014) (76 mins) Drama

Peter Coonan, Orla Fitzgerald, Morgan C. Jones, Gary Lydon, David Murray.

Director: Ian Power. Scriptwriter: Colin Murphy.

Filmed in County Dublin.


The Bank Guarantee was the most significant decision in modern Irish history.

On the night of September 29, 2008, the Irish government decided to guarantee the entire domestic banking system. That decision was made by a handful of men in a room in the middle of the night. By the time the costs can be fully counted, in another 30 years or so, it will have cost over €60 billion – the most expensive bank rescue in history. The Guarantee tells the story of that night, and what led to it. Starting four years earlier, it charts the peak of the boom and the beginning of the bust.

Available on DVD.

“Guard, The” (2011) (96 mins) Black Comedy.

Brendan Gleeson, Don Cheadle, Mark Strong.

Director: John Michael McDonagh.

Filmed in County Galway – Spiddal, Barna and Connemara – and County Wicklow.

The Guard

On the west coast of Ireland, Sergeant Gerry Boyle (Brendan Gleeson) is a small-town cop with a confrontational personality, a subversive sense of humour, a dying mother, a fondness for prostitutes, and absolutely no interest whatsoever in the international cocaine-smuggling ring that has brought FBI agent Wendell Everett (Don Cheadle) to his door. However, despite the fact that Boyle seems more interested in mocking and undermining Everett than in actively working to solve the case, he finds that circumstances keep pulling him back into the thick of it.

First his tiresomely enthusiastic new partner McBride disappears, then his favourite hooker attempts to blackmail him into turning a blind eye, and finally, the drug-traffickers themselves try to buy him off as they have every other member of the local police force. These events unwittingly offend Boyle’s murky moral code. He realizes that he needs to take matters into his own hands, and the only person he can trust is Everett. And so the scene is set for an explosive finale.

Available on DVD.

“Guardians, The”: Die Wächter (1986) (300 mins) Sci-Fi. 6-part mini series

Martin Tempest, Renate Schroeter, Paul Hawkins, Sophie Lawrence, Martin Dempsey and Agnes Bernelle.

Irish actors in supporting roles include Seamus Forde, Gladys Sheehan, Emmet Bergin and Godfrey Quigley

A German-made, English-set, Wicklow-shot post-apocalyptic children’s TV series, based on John Christopher’s 1970 novel The Guardians. Also filmed in Bavaria, Germany.

England 2084: 15-year-old Rob Randell lives in the “Conurbs”. A soulless, well supervised mammoth city, where the population lives in the smallest space. Books are frowned upon, animal husbandry prohibited and control ubiquitous. When Rob’s father, a dissident critic, dies in an alleged workplace accident, he is orphaned and sent to a state boarding school by the authorities. Harsh discipline and bullying are the order of the day, and Rob plans to escape as soon as possible. His destination is the “County” district where the landed gentry lives. County and Conurbs are separated by an insurmountable border line. However, Robin manages to escape and arrives in a world that lives in the costume of a bygone era, but is everything better here?

Available on DVD on Amazon.de – German language only.

“Guests of the Nation” (1935) (49 mins) Drama. Silent.

Barry Fitzgerald, Cyril Cusack, Shelagh Richards, Hilton Edwards and Esther Cunningham.

Director: Denis Johnston. Screenplay by: Denis Johnson.

Based on a short story by Frank O’Connor.

Filmed in Dublin and Wicklow.

In 1921, during the Irish War of Independence, two British soldiers are held captive by the IRA. As time passes the pair bond with their captors but when the British government refuses to trade prisoners things follow to an inevitable conclusion.

*RTE did a 27-minute remake in 1969.

Not available on VHS or DVD……restored by the Irish Film Archive in 2011.

“Guests of the Nation” (1981) (60 mins) Made for TV.

Frank Converse, Richard Cottrell and Charlie Stavola.

Director: John J.Desmond.

Remake based on the Frank O’Connor short story.

Largely filmed in a New York theatre.


Irish insurgents guard their British prisoners-of-war in a remote farmstead. Gradually the opposing soldiers come to respect, even like each other. This greatly worries Frank Callahan, the Irish leader, because his prisoners may have to be killed in reprisal if the British execute two IRA soldiers as they threaten.

Available from Amazon.com on VHS and DVD.

“Guiltrip” (1995) (90 mins) Drama. (Irish-French-Italian)

Andrew Connolly, Jasmine Russell, Michelle Houlden, Peter Hanly, Pauline McLynn, Mikel Murfi and Frankie McCafferty.

Director: Gerry Stembridge (directorial debut?).

Filmed in Maynooth, County Kildare.


The story revolves around Liam (Andrew Connolly), an army corporal and his wife Tina (Jasmine Russell), who live in a housing estate on the outskirts of a small Irish town. The young couple have a year-old son. One night Liam arrives home late and drunk and a violent argument develops between himself and Tina. As the row progresses, it is revealed through flashbacks how Liam and Tina have spent their respective day and how both end up with a secret to conceal from each other.

Was released on VHS – very hard to find.

“Guns in the Heather” (1968) (180 mins) Children’s TV thriller.

Glenn Corbett, Alfred Burke, Kurt Russell, Patrick Dawson, Peter Vaughan, Niall Tobin, Godfrey Quigley.

Director: Robert Butler. Walt Disney Production.

Originally released as “The Secret of Boyne Castle”.

Filmed in Counties Clare and Galway. Shot mainly in the Burren, Corofin and Gort are among the towns featured, also St. Flannan’s College and the Old Ground Hotel, Ennis.

Guns in the Heather

Was released on VHS but is now extremely hard to find – eBay.com is the best place to look.

“Guy Called Caesar, A” (1962) (62 mins) Crime.

Conrad Phillips, George Moon, Philip O’Flynn, Charles Mitchell, Maureen Toal.

Director: Frank Marshall.

Filmed at Ardmore Studios in Bray, County Wicklow.

Set in England. Tony (Conrad Philips), a young police officer, infiltrates a gang of diamond thieves and stages some spectacular robberies to find out who is the boss. Meanwhile, he falls in love with Lena (Maureen Toal), the adopted daughter of Maurice (George Moon), the leader, although Tex (Philip O’Flynn), an American gangster, plans to escape with her and the jewels. The police, informed by Tony, allow another big successful theft but substitute glass for the jewels. Tex gets them but when Lena refuses to go with him tells her that Maurice shot her father. Maurice overhears and tries to kill Tex, the police try to round up the gang and Tony tries to rescue Lena. British Film Institute. 

Does not appear to have been released on VHS or DVD.


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