In Production

“Obituary” Dark Comedy. Six-part TV series in production – 2023.

Siobhán Cullen, Michael Smiley, Damielle Galligan, Ronan Raftery, David Ganly and Conan Sweeny.

Written by Mayo writer Ray Lawlor.

A small-town obituarist resorts to murder when her work dries up locally.

“The Woman in the Wall” (2023) 6 part thriller BBC TV

Ruth Wilson, Daryl McCormack.

Director Harry Wootliff.

Creator: Joe Murtagh

Lorna Brady (Ruth Wilson) is a woman from the small, fictional, West of Ireland town of Kilkinure, who wakes one morning to find a corpse in her house. Chillingly, Lorna has no idea who the dead woman is or if she herself might be responsible for the apparent murder. That’s because Lorna has long suffered from extreme bouts of sleepwalking, understood to have manifested around the time she was incarcerated in Kilkinure Convent at the age of 15, one of the inhumane institutions for “fallen women”.

Unluckily for Lorna, the extremely ambitious, albeit elusive Detective Colman Akande (Daryl McCormack) is now also on her tail for a crime which is seemingly unrelated to the dead woman she’s discovered in her house.

Due for release on BBC 1 – November 2023

“Irish Wish” due 2023. Rom/Com for Netflix

Lindsay Lohan, Jane Seymour and Ed Speleers.

Director: Janeen Damian.

Filmed in Mayo, Dublin and Wicklow. Locations for shooting are believed to have included Knock Airport, Westport, the Cliffs of Moher, Killruddery House and Gardens, Lough Tay in the Wicklow Mountains.

When the love of her life gets engaged to her best-friend, Maddie puts her feelings aside to be a bridesmaid at their wedding in Ireland. Days before the pair are set to marry, Maddie makes a spontaneous wish for true love, only to wake up as the bride-to-be. With her dream seeming to come true, Maddie soon realizes that her real soulmate is someone else entirely.

“Bodkin” Dark Comedy Thriller 7-part series for Netflix

Announced cast: Peter Bankolé, Will Forte, David Wilmot, Robyn Cara, Siobhán Cullen and Chris Walley.

Barack and Michelle Obama’s Higher Ground production company.

Some filming took place in Union Hall and Glandore in West Cork during the summer of 2022.

A motley crew of podcasters who set out to investigate the mysterious disappearance of three strangers in an idyllic, coastal Irish town. But once they start pulling at threads, they discover a story much bigger and weirder than they could have ever imagined. As our heroes try to discern fact from fiction — about the case, about their colleagues, and, most painfully, themselves — the series challenges our perception of truth and exposes the stories we tell ourselves to justify our beliefs or validate our fears.

In the Land of Saints and Sinners – August 2022 – Thriller

Liam Neeson, Kerry Condon, Ciaran Hinds, Jack Gleeson, Sarah Greene, Colm Meaney.

Director: Robert Lorenz

The Land of Saints and Sinners is set in a remote Irish village, where a newly retired assassin finds himself drawn into a lethal game of cat and mouse with a trio of vengeful terrorists.
Filmed in County Donegal with some additional filming in Dublin.

A Netflix production.

“Crossmaglen” (2016) Drama – still in the early stages of pre-production!

Michael Gambon, Vinnie Jones and Brenda Fricker.

Director: Kevin Connor.

Based on the novel ‘Shamrock Boy’ by English author Stuart White.

Production company: Aegis Film Group.

IRA gunman Dermot McGarvey is a hunted man – by both the British and his own. In hiding on a Christmas Eve stakeout to ambush British soldiers, Dermot accidentally kills a mother and her two young children. This action begins a downward spiral that takes McGarvey through the no-go area of Armagh and through the Divis Flats of Belfast. Who can you trust when you’ve run out of options? Who lives and who will ultimately die for their sins? Written byAegis Film Group

Much has been written about this movie, its possible cast etc. but as far as I can tell not a frame of film has been shot and according to the“Crossmaglen – The Movie” Facebook page shooting will not now commence before the summer of 2015.

Last post on FB page was 9/2/2019 and has been deferred….

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