Updated 11/11/2020

“Wagner” (1985) (300 mins) TV series. Drama.

Richard Burton, Vanessa Redgrave, John Gielgud, Franco Nero, Laurence Olivier.

Director: Tony Palmer.

Filmed in Germany, Italy, Austria and many other European countries including in Ireland – Dublin.


Dramatization of the life of Richard Wagner, the German composer.

Available on VHS and DVD.

“Waiting for Dublin” (2007) (84 mins) Thriller.

Andrew Keegan, Hugh O’Connor, Jade Yourell, Des Braiden, Guido De Craene and Jenne Decleir.

Director: Roger Tucker.

Filmed in Ireland – Inverin, County Galway and County Dublin; also Belgium – Antwerp.


Chicago Nightclub – New Year’s Eve 1944. Lt. Mike Clarke (Andrew Keegan) is a fighter pilot and is celebrating the night before he is scheduled to ship out to Europe. After too many drinks, he meets a stranger, Vito Massucci, who suckers him into making a $1,000 bet. The terms dictate that Mike must become a “war ace” by shooting down at least five enemy aircraft. However, after sobering up Mike realizes the figure was changed to $10,000 and also that Vito’s uncle – who witnessed the contract – is none other than the notorious Al Capone!

Later, forced to land his plane near a remote village in Ireland after running out of fuel, Mike learns that he is cut off from the rest of the world with no way to rejoin the war and shoot down his fifth plane, which is the only way he can win the bet and save his own life.

Available on DVD.

“Wake Wood” (2011) (90 mins) Horror.

Aidan Gillen, Eva Birthistle and Timothy Spall.

Director: David Keating.

Hammer Film Productions.

Filmed in Ireland – County Donegal (Pettigo).


Following the death of their only child, Alice, in a vicious dog attack, two grieving parents relocate to the small town of Wake Wood where – to their horror and fascination – they discover a pagan ritual that will grant them three more days with their deceased daughter. Hoping to allay their sorrow, at least temporarily, the couple decide to go through with the rite, but the larger question remains, what will they do when it’s time for their daughter to go back?

Available on DVD.

“Waking Ned Devine” (1998) (91 mins) Comedy.

Ian Bannen, David Kelly, Fionnula Flanagan, Susan Lynch and James Nesbitt.

Director: Kirk Jones.

Largely filmed at Cregneash Folk Museum on the Isle of Man.


In the small Irish village of Tullymore a man dies from the shock of winning the National Lottery. The villagers decide that he would have wished them to keep the lottery winnings…

Waking Ned Creagneash

Tullymore aka Cregneash Folk Museum near Port Erin on the Isle of Man.

Available on VHS and DVD.

“Warlock III: The End of Innocence” (1999) (94 mins) Horror.

Bruce Payne, Ashley Laurence and Paul Francis.

Director: Eric Freiser.

Filmed in County Galway.

Over 300 years ago, a demonic Warlock tried unsuccessfully to sacrifice the offspring of a witch in an attempt to create his eternal bride of darkness. But his plan failed and he was banished, until now…

Enter Kris (Ashley Laurence), a college student, who finds that she has unexpectedly inherited a derelict house. Accompanied by a group of friends, she goes there to clear it of heirlooms before the structure is demolished. Almost immediately, she and her friends are targeted by the Warlock (Bruce Payne) who is very interested in her bloodline.

Available on VHS (scarce) and DVD.

“War of Children, A” (1972) (73 mins) TV Drama. Turkey 1Turkey 1

Vivian Merchant, John Ronane, Aideen O’Kelly, Anthony Andrews, Jenny Agutter, Patrick Dawson.

Director: George Schaefer.

Written by James Costigan.

Set in Belfast – but filmed in Dublin. ­­­

After a Catholic woman in Belfast sees her husband sent to prison for a small act of friendship, she begins to hate blindly.

The film was a smash in the United States and won an Emmy Award.

Verdict: Very poor fare indeed and save for the presence of  Jenny Agutter I would have given it three turkeys! Entirely unrealistic scenarios, dialogue and poor attention to detail make this one to avoid.

Was released on VHS. No official DVD release.

Full movie on YouTube – 12/1/2018.

“War of the Buttons” (1994) (90 mins) Drama.

Gregg Fitzgerald, John Coffey, Liam Cunningham, Johnny Murphy, Colm Meaney, Jim Bartley, Gerard Kearney, Darragh Naughton, Anthony Cunningham.

Director: John Roberts.

Based on the 1912 French novel ‘La Guerre des Boutons’ by Louis Pergaud.

Trivia: The author was a pacifist and, ironically, was killed on the Western Front during World War .I. while serving in the French army – by friendly fire!

Filmed in West Cork – Castletownsend, Roscarbery, Skibbereen and Union Hall.

War of the Buttons

In a quiet corner of southwest Ireland, the children of the neighbouring towns of Carrickdowse and Ballydowse are involved in an undeclared war, which occurs without the knowledge of the adult population. The battle lines have already been drawn, but the war must be over by dinnertime!

The children engage in constantly escalating battles that ultimately entails the cutting-off of the buttons from the clothes of captured losers. While the shenanigans cause obvious problems, the two leaders of the groups nonetheless develop a grudging admiration of the other and an estranged friendship. The film examines issues of war, the actions and consequences that it always carries, and how it can divide and oppose people that can be friends as easily as they can be enemies.

Available on VHS and DVD.

“Watermelon” (2003) (97 mins) TV Drama.

Anna Friel, Brenda Fricker, Jamie Draven, Ciarán McMenamin, Elaine Cassidy and Helen Grace.

Director: Kieron J. Walsh. based on the novel by Marian Keyes.

Filmed in County Dublin.


Claire Ryan (Anna Friel), a young woman with a strange relationship to the truth, is left literally holding the baby when her boyfriend James (Jamie Draven) discovers that the child he thought was his is actually the result of a previous relationship with Adam (Ciarán McMenamin). As Claire craves space to contemplate her future, little does she know that both men will make it rather harder for her to move on than she anticipated.

Available on DVD.

“WC” (2007) (80 mins) Drama.

Liam O Mochain, Julia Wakeham, Adam Goodwin, Mary Murray, Charlie Kranz, Julie Hale.

Director:  Liam O’Mochain.

Filmed in Counties Dublin and Wicklow.


Jack’s dad had him arrested when his gambling problem got out of hand and he skimmed from the cash register of the family bar once too often. Just out of prison, he is told that the toilet attendant’s job in the bar has just become vacant; Jack (Liam O Mochain) will work there until the money he stole is paid back. Katya (Julia Wakeham), who works as the attendant in the girls’ toilet, is given the task of showing him the ropes.

Jack and Katya are both trapped in their jobs. Jack, because of his debt to his family; Katya, on account of her illegal status. She is reluctant to trust him at first, as everyone she has ever met has wanted something from her, but slowly their friendship grows… From official website.

Available on DVD – scarce.

“Webster Boy, The” (1962) (83 mins) Drama

John Cassavetes, Elizabeth Sellars, David Farrar, Seymour Cassel, Richard O’Sullivan.

Director: Don Chaffey.

Original title: “The Middle of Nowhere“.

Emmet Dalton Productions.

Filmed, in part, at Ardmore Studios, Bray, County Wicklow.

Vance Miller (John Cassavetes), an American with a serious gambling addiction who is just through with serving time and ready to finally go back to England. His objective is to find his long-lost love Margaret (Elizabeth Sellars) and try to start life over with her. When he does find Elizabeth, she is happily married to Paul (David Farrar) and is the mother of fourteen-year-old Jimmy (Richard Sullivan). As Vance upsets the apple cart trying to win Elizabeth away, young Jimmy faces taunts at school and a sadistic schoolmaster — and doubts as to who his real father might be.

16mm print held in the Limerick Film Archive

Not available.

“Wedding Night” (1969) (99 mins) Drama.

Dennis Waterman, Tessa Wyatt, Alexandra Bastedo, Eddie Byrne, Marie O’Donnell and Martin Dempsey.

Director: Piers Haggard.

Aka “I Can’t, I Can’t“.

Screenplay by Lee Dunne.

Filmed at Ardmore Studios.


Irish attitudes to sexuality and marriage and questions raised by the Roman Catholic Church’s position on contraception and birth control. Maddy (Tessa Wyatt), whose mother died after a miscarriage, has developed an irrational fear of pregnancy and tries to avoid consummation of the marriage on her wedding night,  Her husband, Joe (Dennis Waterman), shows heroic patience and devotion till breaking point in regard to his wife.

Copy preserved in the IFI Irish Film Archive. 

Not available in any format.

“Week in the Life of Martin Cluxton, A” (1971) (75 mins) RTE Drama.

Derek King, Laurie Morton, Bill Foley,  Dearbhla Molloy, Anne O’Dwyer, Virginia Cole, Brendan Kealy, Traolach Ó hAonghusa, Noel Lynch, Colette Proctor, Jimmy Bartley, Brian McGrath, Robert Somerset, John Kavanagh, Aine Ni Mhuiri, Liam O’Callaghan, Vincent Smith, Tom Irwin, Maureen Aherne, Gerry Alexander.

Director: Brian Mac Lochlainn.

Filmed in Galway and Inner City Dublin.

Martin Cluxton (Derek King), a 16-year old returns to Dublin after several years in a reform school in Galway. Life with his large family in a three-room house, terminally unemployed father and offbeat mother is difficult. His lack of education and a bad address means his efforts to find a job are fruitless and he soon drifts back to his old pals and bad ways.

Not released on VHS or DVD.

“We’ll Support You Evermore” (1985) (87 mins) BBC TV Drama.

John Thaw, Anthony Milner, Ann Hasson.

Director: Douglas Livingstone.

Filmed in Northern Ireland – Belfast, County Antrim.


Geoff Hollins (John Thaw), is a grief-stricken father trying to find out why his son was murdered while serving with the British Army in Northern Ireland. His family have been told only that he had been on a secret mission and had died a hero. But when Hollins attends the murderer’s trial in Belfast, he soon discovers that the truth may be very different.

Available on DVD.

“We Ourselves” (2018) (96 mins) Drama

Caitríona Ennis, Gavin Drea, Seána Kerslake, Paul Reid, Catherine Walker, Aidan Gillen and Declan Conlon.

Writer/Director: Paul Mercier.

We Ourselves is an unconventional drama about isolation and belonging, about being alone with one’s own thoughts while being part of a shared experience, culture and nation. It takes us into the minds and hearts of a group of idealists and careerists as they take their separate paths in life. These people will tell you that they are the best of friends. They believe they are from the same country, yet in the privacy of a room, they are apart, alone and in a state of exile.

Premiered at the Galway Film Fleadh on the 12th July, 2018.

“West of Kerry” (1938) (64 mins) Drama.

Cecil F. Ford, Eileen Curran and Brian O’Sullivan.

Director: Richard Bird.

Aka “Men of Ireland” and “Island Man”.

A young medical student visits the Blasket Islands, off the west coast of Ireland, and becomes charmed with the place and its people. He falls in love with a local girl, who is betrothed to a local man. The two men meet and become fast friends, and the student realizes the hopelessness in his love of the girl of his friend. He leaves but, after his graduation from Trinity College, he returns to cast his lot with these simple fishermen.

Not available.

“What If” (2013) (98 mins) Comedy/Romance.

Daniel Radcliffe, Zoe Kazan, Megan Park, Adam Driver, Mackenzie Davis, Rafe Spall.

Director: Michael Dowse.

Some filming in Dublin – Stag’s Head pub in Temple Bar, Ballsbridge, Trinity College; also Canada – Cinespace Film Studios, Toronto, Ontario.


Wallace (Daniel Radcliffe) is a medical school dropout who’s been repeatedly burned by bad relationships. While everyone around him seems to be finding the perfect partner, including his friend Allan (Adam Driver) in girlfriend Nicole (Mackenzie Davis), Wallace decides to put his love life on hold. It is then that he meets Chantry (Zoe Kazan), an animator who lives with her longtime boyfriend Ben (Rafe Spall). Wallace and Chantry form an instant connection, striking up a close friendship. There is no denying the chemistry between them, leading the pair to wonder, what if the love of your life is actually your best friend?

Available on DVD.

“What Richard Did” (2012) (88 mins) Drama.

Jack Reynor, Roisin Murphy, Sam Keeley.

Director: Lenny Abrahamson.

Kevin Powers’ debut novel ‘Bad Day in Blackrock‘ provides the basis for the film.

What Richard Did

Richard Karlsen (Jack Reynor), is a golden-boy athlete and undisputed alpha-male of his privileged set of South Dublin teenagers, through the summer between the end of school and the beginning of university. Richard’s world is bright and everything seems possible, until one summer night when love, pride and jealousy cause Richard to commit an act that will destroy it all and shatter the lives of those closest to him.

Available on DVD.

“When Brendan Met Trudy” (2000) (94 mins) Comedy/Romance.

Peter McDonald, Flora Montgomery, Marie Mullen.

Director: Kieron J.Walsh.

Written by Roddy Doyle.

Filmed in County Dublin – school scenes were shot in Blackrock College.

When Brendan Met Trudy

Brendan (Peter McDonald) is out of touch. In school, his pupils ignore him and his fellow teachers give him a wide berth. His enthusiasm for old movies borders on obsession and even his love of music doesn’t help him connect with the world.

He sings baritone in his local choir, but the rest of the time he’s solo. Then one night, over his lonely pint of Guinness, Brendan meets Trudy (Flora Montgomery). Beautiful, extroverted and fast-talking, she drags him out of his black-and-white dreams into a full colour world. But what Brendan could never guess is that it’s not just his heart she’s breaking and entering.

Available on VHS and DVD.

“When Harvey Met Bob” (2010) (90 mins) TV Drama.

Domhnall Gleeson, Ian Hart and Antonia Campbell-Hughes.

Director: Nicholas Renton.

The Live Aid story..

In October 1984, rock musician Bob Geldof (Domhnall Gleeson) is horrified by the misery of starving Ethiopians as seen on television and persuades his pop musician friends to record the million-selling charity single ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas?’. Bob goes to Ethiopia and, appalled at the scale of the famine, plans a global rock concert to be staged simultaneously in England and America. He brings in hard-headed rock promoter Harvey Goldsmith (Ian Hart), heralding the start of the roller-coaster ride that is the often hilarious and moving story of two men as they go from madcap idea and a list of unconfirmed acts, to the biggest televised international charity event in history.

Available on DVD.

“When Love Came to Gavin Burke” (1918) Comedy.

Kathleen Murphy, Brian Moore.

Director: Fred O’Donovan.

Written by: Nicholas Hayes.

Produced by the Irish Film Company of Ireland.

A three-act comedy about a policeman.

Not available.

“When Reason Sleeps” (1987) (240 mins) Supernatural.  4-part TV mini-series.

Arthur Lappin, Jonathan Cavendish, Sian Phillips and Phyllis Logan.

Director: Robert Wynne Simmons.

RTÉ/Strongbow Production in association with Channel 4.

Alternative titles: ‘Fear of the Dark’; ‘Out of Time’; ‘A Summer Ghost’ and ‘The Scar’.

Some filming in Rathfarnham, County Dublin?

Does not appear to be available.

“When the Sky Falls” (2000) (107 mins) Thriller.

Joan Allen, Patrick Bergin, Pete Postlethwaite and Liam Cunningham.

Director: John Mackenzie.

Filmed in County Dublin including Ballsbridge and the Liberties; County Kildare – Naas.

When the Sky Falls

Dublin, 1996. In a city where criminals are getting away with murder, and the IRA is getting the blame, lone crime reporter Sinead Hamilton (Joan Allen) is determined to reveal what no one else has the courage to face. Aided by a veteran cop (Patrick Bergin), Hamilton uncovers a conspiracy so vast it promises to shake Ireland to its core. But, when every truth is wrapped in a lie and every lead is part of a set-up, every step she takes might be her last.

Loosely based on the life of Veronica Guerin.

Available on VHS and DVD.

“Where’s Jack” (1969) (119 mins) Drama.

Stanley Baker, Tommy Steele, Fiona Lewis, Alan Badel, Dudley Foster, Sue Lloyd and Noel Purcell.

Director: James Clavell.

Filmed in County Wicklow – at the Glencree Reformatory, and Ardmore Studios, Bray.

Set in 18th-century London, poor and honest Jack Sheppard is a locksmith’s apprentice. However, he meets a man that tricks him into committing a crime and Jack goes on to become the most notorious of England’s highwaymen.

No official DVD release.

“Where the Sea Used to Be” (2012) (80 mins) Comedy/Drama.

Stephen Walsh, Paul Farren, Karl Argue.

Director: Paul Farren.

Filmed in County Dublin.

Three men on a bus.

Patrick and James meet up for a Christmas Eve pint and find themselves spending the day together when Patrick misses his long train journey home to his estranged wife and child. They are chalk to each other’s cheese, the only thing they have in common is that they are from the same gene pool. They have little to say to each other. The mysteries of the universe are not uncovered. No great wounds are healed nor sins forgiven. James has his secrets, Patrick has his.
As they journey home together the past is visited through the present and some things are tied up and others are not, after all it’s only one day in the middle of many, but they do meet Santy, Auntie Betty cooks them a fry, their friend Ructions tells a joke he doesn’t understand and a place to sleep is found at the end of the day.

Full movie available on YouTube here.

“Whiskey Echo” (2005) (240 mins) Drama. 4-part TV mini series for RTE.

Joanne Kelly, Dominique McElligott, Jason Barry.

Director: Harry Hook.

Commissioned by RTE and the CBC. Production by Little Bird and shot on location in South Africa.

The series follows a group of international aid workers in war-torn Sudan as they battle to bring medical relief to a swelling refugee population.

First episode aired on RTE.1. 17/1/2005.

Not available.

“Whistleblower, The” (2008) (104 mins) RTE Television True Drama.

Charlene McKenna, Adrian Dunbar, Patrick Ryan, Emma Stansfield, Stanley Townsend, Rose O’Brien, Michael McElhatton, Hilda Fay.

Director: Dermot Boyd.

A two-part factually based drama about one young midwife’s courage in blowing the whistle on irregular obstetric practices at the hospital where she worked. This decision was made at great personal and professional expense and set in chain a series of events which resulted in a full investigation, highlighting the plight of a great number of women whose lives were blighted forever. www.newgrangepictures.com

Not available.

“White Pony, The” (1999) (93 mins) Family Drama.

Olivier Gruner, Warwick Davis and Carly Anderson.

Director: Brian Kelly.

Filmed in County Galway – Barna.

white pony

All twelve-year-old Leah ever wanted was a pony. Her adventure begins on her uncle’s farm, and little does she expect that encounters with a magical leprechaun, battles with an evil cousin, and finding a fairy-tale princess lay before her in order to fulfil her dream of finding the beautiful “White Pony.”

Available on VHS and DVD.

“Who Bombed Birmingham” (1990) (105 mins) TV Docudrama.

Aka “The Investigation: Inside a Terrorist Bombing”.

Martin Shaw, John Hurt, Roger Allam, Ciaran Hinds, Patrick Malahide, Donal McCann.

Director: Mike Beckham.


Who Bombed Birmingham focuses on the true events that involved the 1974 IRA bombing of two different pubs in Birmingham, England that killed 21 and injured 162 others. Following the outcome of the bombings, six Irish men were wrongly convicted of the crimes.

The story presented here is a meticulous re-creation, examination, and investigation of the different elements of the crime by three journalists from a current affairs television program attempting to set the record straight about what the facts really were and who the real suspects might have been.

Available on DVD.

“Wicklow Gold” (1922) Silent. Short.

Jimmy O’Dea, Ria Mooney and Chris Sylvester.

Director: John McDonagh.

On Fair Day in Avoca, Co Wicklow, an old farmer, Ned O’Toole (Chris Sylvester), determines to ‘make a match’ for his browbeaten son, Larry (Jimmy O’Dea), but Larry is courting Kitty, Widow O’Byrne’s daughter. Ned wants Larry to marry a wealthy farmer’s daughter. Ned is thwarted in his ambition when Kitty and her mother trick him into believing that there is a gold deposit in the river that runs through the O’Byrne’s land. As a result, Ned gives his consent to the marriage of Larry and Kitty.

Not available.

“Wide Open Spaces” (2009) (70 mins) RTÉ TV Comedy.

Ardal O’Hanlon, Ewen Bremner, Owen Roe, Gerard McSorley and Don Wycherley.

Director: Tom Hall.

Filmed in County Kildare.

wide open

Have you ever had a best friend you couldn’t stand? Myles (Ardal O’Hanlon) has one – Austin (Ewen Bremner) – only he’s too much of a slacker to do anything about it. In fact, each one of these layabouts is as useless as the other: a pair of thirty-somethings who laze around watching their lives flutter past. Fate, however, has plans to remedy their lack of motivation. Up to their necks in debt, they decide to help a dodgy entrepreneur, Gerard (Owen Roe), to create a new landmark in Irish tourism: a Famine Theme Park.  Element Pics.

Available on DVD.

“Widows’ Peak” (1994) (101 mins) Comedy/Drama.

Mia Farrow, Joan Plowright, Natasha Richardson, Adrian Dunbar, James Broadbent, Britta Smith and Gerard McSorley.

Director: John Irvin.

Original Screenplay by Hugh Leonard.

Filmed in Counties Dublin, Wicklow (Lacken) and Kilkenny.

In 1920s Widows’ Peak, a small village in Ireland, the community is thrown into disarray with the arrival of a beautiful young widow. The village matriarch, Mrs Doyle Counihan (Joan Plowright), prides herself on knowing all the comings and goings in the community, and everything about everyone. Amongst the other villagers is the shy spinster Miss O’Hare (Mia Farrow), whose past has more to it than meets the eye, and the newcomer Edwina Broome (Natasha Richardson), who forces all the skeletons out of the closets.

Available on DVD.

“Wild About Harry” (2000) (91 mins) Comedy/Drama.

Brendan Gleeson, Amanda Donohoe and James Nesbitt.

Director: Declan Lowney.

Filmed in Northern Ireland – County Down.


Middle-aged Northern Irish TV chef Harry McGee (Brendan Gleeson) is having a hard time lately. His wife Ruth (Amanda Donohoe) is threatening to leave him, his drinking habit is getting worse, and his kids won’t speak to him. But after he gets beaten into a coma by some muggers after work one night, he wakes up six days later to discover that he has shed 25 years of memory and now has the attitude and experience of an enthusiastic 18-year-old. With his final divorce hearing due in two weeks time, the now-youthful Harry sets out to save his flagging career and woo the bewildered Ruth all-over again.

Available on VHS and DVD.

“Wild Mountain Thyme” (2020) Romantic Drama

Emily Blunt, Jamie Dornan, Jon Hamm, Dearbhla Molloy and Christopher Walken.

Writer/Director: John Patrick Shanley.

Headstrong farmer Rosemary Muldoon (Emily Blunt) has her heart set on winning her neighbour Anthony Reilly’s love. The problem is Anthony (Jamie Dornan) seems to have inherited a family curse, and remains oblivious to his beautiful admirer. Stung by the plans of his father Tony Reilly (Christopher Walken) to sell the family farm to his American nephew (Jon Hamm), Anthony is jolted into pursuing his dreams in this comedic, moving and wildly romantic tale.

Due for release in December 2020.

“Wild Decembers” (2009) (120 mins) RTE TV Drama.

Matt Ryan, Owen McDonnell, Lara Belmont, Seán McGinley, Hugh O’Connor, Jane Brennan, and Pauline Cadell.

Director: Anthony Byrne.

Based on a novel by Edna O’Brien.

Set in County Clare but filmed in County Wicklow – Roundwood, Vartry Reservoir.

A man inherits a dilapidated mountainside farm belonging to his family in County Clare, and tries to put it back into use. He is unaware that his ancestors had been feuding for centuries with a neighbouring family, and when he falls in love with their daughter, the ancient rivalry erupts once more.

Trivia: Originally intended as a feature film but when sufficient funding could not be raised it was taken on by RTE as a TV movie. Edna O’Brien makes a cameo appearance as an extra in a church scene.

Aired on RTE but not available on DVD.

“Wilde” (1997) (116 mins) True Drama.

Stephen Fry, Jude Law, Vanessa Redgrave, Jennifer Ehle, Zoë Wanamaker and Tom Wilkinson.

Director: Brian Gilbert.

Filmed in England and the Isle of Man?

In 1883, Irish-born Oscar Wilde (Stephen Fry) returned to London from America, full of talent, passion and most of all, full of himself. Within a few years Wilde’s wit, flamboyance and creative genius were widely renowned and he and his wife Constance had two sons whom they both loved and adored. However, as Wilde finally confronted the homosexual feelings that had gripped him since his school days, his private life flew increasingly in the face of the decidedly rigid social conventions of late Victorian society. This was to lead him into a passionate and stormy relationship with Lord Alfred Douglas which would consume and ultimately destroy both him and his family.

Available on VHS and DVD.

“Wilderness” (2006) (93 mins) Horror.

Sean Pertwee, Alex Reid, Toby Kebbell, Stephen Wight.

Director: Michael J. Bassett.

Filmed in Northern Ireland – Port Braddan and Ballintoy Harbour.


The inmates of a Young Offenders Institution are beyond help: too tough to handle, too far gone to be brought back. Their prison is a dumping ground for the worst in the system…until they are sent to the wilderness. They are dropped into an alien world of dense forests, treacherous rivers and jagged coastline. For one week they have to learn to work as a team, to develop character and maybe even discover a new respect for each other. But there’s someone else on the island who wants to teach them a bigger lesson, and they are about to become his prey. Following the gruesome slaughter of their team leaders, the young criminals find themselves alone and cut off from any chance for help. The only way to survive is to pull together against this hunter and his pack of savage dogs as he picks them off one by one.

Available on DVD.

“Wildfire” –  2018 in production Drama

Norah-Jane Noone, Nika McGuigan, Olga Wehrly.

Writer/Director: Cathy Brady

“Wild Goose Lodge” (2016) (135 mins) Historical Drama

Dave Duffy, Tom Muckian, Deirdre Rice, Naseen Morgan, Paul McGee, Finbar Furey, Joe Rooney, Shane Byrne, Anna May McHugh.

Directors: William Martin & Paul Macardle.

Filmed on location in Co. Monaghan (Carrickmacross Workhouse) and at Reaghstown, Ardee, Co.Louth where the original events took place in 1816.

200 years ago in rural County Louth, a battle for control of a small community raged. It pitted neighbour against neighbour. Set church against the crown. And in the middle lay an innocent family. The 1816 tale of the Wild Goose Lodge is one of betrayal, death and punishment. It is a story that has been passed from generation to generation in this rural tight-knit community.

In Irish cinemas from the 28th October, 2016.

Due for DVD release…..

“Willie Reilly and His Colleen Bawn” (1919) (90 mins) Silent.

Brian Magowan, Frances Alexander, Jim Plant, George Nesbit.

Director: John McDonagh.

Filmed mainly at St Enda’s, Rathfarnham, Co Dublin, the school which had been run by 1916 Rising leaders Patrick Pearse and Thomas MacDonagh, director John MacDonagh’s brother, and in the Pine Forest.

One of the most popular and successful of the productions produced by the Film Company of Ireland. Based upon a novel ‘Willie Reilly and His Dear Colleen Bawn’ by William Carleton, published in 1855. The film was shot during the Anglo-Irish War of 1916-1922, and it was a story set in the 1740s and 1750s of an Irish Catholic gentleman and his love for the Protestant Colleen Bawn, making a plea for better understanding between Catholics and Protestants. Another Protestant suitor seeks to invoke the Penal Laws to dispossess his rival of his ancestral lands and to end his relationship with the Colleen Bawn, but liberal Protestants intervene.

Not available, but a copy is held by the IFA.

“Wind That Shakes the Barley, The” (2006) (127 mins)  Drama.

Cillian Murphy, Liam Cunningham, Pádraic Delaney.

Director: Ken Loach.

Filmed on location in Ireland – principally in County Cork, including Ballyvourney (?), Bandon and Timoleague.

Ireland, 1920: Damien (Cillian Murphy) and Teddy (Pádraic Delaney) are brothers. But while the latter is already the leader of a guerrilla squad fighting for the independence of his motherland, Damien, a medical graduate of University College, would rather further his training at the London hospital where he has found a place. However, shortly before his departure, he happens to witness atrocities committed by the ferocious Black and Tans and finally decides to join the resistance group led by Teddy. The two brothers fight side by side until a truce is signed. But peace is short-lived and when one faction of the freedom-fighters accepts a treaty with the British that is regarded as unfair by the other faction, a civil war ensues, pitting Irishmen against Irishmen, brothers against brothers, Teddy against Damien.

Available on DVD.

“Wings of the Morning” (1937)  (89 mins) Romantic Drama.

Annabella, Henry Fonda, Leslie Banks, John McCormack, Irene Vanbrugh, Steward Rome, Harry Tate, Helen Haye, Edward Underdown and Sam Livesey.

Director: Harold Schuster.

Based on the 1928 novel Destiny Bay by Brian Donn-Byrne.

This was the first Technicolor film made in the British Isles.

Film has a sequence of songs by famed Irish Tenor John McCormack.

Partly filmed in Killarney, County Kerry; and Denham Studios in London.

Wings of the Morning is an enchanting rendition of Donn-Byrne’s fables of life and love among the gipsy wagons and lordly manors of Europe in a bygone era. French film star Annabella portrays a beautiful young Romany girl who, to fulfil the prophecy of her ancestors, must marry a nobleman. She defies the hand of fate, however, when she becomes enamoured with a Canadian horse trainer (Henry Fonda) and joins forces with him to enter the Derby on a gipsy horse named ‘Wings’.

On VHS and DVD – scarce and very expensive!

“Winter Music” (1981) (54 mins) Drama. RTE TV movie.

Cyril Cusack, Elizabeth Begley, Pat Layde, and Joe McPartland.

Director: Pat O’Connor.

Filmed in County Fermanagh?

Set on a border farm run by a pair of argumentative brothers and their spinster sister in the 1950s. An old piano – left over after an auction in a derelict big house – sets in action a series of dramatic events.  TCD.IE

Not available.

“Winter’s End” (2005) (98 mins) Thriller.

Michael Crowley, Jill Bradbury and Paul Whyte.

Director: Patrick Kenny.

Filmed in Ireland – County Kilkenny.

Winter’s End is a contemporary thriller set on an isolated, rural farm. Twenty-one-year-old Amy Rose lives on the farm with her two brothers Henry and Sean. The film follows Amy’s progress from abuse and oppression at the hands of her older brother Henry, to independence and freedom.

Was released on DVD but no longer appears to be available.

Full movie available on YouTube here: “Winter’s End”

“Wipers Times, The” (2013) (92 mins) War Drama.

Ben Chaplin, Julian Rhind-Tutt, Michael Palin, Ben Daniels, Emilia Fox, Steve Oram, Hugh Skinner.

Director: Andy De Emmony.

Filmed in Northern Ireland – Ballywalter Park, Ballyclare Mill, Co Down Railway Museum and Belfast City Hall.

wipers times

When Captain Fred Roberts discovered a printing press in the ruins of Ypres, Belgium in 1916, he decided to publish a satirical magazine called The Wipers Times – “Wipers” being army slang for Ypres. Full of gallows humour, The Wipers Times was poignant, subversive and very funny. Produced literally under enemy fire and defying both authority and gas attacks, the magazine proved a huge success with the troops on the Western Front. It was, above all, a tribute to the resilience of the human spirit in the face of overwhelming adversity. In his spare time, Roberts also managed to win the Military Cross for gallantry.  www.northernirelandscreen.co.uk

Available on DVD.

“With or Without You” (1999) (93 mins) Romantic Comedy.

Christopher Eccleston, Dervla Kirwan and Yvan Attal.

Director: Michael Winterbottom.

Set in Northern Ireland.

Vincent (Christopher Eccleston) and Rosie (Dervla Kirwan) are a married couple who desperately want to have a baby; they have thrown away the condoms, redecorated the spare room, but seem unable to produce a child even after adopting a healthier lifestyle; loose clothing, green vegetables and programmed sex. The strain on their relationship is further increased by the arrival of a French male penfriend from Rosie’s past.

Available on DVD.

“Without Name” (2016) (93 mins) Drama/Horror

Niamh Algar, Alan McKenna and James Browne.

Director: Lorcan Finnegan. Writer: Garret Shanley.

Low budget: €350,000 (estimated).

Dripping with style and foreboding, the much anticipated feature debut from acclaimed short filmmaker Lorcan Finnegan tells the story of Eric, a land surveyor hired by a private contractor to assess an isolated woodland location. Leaving behind his wife and child, Eric is joined in the remote countryside by a younger female research assistant with whom he shares a complicated history. Beguiled by the forest, the pair go about their work all the while sensing an ominous presence lurking amongst the trees.

Available on DVD.

“Wolfhound” (2002) (80 mins) Horror. Video.

Allen Scotti, Jennifer Courtney and Julie Cialini.

Director: Donovan Kelly.

Filmed in County Galway.


Returning to his parent’s ancestral home, Colum Kennedy discovers an Irish village populated by animalistic shapeshifters. When a hauntingly beautiful woman stirs ancient passions within him, he must choose between his family and unleashing his own true nature.

Available on DVD.

“Woman Who Married Clark Gable, The” (1985) (28 mins) Drama.

Bob Hoskins, Brenda Fricker.

Director: Thaddeus O’Sullivan.

Based on a short story by Sean O’Faolain.

This short black and white film was shot in Dublin.

Thaddeus O'Sullivan DVD

Available as part of a 2015 boxed DVD set.

“Words Upon the Window Pane” (1994) (95 mins) Drama

Geraldine Chaplin, Geraldine James, Donal Donnelly, Ian Richardson, John Lynch, Gerard McSorley, Jim Sheridan.

Director: Mary McGuckian.

Adaptation of a play by W.B. Yeats.

Set during a series of séances hosted by the Dublin Spiritualist Society in 1928, the spirits of Jonathan Swift (Jim Sheridan!) and the two women who loved him too passionately – Stella (Bríd Brennan) and Vanessa (Orla Brady) – act out the torment of their tragic triangle through the mediums of Miss Henderson (Geraldine James) and Mrs McKenna (Geraldine Chaplin).

Filmed in Dublin and Wicklow.

Was available on VHS and as a download on Amazon.com

“Wrecking the Rising” (2016) Comedy/Drama. Three-part bilingual mini-series.

Peter Coonan, Owen McDonnell, Sean T. Ó Meallaigh, Jeanne O’Connor, Enda Oates, Eva Jane Gaffney and Olga Wehrly.

Director: Ruán Magan.

Aka “Eirí Amach Amú”.

Writer: James Phelan.

Produced for TG4 by Tile Films.

Funded by TG4 and the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland.

Three modern day Dublin men endure listless and unexciting lives. Their only enjoyment comes from staging re-enactments of the Easter Rising. The men are gearing up for a full dress rehearsal of the Rising when a mysterious box transports them back in time to 1916, just before the Easter Rising.

No sooner have they arrived in the past than they commit a monumental blunder by accidentally killing Pádraig Pearse. Realising that they have wrecked the Rising before it has even begun, they must somehow concoct a plan to keep history on course.  Though confused and terrified, they have to find the hero in themselves…and quickly. There’s also the small matter of returning to the present. And even if they do, what kind of present will they find?

Aired on TG4 on three consecutive nights – 23/25 April, 2016.

Not available.

“Writing on the Wall, The” (1983) (c.90 mins) Drama

Aka “Nous étions tous des noms d’arbres”

Writer/Director: Armand Gatti.


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