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“Dating Amber” (2020)

“Da” (1988) (102 mins) Biopic.

Barnard Hughes, Martin Sheen, William Hickey, Karl Hayden, Doreen Hepburn, Hugh O’Conor, Ingrid Craigie.

Director: Matt Clark.

Story is based upon the autobiographical, hit Broadway play by Hugh Leonard and set in the village of Dalkey, County Dublin.

da 2

A New York playwright, Charlie (Martin Sheen) is summoned back to Ireland to bury his father (Barnard Hughes). While at his boyhood home, he encounters his father’s spirit and relives memories both pleasant and not.

Available on VHS and DVD – scarce.

“Daily Woman, The” (1987) (65 mins) BBC TV Drama.

Brid Brennan, Denys Hawthorne.

Director: Martyn Friend.

Scripted by Bernard MacLaverty from his own short story of the same name.

Production company: BBC Pebble Mill.

Liz O’Prey (Brid Brennan) is locked into an abusive marriage with an unemployed husband on the fringes of the IRA. She has a job as a daily housecleaner with Mr Henderson (Denys Hawthorne), a local Unionist businessman, who ‘likes to be able to say that he employs Catholics’. Henderson has been trying to bribe Liz to submit to his sexual advances and, bruised and broken from an attack by her husband the night before, on this occasion she yields to his proposal, despite her repulsion for him.

Not available.

“Daisy Chain, The” (2008) (89 mins) Drama/Horror.

Samantha Morton, Steven Mackintosh and Mhairi Anderson.

Director: Aisling Walsh.

Production company: Subotica Entertainment.

Filmed in Ireland – Achill Island, County Mayo and Wales.


Martha (Samantha Morton), an emotionally fragile mother, moves to a remote Irish village with her husband Tomas (Steven Mackintosh) following the tragic death of their baby daughter. Whilst there, the couple decide to take in a disturbed and orphaned autistic girl called Daisy (Mhari Anderson). Uncommunicative and greatly scarred by the violent death of her parents, Daisy gradually warms to her new surroundings. When a series of strange occurrences begin to be linked to the little girl, Martha and Tomas begin to hear rumours from the locals that Daisy might be something far more malevolent than she seems. Subotica Entertainment.

Available on DVD.

“Damage” (2007) (120 mins) RTE TV Drama

Natalie Press, Olivia Williams, Brendan Coyle and Gerard McSorley.

Director/Writer: Aisling Walsh.

Production companies: Subotica Entertainment, RTE.

Filmed in Ireland – County Dublin.

A family’s seemingly perfect life is shattered when the daughter, Emma, is raped by a family friend at her 21st birthday party. With the key suspect released on bail, and dark family secrets coming to the fore, Emma’s life begins to freefall until a chance meeting with her rapist convinces her that she needs to go to court and confront him before she can move on with her life. – Subotica Entertainment.

First broadcast on RTE – 24/6/2007.

Does not seem to be available on DVD.

On the RTE Player – 19/12/2017 until Oct.2018.

“Damo & Ivor” (2013-14) Comedy RTE TV series. 12 episodes.

Andy Quirke, Ruth McCabe, Hannah Crowley.

Filmed in Dublin.

“Damo & Ivor: The Movie” (2018) (90 mins) Comedy  

Andy Quirke, Ruth McCabe, Tina Kellegher, Simon Delaney.

Directors: Rob Burke, Ronan Burke.

The slapstick action centres around the unlikely pair’s search for their long-lost brother, taking them on a wild adventure across Ireland. But unknown to Damo, Ivor is also hoping to bring the family closer together by reuniting them with their mother. As fans of the series will already be aware, with these two siblings involved, plans rarely run smoothly.

Verdict: Three Turkeys awarded on the strength of the trailer above – I may add another if I can bring myself to watch the movie when it’s available. I feel dirty (as in contaminated) just having watched the trailer.

Premiered at the Dublin Film Festival 2/3/2018.

DVD release due September 2018.

“Dancing at Lughnasa” (1998) (94 mins) Drama

Meryl Streep, Michael Gambon, Catherine McCormack, Kathy Burke, Brid Brennan.

Director: Pat O’Connor.

Based upon a play by Brian Friel.

Dancing at Lughnasa

It is the glorious summer of 1936 and Europe is on the verge of terrible change. In the little village of Ballybeg, County Donegal, the Mundy sisters await the return of their brother Jack, a missionary priest now returning to Ireland after many years in Africa. The youngest sister, Christina has a little boy Michael, her love child by an irrespressible travelling salesman Gerry Evans.

The devoutly Catholic Mundy sisters place the boy Michael at the centre of their world, a world soon to be turned upside down by the return of Jack and by the unexpected arrival of Gerry Evans, on his way to fight the Fascists in Spain.

The Eden of Ballybeg is changed forever but the memory of that summer will always haunt Michael.

Available on VHS and DVD.

“Dangerous Curves” (2000) (85 mins) Thriller.

Robert Carradine, Maxine Bahns and David Carradine.

Director: Jeremiah Cullinane.

Aka “Stray Bullet II”.

Producers Michael P. Flannigan, Roger Corman.

Filmed in County Galway.

When a handsome attorney sets off in search of a former lover, he finds himself caught in the web of deceit and murder surrounding her. His treacherous adventure is filled with dangerous twists and deadly turns, forcing him into a world of sexy female assassins and gunrunning criminals. As the attorney fights to find the woman of his dreams, and merely to stay alive, he finds the path to ecstasy is filled with Dangerous Curves.

Dangerous Curves

Available on VHS and DVD – scarce.

“Daniel’s Daughter” (2008) (88 mins) Romance. TV movie.

Laura Leighton, London Angelis, Brad Borbridge and Martin Doyle.

Director: Neill Fearnley.

Filmed in Canada.

Daniel's Daughter

Available on DVD.

“Dani’s Castle” (2013-15) Children’s Comedy/Drama. 3 seasons – 39 x 30 min episodes.

Dani Harmer, Kieran Alleyne, Niall Wright, Shannon Flynn, Lorenzo Rodriguez, Jordan Brown, Richard Wisker, Toby Murray, Jessica Forrest and Lucy Hutchinson.

CBBC/BBC production.

The series was filmed in Northern Ireland – Killeagh Castle, County Down.

Dani’s Castle, (informally titled Rich, Jimmy & Kait’s Castle in Series 3), is a British children’s comedy-drama broadcast on the CBBC Channel. Dani inherits a castle in Northern Ireland from her deceased aunt and gets more than she expected. She meets three residents, an unknown cousin, and two people who died 250 years ago. It is the spin-off series to Dani’s House. Series 1 began airing on 17 January 2013 on the CBBC Channel, and 1 April 2013 on ABC3. Series 2 of Dani’s Castle aired from 14 November 2013 to 3 January 2014. Series 3 aired from 7 July 2015 to 15 December 2015.

Not available on DVD but plenty of episodes on YouTube.

“Darby O’Gill & the Little People” (1959) (93 mins) Comedy.

Albert Sharpe, Janet Munro, Sean Connery, Jimmy O’Dea, Kieron Moore, Estelle Winwood,Walter Fitzgerald.

Director: Robert Stevenson.

Available on VHS and DVD.

“Dare to Be Wild” (2015) (100 mins) Biopic.

Emma Greenwell, Tom Hughes, Alex Macqueen.

Director: Vivienne De Courcy.

A romantic adventure based on the true story of Irishwoman Mary Reynolds, a modern-day heroine, and environmentalist Christy Collard, whose shared passion for the wild takes them from the green hills of Ireland to arid Ethiopia and then to London’s Chelsea Flower Show as they reach for their dreams, one garden, one vast desert at a time.

Available on Amazon’s streaming service and as a Region.4. import DVD.

“Dark by Noon” (2013) (96 mins) Drama. Sci-Fi/ Thriller.

Patrick Buchanan, Anthony Murphy, Tim Dillard, Grace Fitzgerald.

Writer Directors: Alan Leonard, Michael O’Flaherty.

Dark by Noon

This time-travel thriller is set in an alternate time, a world where history has unfolded differently. Rez (Patrick Buchanan) lost his wife sometime in the past. Now he is a man abandoned by society, but he possesses a gift: the perfect photographic memory, but having perfect recall isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. A covert government agency headed by Rez’s old mentor Haycock (Anthony Murphy) has stolen a device called ‘Titus’; a machine that has the ability to send a person eight hours into the future but only for a short period. The organisation is making millions by recording advance knowledge of the stock market, heisting the future eight hours at a time. One day Rez leaps forward in time and witnesses a nuclear explosion. As he jumps back to his own time-line, events begin to spiral out of control as he only has eight hours to discover the cause, save his estranged daughter and a city, unaware of its fate.

Available on DVD.

“Darklands” (2019) Crime Drama 6 part mini-series

Dane Whyte-O’Hara, Charleigh Bailey, Damian Gildea.

Director: Mark O’Connor (Between the Canals; Cardboard Gangsters)

Scriptwriter: Stephen Coates.

Set in Bray, Co.Wicklow and shot on location.

The series is set amidst a gang war in a small Irish town and tells the story of Damien Dunne (Dane Whyte-O’Hara), a sixteen-year-old boy who dreams of becoming a professional MMA fighter.  When a major drug deal goes wrong, and Damien’s brother goes missing, the teen begins to feel the pressure to step up as the provider for his family.

First aired on Virgin Media 1 on the 7/10/2019.

“Dark Lies the Island” (2019)  (87 minutes) Dark Comedy.

Peter Coonan, Pat Shortt, Moe Dunford, Charlie Murphy, Tommy Tiernan, John Quinn and Jana Mohieden.

Director: Ian FitzGibbon.

Filmed in Wicklow and Roscommon.

Dark Lies the Island has a script from Kevin Barry, based on characters from his short story collection of the same name. Set in a small Irish town and unfolding over the course of one week, a long-standing family feud comes to a head and forces the men to face the truth.

In cinemas on the 27th September 2019.

“Darkness on the Edge of Town” (2014) (87 mins) Crime/Drama.

Emma Eliza Regan, Emma Willis, Brian Gleeson, Sam Monaghan, Chris Fitzgerald, Olwen Catherine Kelly, Clodagh Downing, Maura Foley, Cailla O’Shea, Eilise Sullivan.

Writer/Director: Patrick Ryan.

Low budget – €50,000 estimated.

Filmed in County Kerry.

Cleo Callahan (Emma Eliza Regan), is a teenage sharpshooter who decides to avenge the death of her estranged elder sister after she is found murdered in a public bathroom. Unbeknown to Cleo, her best and only friend Robin O’Riley (Emma Willis) is the murderer she’s sworn to kill.

Available on US Netflix.

“Dark Song, A” (2016) (100 mins) Horror

Catherine Walker, Steve Oram, Mark Huberman, Susan Loughnane.

Writer/Director: Liam Gavin.

Filmed in Dublin and Wicklow.

A Dark Song follows Sophia, a young woman who rents an old house in the remote countryside so that she can hire an occultist named Solomon. She needs him to perform an ancient invocation ritual, the Abramelin, to summon up Sophia’s Guardian Angel so her wish can be granted. She wishes to talk to her murdered child, a desire that consumes her.

The ritual is an extremely arduous one and they seal themselves in the house for months as it plays out. As they get deeper into the rite they run the risk of turning on each other, of going mad. But when Solomon finds out that Sophia has not been truthful about her wish, a greater danger threatens them. In the dark, they find that they are no longer alone in the house. They are now in the world of real angels, and real demons.

Premiered at the Galway Film Fleadh in July 2016.

Available on DVD.

“Dark Touch” (2013) (90 mins) Horror.

Missy Keating, Marcella Plunkett, Padraic Delaney.

Director/Scriptwriter: Marina de Van.

Production company: Element Pictures.

Filmed in Ireland – Kildare, Dublin.


One evening, in the middle of the Irish countryside, a house seems to take on a terrifying life of its own as objects and furniture turn against the inhabitants, killing all but eleven year old Niamh. The police suspect a gang of homicidal vandals, ignoring Niamh when she tells them about the murderous rage of the house. Nat and Lucas Galin take in Niamh and try to provide her with a loving home, but she continues to act withdrawn. It soon becomes clear that Niamh has powers greater than anyone could comprehend, and is herself a frightening force to be reckoned with.

Available on DVD.

“Darling Lili” (1968) (136 min) Musical/War Drama.

Julie Andrews, Rock Hudson, Jeremy Kemp and Doreen Keogh.

Director: Blake Edwards.

Filmed in part in Dublin at Heuston Station, the Gaiety Theatre, and Trinity College. Aerial sequences were also filmed in Ireland including an attack on a train on the freight-only line between Drogheda and Navan. Other locations included Paris, Brussels and Holywood, California.

Big budget $25 million.

Darling Lili lobby card

Musical set in World War .I. starring Julie Andrews as Lili Smith, a famous femme fatale music-hall singer with a dark secret: she is also working as a German spy. Things are further complicated for Lili when she is ordered to seduce the dashing Major William Larrabee (Rock Hudson), and finds herself falling in love with him. How can she complete the operation she has been assigned if it means betraying the man she loves?

Available from Amazon on DVD.

“Das Schwarze Schaf” (1960) (90 mins) Comedy/Crime. German language.

Heinz Rühmann, Karl Schönböck, Maria Sebaldt, Lina Carstens.

Director: Helmut Ashley.

Aka “The Black Sheep

The film is based upon  the Father Brown character created by novelist G.K. Chesterton.

Filmed in West Germany and in Ireland – Galway and Howth.

Das Schwarze Schaf still

Available on DVD from Amazon.de

Also released as part of “Best Heinz Rühmann Films” (2005) 4 movie box set – which includes “Er kanns nicht lassen” aka “He can’t stop doing it” – available from Amazon.de

“Date for Mad Mary, A”  (2016) (82 mins) Romantic Comedy

Seána Kerslake, Tara Lee, Charleigh Bailey, Denise McCormack, Siobhán Shanahan.

Director: Darren Thornton.

Writers: Colin Thornton, Darren Thornton.

Filmed in Dublin and Louth.

‘Mad’ Mary McArdle returns to Drogheda after a short spell in prison for something she’d rather forget. Back home, everything and everyone has changed. Her best friend, Charlene, is about to get married and Mary is maid of honour. When Charlene refuses Mary a ‘plus one’ on the grounds that she probably couldn’t find a date, Mary becomes determined to prove her wrong. But her attempts at dating are a disaster and she winds up feeling more alone – until she meets Jess and everything changes.

Was premiered at the Galway Film Fleadh in July 2016 and shared the top prize.

In cinemas from 2nd September, 2016.

Available on DVD.

“Dating Amber” (2020) (92 mins) Comedy

Fionn O’Shea, Lola Petticrew, Barry Ward, Sharon Horgan, Simone Kirby, Lauryn Canny and Emma Willis.

Writer/Director: David Freyne .

Coming-of-age comedy set in 1990s rural Kildare.

Eddie (Fionn O’Shea) is thinking of joining the army, but harbours a secret crush on one of his male teachers. Amber (Lola Petticrew) likes girls and dreams of opening “an anarchist bookshop with franchise potential”. The closeted teenagers reluctantly agree to pretend to be an item in order to throw their annoying classmates off the scent and gain themselves some space.

Available on Amazon Prime with a cinema release planned for later in 2020.

“Daughter of Darkness” (1948) (91 mins) Gothic Horror.

Anne Crawford, Maxwell Reed, Siobhan McKenna, and Honor Blackman.

Director: Lance Comfort.

Noted for movie debut of Honor Blackman.

Based on the play “They Walk Alone” by Max Catto.

Filmed at Riverside Studios, Hammersmith, London.


In the small Irish town of Ballyconnen, Emmy Baudine (Siobhan McKenna) is a beautiful but disturbed young woman who works for the local priest. When the carnival comes to town, she encounters a handsome young boxer called Dan (Maxwell Reed) – and lays his face open with her fingernails when he expects sexual favours from her. Hurriedly packed off to Yorkshire by Father Corcoran (Liam Redmond), Emmy is taken in by a farming family and manages to suppress the strange feelings of fascination and revulsion that she experiences in the presence of the opposite sex. Until, that is, the carnival comes to town and she finds herself face to face with the vengeful Dan.

Available on DVD.

“David Copperfield” (2000) (180 mins) Drama. Made for TV movie.

Sally Field, Paul Bettany, Hugh Dancy.

Director: Peter Medak.

Based on the classic novel by Charles Dickens.

Shot on location in County Dublin.

David Copperfield

Available on DVD.

“Davin” (2014) (93 mins) Animated Drama.

Frances Healy, Hazel Doupe, Fergus McDonagh.

Writer/Director: Graham Jones.

Budget: €34,000 – estimated.

An ensemble of mourners travel in their cars to the funeral of an Irishman who took his life in a car.

Full movie on YouTube above.

“Dawn, The” (1936) (89 mins) War/Drama.

Tom Cooper, Eileen Davis, Herbert Martin, Brian O’Sullivan, Marion O’Connell, James Gleeson, Donal O’Cahill, Jerry O’Mahoney.

Director: Tom Cooper.

Original title: “I am Tainted“.

Aka “Dawn over Ireland” (USA)

Filmed in Killarney with a local cast.

Set in the Kerry region during the War of Indpendence (1918-22), the IRA struggles with the Black and Tans while a family overcomes the taint of informer.

Not officially available.

“Dawning, The” (1988) (97 mins) Drama.

Anthony Hopkins, Jean Simmons,Trevor Howard, Rebecca Pidgeon, Adrian Dunbar, Hugh Grant, and Tara MacGowran.

Director: Robert Knights.

Noted for being Trevor Howard’s last film.

Based on the Jennifer Johnston novel “The Old Jest”.

Filmed in Cork, Wicklow and Waterford (Ardmore).

the dawning

Set in 1920’s Ireland and the beginning of the Irish War of Independence. Eighteen year-old orphan Nancy (Rebecca Pidgeon) lives with her doddery Grandfather (Trevor Howard) and Aunt (Jean Simmons) in southern Ireland. The troubles fermenting in nearby Dublin have not, as yet, impinged on the peaceful life of their big house by the sea. All that changes when naive and romantic, Nancy discovers Cassius (Anthony Hopkins) in an abandoned beach hut she’d claimed as her own. She is intrigued by the mysterious man and comes to trust him despite the fact that he has a gun. She cares for him enough to relay a message to Dublin on his behalf, but the outcome of which has catastrophic results for all involved…

Available  on VHS and DVD (US import).

“Day They Robbed the Bank of England, The” (1960) (85 mins) Drama.

Aldo Ray, Elizabeth Sellars, Peter O’Toole, John Le Mesurier and Kieron Moore.

Director: John Guillermin.

Based on the novel by John Brophy.

Filmed on location in London.

Day they robbed the Bank of England

Available on DVD.

“DDU: District Detective Unit” (1999) (240 mins) 4 episodeS.  RTE TV Crime Series.

Sean Mc Ginley, Andrea Irvine, Dermot Martin, Owen Roe, Bosco Hogan.

Directors: Alan Grint.  A.J Quinn.

Scriptwriter: Michael Russell.

Production company: Parallel Films.

In an affluent provincial town just outside Dublin, the good people are about to get a reality check. The crime and violence, normally only associated with the inner city, is infiltrating into their proud and deeply religious community.

First came the prostitutes – inevitably followed by the drugs and the protection rackets. Now the once quiet streets are awash with crime and it’s down to the DDU to sort it out.

A fast-paced, gritty and realistic police drama, District Detective Unit deals with the internal dynamics of a tight knit team of detectives trying to come to terms with each other, a crime wave and the problems of policing a town where everyone knows your name.

Not available due to copyright issues – RTE 21/8/2014

“Dead, The” (1987) (83 mins) Drama.

Anjelica Huston, Donal McCann, Rachael Dowling, Cathleen Delaney, Helena Carrol, Ingrid Craigie, Dan O’Herlihy, Frank Patterson, Donal Donnelly, Marie Kean, Maria McDermottroe, Sean McClory.

Director: John Huston.

Based on a short story by James Joyce.

Noteworthy as John Huston’s last film.

Filmed in Dublin and USA (California).

The Dead

A married couple attends a dinner party at the end of nineteenth-century Dublin and, by evening’s end, the husband comes to a deeper understanding of their relationship.

Available on VHS and DVD.

“Dead Along The Way” (2016) (88 mins)  Comedy

Niall Murphy, Ciaran Bermingham, Tom Lawlor, Ben Condron, Sinead O’Riordan

Writer/Director: Maurice O’Carroll.

Filmed in Laois and Dublin.

Wacker and Tony – a pair of down-on-their-luck videographers – are about to video a wedding, and they think their lives can’t get any worse. Wacker’s wife has chucked him out, he has been beaten up over money she borrowed for fertility treatment, and a drink-fueled incident the night before has put his friendship with Tony under huge strain. But their problems are only beginning: Big Jim  – a notorious loan shark who is also having a pretty bad time of it after learning about his 16 year old daughter’s pregnancy – visits the church and dies after a scuffle with Tony. The videographers decide to try and conceal their crime before any wedding guests arrive. What happens next is ungodly.

Trailer looks woeful, but it’s hard to pass judgement without seeing the whole movie.

Premiered at the Galway Film Fleadh in July 2016.

Available on Amazon.com streaming service.

“Dead Bodies” (2003) (88 mins) Black comedy.

Andrew Scott, Kelly Reilly, Darren Healy, Sean McGinley, Katy Davis, Gerard McSorley.

Director: Robert Quinn.

Filmed in County Dublin.

dead bodies

Tommy McGann (Andrew Scott) is a young man not in a hurry, who lives in a rundown flat and believes that life is there to be lived. His situation is abruptly changed, however, when he gets back together with his annoying ex-girlfriend Jean (Katy Davis). During one of their frequent rows, Jean accidentally falls, hits her head and dies. Even though it was an accident Tommy is afraid of going to jail and decides to get rid of the body in a local wood, only to discover that he’s not the first. While digging the grave he stumbles across another buried corpse….

Available on DVD.

Full movie available on YouTube here.

“Dead Long Enough” (2006) (82 mins) Comedy.  Turkey 1 Turkey 1 Turkey 1

Michael Sheen, Douglas Henshall, Joe Pasquale, Angeline Ball and Jason Hughes.

Director: Tom Collins.

Based on the novel by James Hawes.

Filmed in County Donegal and Wales – Pontypridd.


Ben Jones (Jason Hughes), a worn out and depressed Welsh lawyer, lives in the shadow of his promiscuous TV celebrity brother, Harry Jones (Michael Sheen). Ben hankers after his lost love, a fiery Irish redhead, Sinead (Angeline Ball), but in a fit of pique decides to accept the marriage proposal from his brow-beating Welsh girlfriend Ceri Sian. So Harry decides that he must do something good for his brother and brings him back to Ireland where both had a great time in their youth. This act of generosity, and also a coincidental recce for a future television programme, begins a series of events that will change their lives forever.

Available on DVD .

“Dead Man’s Evidence” (1962) (67 mins) B+W. Thriller.

Jane Griffith, Conrad Phillips, Veronica Hurst, Godfrey Quigley.

Director: Francis Searle.

Filmed in Counties Dublin and Wicklow.


David Baxter (Conrad Phillips) is a British spy who is sent to Ireland to investigate the death of a colleague who has been found dead on Killiney beach.

Atmospheric with a nice twist in the tail.

Available as part of a two-movie DVD set from www.simplyhe.com

“Dead Meat” (2004) (80 mins) Horror.

Marián Araújo, David Muyllaert, Eoin Whelan, David Ryan.

Director: Conor McMahon.

Filmed in County Leitrim.

Hell on Earth is unleashed when a mutated strain of mad cow disease infects the countryside turning people into ravenous flesh eating zombies. Caught amidst this chaos is Helena (Marian Araujo), a young Spanish tourist and Desmond (David Muyllaert), the local grave digger. Together this unlikely duo must fight for survival or become the main course in a zombie feast.

It’s not what you eat…It’s who you eat!

Available on DVD .

“Dead Still” in production.

Kerr Logan, Michael Smiley and Eileen O’Higgins.

Directors: Imogen Murphy and David Craig Wallace.

Set in 1880s Ireland in the heyday of “postmortem photography,” the six-part series follows a renowned memorial photographer as he investigates the murders of his recently deceased subjects.

“Dear Sarah” (1990) (80 mins) RTE/Thames Television.

Stella McCusker, Barry McGovern, Paddy Rocks.

Director: Frank Cvitanovich.

Writer: Tom McGurk.

Based on the letters Giuseppe Conlon wrote from prison to his wife Sarah after he was convicted in 1976 along with six members of the Maguire family of running an IRA bomb factory in North London. He received twelve years imprisonment, but died in custody in 1980. Sarah Conlon spent many years campaigning to clear the names of her husband, and son Gerry (who had been wrongly jailed over the 1974 Guildford pub bombings). The others jailed along with Giuseppe were later released after serving their sentences, and the convictions were quashed on appeal in 1991.

Not available.

“Death and Nightingales” (2018) Drama 3-part BBC TV mini series

Jamie Dornan, Valene Kane, Martin McCann, Charlene McKenna, Matthew Rhys and Ann Skelly…

Based on Eugene McCabe’s modern Irish classic, `Death And Nightingales’ is a riveting story of love, betrayal, deception and revenge, set in the beautiful haunting countryside of Fermanagh in 1885 when all of the country is an undivided province of the British Empire.

Set over a desperately tense 24-hour period, it’s Beth Winters’ (Ann Skelly) 23rd birthday – the day she has decided to join the charming Liam Ward (Jamie Dornan) and escape from her limited life and difficult and complex relationship with her Protestant landowner stepfather Billy (Matthew Rhys). As decades of pain and betrayal finally build to a devastating climax, Death and Nightingales is a powerful and gripping drama that follows a woman struggling to control her own destiny and will illuminate tensions that tear both families and nations apart.

First aired on RTE/BBC on the 26th November  2018.

“Death Games” (2002) (92 mins) Sci-Fi.

Jason Barry, Peter Lohmeyer, Phelim Drew and Lindsey Harris.

Director: Geraldine Creed.

Aka “Chaos”.

Shot at Ardmore Studios, Bray and at Expo 2000 in Hanover, Germany.

death games

Released on DVD (2004) – quite hard to find now.

“Death of a Superhero” (2011) (97 mins) Drama.

Andy Serkis, Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Aisling Loftus, Sharon Horgan, Jessica Schwarz and Michael McElhatton.

Director: Ian Fitzgibbon.

Screen adaption by Anthony McCarten from his own book of the same name.

Production Company: Bavaria Pictures.

Filmed in Germany and Ireland.


To the world around him, Donald appears to be a typical teenager. He’s moody towards his parents, awkward around girls and ambivalent about the struggle to fit in at school. But Donald also possesses an extraordinary imagination and a talent for art that sets him apart from his peers. When he is diagnosed with a life threatening illness, Donald retreats into a fantasy world in order to avoid confronting the painful reality of life. With the help of a compassionate therapist, family and friends who care for him, and a young woman who becomes his first love, Donald decides to take advantage of his remaining days and fight against the sickness that tries to claim his life.

Available on DVD.

“Death of God, The” (2007) (84 mins) B+W. Drama.

John Tuohy, Diarmuid Marrinan and Robert Ryan.

Director: Robert Ryan.

Filmed in Galway City and County Dublin – Mountjoy Jail.

Low budget – €10,000. Excerpts on YouTube but no sign of elsewhere.

The story of two brothers – one on his way out of prison, one on his way into prison – who find redemption through a local priest. IMDB.

Not available.

“December Bride” (1990) (90 mins) Drama.

Saskia Reeves, Ciaran Hinds, Donal McCann, Patrick Malahide, Brenda Bruce.

Director: Thaddeus O’Sullivan.

Based on a novel by Sam Hanna Bell.

Interior filming at MTM Ardmore Studios and the principal sets were at Strangford Lough and Dublin.

December Bride

In early 20th-century, rural County Down, Sarah, a Protestant woman, becomes the housekeeper on a farm for two Protestant brothers, Frank and Hamilton Echlin. She sleeps with both men but refuses to marry either even after she bears two children, which creates a scandal in the community. When her children grow up, they want to normalize their social status, so they pressure their mother to marry.

Available on VHS and DVD.

“Deception” (2013) Drama. TV 3 mini-series. 6 episodes.

Roisin O’Neill, Cora Fenton, Norah-Jane Noone, Conor Mullen, Jim Norton.

Production company: Tyrone Productions.

Filmed in Spiddal, County Galway.

Budget estimate: €1.2 million


A contemporary drama set in a fictional suburb of Galway City. The location is a small exclusive development or it was exclusive back in 2007 when building started. Only one family bought off plan and paid top dollar. Others bought more recently. Some only rent. This is a semi-ghost estate.

With the recession biting everybody is scrambling for every cent. People are doing things they wouldn’t normally consider; things that make their skin crawl to make ends meet, to protect the people they care about. When a murder victim is discovered in one of the unsold houses, it provokes a chain of events which threaten to reveal the darkest secrets of the estate’s residents.

First aired on TV3 7/1/2013.

Not released on DVD.

“Deeply Regretted By” (1978) RTÉ.

Donal Farmer, Joan O’Hara.

Director: Louis Lenten.

Based on a story by Maeve Binchy.

Not available.

“Delinquent Season, The” (2017) (103 mins) Drama

Cillian Murphy, Catherine Walker, Eva Birthistle, Andrew Scott and Nathan O’Toole.

Director/Script: Mark O’Rowe.

Filmed in County Dublin.

The Delinquent Season is a tense drama which revolves around two couples in suburban Dublin – Jim and Danielle and Yvonne and Chris. On the surface, they both appear to live in marital bliss, until an altercation between one couple occurs and cracks begin to appear in both of these seemingly steady marriages.

In cinemas from October 13th, 2017.

“Dementia 13” (1963) (81 mins) Horror. B+W.

Luana Anders, William Campbell, Bart Patton, Mary Mitchell, Patrick Magee, Eithne Dunne.

Director: Francis Ford Coppola of “The Godfather” fame.

Original title: “The Haunted and the Hunted“.

Filmed at Ardmore Studios in Bray and in the village of Newtownmountkennedy, County Wicklow and County Dublin – Howth Castle (Castle Haloran).

Dementia 13

The plot revolves round a seemingly benign member of a family who is a mad axe murderer and who is gradually picking off the rest of the family. The location (an Irish Castle) is used imaginatively, the Gothic atmosphere is suitably potent and there is a magnificently sharp cameo from Patrick Magee as the family doctor. Dementia 13 is guaranteed to make you double lock all your doors at night.

Available on VHS and DVD

“Derelict” (2012) (114 mins) Crime/Thriller.

Michael Bates, Steve Gunn, Patrick O’Donnell, Elaine Reddy, Catherine Wrigglesworth, Gerry Shanahan, Rory Mullen and Brian Fortune.

Writer/Director: Frank Kelly.

A story from the underbelly of the Celtic Tiger. A desperate group of amateur thieves attempt a ‘tiger’ kidnapping. They hold a bank manager’s family hostage in a derelict mill while one of the gang drives him to the bank. It should be a simple job. But when they start to suspect the presence of somebody else in the derelict building, already strained relationships being to fracture and everything begins to unravel.

Shot on a micro-budget over the course of one week at a derelict mill in Slane, County Meath.

Derelict Poster FINAL

Compulsive viewing right to the end!

Full movie available on YouTube and Vimeo.

More about movie making at the Director’s blog here: Frank Kelly Filmmaker

“Der grosse Schlaf” (2005) (75 mins) Paranormal Drama.

Bibiana Beglau, Steffi Kühnert, Ursina Lardi, Julia Stabenow, Hartmut Lange, Golo Euler, Raphael West Meier, Hannes Lensing.

Director: Mona Lenz.

Aka “The Big Sleep

Filmed in Ireland – Ventry, County Kerry.

On a scant island, three women live together in a house. A strange slumber has enfolded the place and also the lives of the three women. At first glance they live together in content love and tenderness. But the closer one looks, the more the seemingly tranquil surface is rippled by unfulfilled desires. A fisherman and his family are the only other occupants. They seem to be frozen in time with a terrible, yet utterly ungraspable secret that lies just beneath the surface. It has been years since the fisherman last went out onto the sea. The fisherman’s wife spends her days cutting and drying flowers, hoping and wishing that work will somehow bring back her life lost. Antoine collects bottles the tide has washed onto the shore or records the day’s sound with his tape recorder. Francois passes his time toying with bugs and other small creatures. For all of them the only possible escape seems to be one that leads inward…..

Not  available .

“Derry Girls” (2018) (6 x 30 mins) Channel 4 TV Sit-com

Saoirse Jackson, Jamie-Lee O’Donnell, Nicola Coughlan, Louisa Harland, Dylan Llewelyn, Tara Lynne O’Neill, Tommy Tiernan, Ian McElhinney.

Director: Michael Lennox.

Two seasons.

Shot on location in Derry and Belfast.

“Desecration” (1981) (51 mins) Drama.

Tom Hickey, John Murphy, Eamonn Kane.

Director: Neville Presho. Martello Films.

Mostly shot on Inisbofin Island, Co Galway.

On a small island off the west coast of Ireland, a geologist, Sean Keating, finds a valuable deposit of tungsten close to a 14th-century castle which is being restored by Muiris Conroy, an islander who is also an archaeologist. John Joe Hemon, owner of the island’s hotel, sees the commercial value of a mining development, but he is concerned at Muiris’s campaign to have the castle declared a National Monument. Hemon incites a group of islanders to destroy Muiris’ work and thus allow the mining to proceed. TCD Film.ie

Truth stranger than fiction: The House that disappeared on Tory Island

Not available.

“Devil’s Agent, The” (1962) (77 mins) Cold War spy thriller.

Peter Van Eyck, McDonald Carey, Marianne Koch, Christopher Lee, Billie Whitelaw, Albert Lieven, David Knight, Marius Goring.

Director: John Paddy Carstairs.

Aka “Im Namen des Teufels“.

Emmet Dalton Productions.

Filmed at Ardmore Studios and at Glendalough, County Wicklow. Also in West Germany.

Devils Agent

German DVD release in 2014 (English language) and available on Amazon.de

“Devil’s Doorway, The” (2018) (76 mins) Horror.

Lalor Roddy, Ciaran Flynn and Helena Bereen.

Director: Aislinn Clarke.

In the autumn of 1960, Father Thomas Riley and Father John Thornton were sent by the Vatican to investigate a miraculous event in an Irish home for “fallen women”, They uncovered something much more horrific however, as their attention turned to a 16-year-old pregnant girl exhibiting signs of demonic possession.

Shown at the Galway Film Fleadh – July, 2018.

“Devil’s Own, The” (1997) (110 mins) Thriller.

Harrison Ford, Brad Pitt.

Director: Alan J. Pakula.

Filmed mainly in the USA but also in Ireland – Dublin and Clogher Head, County Louth.

IRA man Frankie McGuire (Brad Pitt) is sent to the US on a mission to buy weapons. Frankie is placed with the family of Tom O’Meara (Harrison Ford), a New York cop who knows nothing of his true identity.  O’Meara takes to Frankie, who in turn sees in O’Meara the benevolent father he lost to the violence at home when he was a child. However, problems arise when Tom begins to suspect something about Frankie’s identity.

Available on VHS and DVD.

“Devil’s Rock” (1938) (54 mins)

Richard Hayward, Geraldine Mitchell and Gloria Grainger.

Director: Germain Burger.

Not available.

“Diary of a Madman” (1991) (77 mins)

Tim McDonnell, Siobhan Miley, Deirdre O’Connell, Conor Mullen, Anna Livia Ryan, Mal Whyte.

Director: Ronan O’Leary.

Writer: Tim McDonnell (from the play by Nikolai Gogol).

Production companies: Vattington Films, RTE, Ronan O’Leary Productions.


“Dick Dickman P.I.” (2014) (105 mins) Comedy

Barry O’Neill, Brendan O’Carroll, Patrick Bergin, Joe Rooney, Jon Kenny, Frank Carson, June Rodgers.

Writer/Director: Barry O’Neill.

Filmed in the Sunny South East – Rosslare, Wexford Town, Hook Head.

Dick Dickman DVD

D.I.Y. detective (Barry O’Neill), tries to solve the disappearance of  local fiddle player Fergal “fingers” O’Flaherty, much to the annoyance of real detective DC Barnes (Brendan O’Carroll) and his side kick, the ever munching DC Devereux (June Rodgers).  Under the guidance of his mentor (Frank Carson), a crazy old sleuth, our clueless, inept but lovable hero stumbles on an international crime syndicate led by Russian mobster Mr Big (Patrick Bergin) crossing paths along the way with a variety of hilarious characters such as settled traveller O’Reilly (Jon Kenny) and his deranged neighbour (Joe Rooney).

Available on DVD.

“Dig, The” (2018) (94 mins) Thriller

Moe Dunford, Francis Magee, Lorcan Cranitch and Emily Taaffe.

Directors: Andy Tohill, Ryan Tohill.

Writer: Stuart Drennan.

After serving fifteen years for murder, Callahan returns home to find Sean, his victim’s grieving father, searching for the body on an endless bog. When Callahan asks the local police officer to remove the man from his land, he soon realizes that the police officer and community want the killer in their midst gone for good.

With no memory of the murder and no way of stopping Sean, Callahan’s only option is to join The Dig. Sean’s disapproving daughter Roberta watches this uneasy alliance unfold and, as they dig closer to the truth, Callahan hopes he will soon find the closure he has been searching for.

In selected cinemas from April 26th 2019.

“Disappearance of Finbar, The” (1996) (105 mins) Drama.

Jonathan Rhys-Myers, Luke Griffin, Sean McGinley, Fanny Risberg.

Director: Sue Clayton.

Filmed in Tallaght, Co.Dublin and Sweden.

Noteworthy as the first screen appearance by Colin Farrell as an uncredited extra.


Finbar Flynn (Jonathan Rhys-Myers) is an eighteen-year-old boy living in a grim working class suburb in Dublin. Nobody living there really expects much, assuming that their future will mirror that of the previous generation – Finbar is different. He has the chance to play for Zurich Grasshoppers FC. But he returns to Ireland when things don’t work out…

With the disappointment of a whole community on his shoulders, Finbar dives from a flyover and disappears. No body is ever found. The community is paralysed. But it is Finbar’s best friend, Danny (Luke Griffin), that feels his loss the most. Even with the creation of the ‘Find Finbar’ committee and the release of a pop song in his memory, Finbar remains missing. Then there is a phone call in the middle of the night. Danny sets off to the beautifully harsh landscapes of Sweden to track down the friend he lost three years ago. Danny expects to find Finbar, what he didn’t expect was to find himself.

Scarce – DVD available on Amazon.com

“Disco Pigs” (2001) (93 mins) Crime/Drama/Romance

Cillian Murphy, Elaine Cassidy, Brian F. O’Byrne, Eleanor Methven,  Geraldine O’Rawe, Darren Healy.

Director: Kirsten Sheridan.

Filmed in Counties Cork and Dublin.

Disco Pigs

Pig (Cillian Murphy) and Runt (Elaine Cassidy) are two inseparable friends who were born on the same day, minutes apart, in the same hospital. They spend all their time together, speak their own private language, and even join together in various criminal pursuits. However, as their 17th birthdays approach, Pig’s sexual awakening brings about a crisis in their relationship, one which can only be resolved in violence and destruction.

Available on VHS and DVD – scarce.

“Divorcing Jack” (1998) (110 mins) Comedy/Thriller.

David Thewlis, Rachel Griffiths, Jason Isaacs, Robert Lindsay.

Director: David Caffrey.

Based on the book by Colin Bateman.

Filmed in Northern Ireland – Bangor, Belfast, Donaghadee and Pomeroy.


He’s Irish, he’s ageing, he drinks, is a touch cynical and when he has time, he writes a newspaper column. On the eve of the country’s first election as an independent state, Dan Starkey’s life is about to change after he finds the young woman he has just made love to, dead, and his only ally is a nun.

Available on VHS (used) and DVD.

“Doing Money” (2018) (88 mins) BBC Two Crime Drama

Anca Dumitra, Allan Leech, Tom Glynn-Carney, Alec Sercareanu and Karen Hassan.

Director: Lynsey Miller.

Written by Gwyneth Hughes.

Shot in and around Belfast.

Ana a young Romanian woman is snatched in broad daylight from a London street, trafficked to Ireland and used as a sex slave in a series of pop-up brothels. Her shocking true story offers a tense and thought-provoking thriller exposing how, in modern Britain, slavery can hide in plain sight.

Aired BBC 2 on 5/11/2018.

“Dollhouse” (2012) (95 mins) Drama.

Seána Kerslake, Johnny Ward, Jack Reynor, Shane Curry, Ciaran McCabe and Kate Stanley Brennan.

Director: Kirsten Sheridan.

Filmed in Ireland – Dalkey, County Dublin.


Available on DVD.

“Don’t Go” (2018) (92 mins) Mystery/Drama

Stephen Dorff, Melissa George, Simon Delaney, Aoibhinn McGinnity, Grace Farrel, Gavin O’Connor, Lalor Roddy, Des Cave, Luke Griffin, Charlotte Bradley, Sean Mahon, Laurence O’Fuarain, Sahar Ali, Ella Connolly.

Director: David Gleeson.

Ben and Hazel are a married couple who have recently lost their young daughter. After relocating to a small beach-side town in Ireland, Ben begins to have vivid, mysterious dreams about his little girl, which he starts to suspect may hold the key to bringing his daughter back to life.

Premiered  at the Galway Film Fleadh on the 14th July, 2018.

“Don’t Leave Home” (2018) (86 mins) Mystery/Thriller

Anna Margaret Hollyman, Lalor Roddy, David McSavage, Helena Bereen, Karrie Cox, Mark Lawrence.

Writer/Director: Michael Tully.

Filmed at Killadoon House, Killadoon, Celbridge, Co. Kildare.

An American artist’s obsession with a disturbing urban legend leads her to an investigation of the story’s origins at the crumbling estate of a reclusive painter in Ireland.

In cinemas July 2018.

“Don’t Listen” (2016) (104 mins) Psychological Horror.

Esther Woods, Shane Robinson, Rob McCarthy, Niamh Hogan, Muireann Tobin and Paul Ronan.

Director: Brian McDonnell.

Dont Listen

A young couple lose their grip on reality as her demons start to become too strong for either of them to handle…

Premiered at the Galway Fringe Festival on the 9th July 2016.

No sign of a DVD release.

“Don’t You Recognise Me?” (2015) (94 mins) Horror

Jason Figgis, Matthew Toman, Zoe Kavanagh.

Director: Jason Figgis.

Working title “Skum”.

Filmed in County Dublin.

Tony (Matthew Toman) is a documentary filmmaker who’s always on the lookout for interesting subjects, especially people who haven’t had things go so well in life. Following an online appeal for fresh subjects, Tony has been contacted by young man K (Jason Sherlock) – a loose cannon who lives in a rundown Dublin project. Along with cameraman Jamie and sound recorder Louise, Tony sets off by car to meet K and film the first of a projected reality series entitled ‘A Day in the Life. The neighbourhood is unwelcoming, but Tony and his small crew seem somewhat more at ease upon meeting the affable K. He leads them into his flat and introduces them to his meathead pal Nathan and his demure girlfriend. A few moments later he takes Tony to a flat two doors down and … introduces him to his other girlfriend! The tone shifts when Tony quizzes K about his upbringing.

Available on DVD.

“Dorothy Mills” (2008) (102 mins) Horror.

Carice van Houten, Jenn Murray and David Wilmot.

Director: Agnès Merlet.

Filmed in Ireland – Donegal, Dublin, Galway and Wicklow.

Dorothy Mills

When a gloomy, God-fearing island community is rocked by the murder of a young child, a psychologist Jane van Dopp (Carice van Houten) is called in to examine Dorothy Mills (Jenn Murray), the teenager accused of the crime. Despite the villagers’ resistance, the therapist soon suspects that Dorothy suffers from multiple personality disorder. But when the girl speaks in the voice of the woman’s own deceased son, what first seemed like madness may – as the locals believe – be Dorothy channeling the dead. A spine-chilling blend of psychological thriller and gothic terror, Dorothy Mills is eerie, suspenseful and truly frightening.

Available on DVD.

“Doorway, The” (2000) (90 mins) Horror.

Roy Scheider, Lauren Woodland and Christian Harmony.

Director: Michael B. Druxman.

Mainly shot in County Galway with some additional footage added in the US – Los Angeles.

the doorway

It sounded like a dream, four college students looking for a cheap place to live are given free lodgings in an old Georgian mansion in exchange for making a few house repairs. But this is no ordinary house! When the students discover a doorway to untold demonic evils and depraved passions, their dream becomes a nightmare and all hell breaks loose.

Available on DVD.

“Double Carpet”  (1999) (55 mins) Drama

Darragh Kelly, Garrett Keogh, Tom Hickey

Writer/Director: Mark Kilroy.

Pegasus Productions

A film about horse racing and an addictive gambler who risks all he has – financially and relationship on a tip he receives from a race horse trainer.

Shot in Ireland and shown in the IFI Dublin in 1999

Aired 14/3/1999

“Doughboys in Ireland” (1943) (61 mins) Musical.

Kenny Baker, Jeff Donnell, Robert Mitchum and Lynn Merrick.

Director: Lew Landers.

Columbia Pictures Corporation.

Shot on a studio backlot in USA.

Doughboys in Ireland

Band leader and singer Danny O’Keefe, is drafted into the U.S. Army, along with three members of his orchestra, Chuck, Corny and Tiny, known as ‘The Jesters.’ Danny is unhappy because he has to leave the band’s beautiful vocalist, Gloria Gold, behind. But he goes off happy since she promises be true to him while he is serving his country. Danny spends every spare minute writing letters to Gloria, which she turns over to her elderly secretary to answer. Danny and his friends are stationed somewhere in Ireland…

Not officially released on VHS or DVD.

“Down the Corner” (1977) (60 mins)

Declan Cronin, Kevin Doyle, Michael Joyce.

Director: Joe Comerford. Writer: Noel McFarlane.

Filmed in Dublin.


“Dracula Untold” (2014) (92 mins) Fantasy/Horror.

Luke Evans, Sarah Gadon, Zack McGowan, Charles Dance, Samantha Barks, Dominic Cooper, Charlie Cox, Art Parkinson.

Director: Gary Shore.

Production: Universal Pictures.

Filmed in Northern Ireland – including Mount Stewart House, Newtownards, County Down; the Giant’s Causeway, County Antrim; and Scrabo Country Park, Newtownards, County Down.

Big budget – $70 million.

Dracula Untold DVD

In the Middle Ages, Prince Vlad Tepes (Luke Evans) struggles to protect his family and his small kingdom of Transylvania from the malevolent Ottoman sultan Mehmed (Dominic Cooper), whose ever-expanding empire has put Vlad’s homeland in danger of being conquered. Desperate to find a solution, Vlad seeks the help of a mysterious, cave dwelling man who grants him supernatural powers to defeat his enemy. But do these newly-gained powers come at too high a price?

Available on DVD.

“Driftwood” (1997) (100 mins) Thriller.

James Spader, Anne Brochet, Barry McGovern, Anna Massey and Aiden Grennell.

Director: Ronan O’Leary.

Filmed on the Aran Islands and the Wicklow Mountains. Interior shots at Ardmore Studios in Bray.


Redemptive love turns into obsession for Sarah (Anne Brochet), a reclusive sculptor who discovers an injured, amnesiac man (James Spader) washed up on a secluded Irish beach. She nurses him back to health, leading him to believe that they are the only residents of a remote island. Eventually they become lovers, but as the man begins to express interest in seeking out civilization, Sarah resorts to ever more desperate measures to keep him with her.

Available on DVD.

“Drinking Crude” (1997) (84 mins) Drama.

Andrew Scott, James Quarton, Eva Birthistle and Colin Farrell.

Writer/Director: Owen McPolin.

Production company: Sweetskin Productions.

Noteworthy for the debut appearance of Colin Farrell.

Low budget.

Filmed in Ireland – Cork, Dublin and Kerry; England – London.

Paul Kelleher (Andrew Scott) has just finished school and yearns for a more exciting life than the one he will surely lead in his quiet home town in Kerry. Sneaking out of his house in the middle of the night he leaves a note for his “Ma,” hops a bus for London and arrives at a squat he has been referred to by his friend Click (Colin Farrell). The next morning he finds himself thrown out into the street along with the other residents of the squat, and his adventure as a homeless, naive young man in the big city begins.

He wanders aimlessly around the city, gets robbed by two girls on the Tube before meeting up with a shady Scotsman, Al (James Quarton) who offers him a job. The job, cleaning the insides of oil tanks, eventually leads him right back where he has come from in Ireland..

Shown at the 1997 Montreal World Film Festival.

Does not appear to have been released on VHS or DVD.

“Drummer & The Keeper, The” (2017) (92 mins) Drama.

Dermot Murphy, Jacob McCarthy, Charlie Kelly and Peter Coonan.

Writer/Director: Nick Kelly.

You find true friendship in the craziest of places! Gabriel is a chaotic young rock drummer desperate to hide his recent bipolar diagnosis from his increasingly exasperated bandmates. When forced to bond with Christopher, an institutionalised 17-year-old with Asperger’s Syndrome, it results in a very unlikely friendship!

Premiered at the Galway Film Fleadh – 14th July 2017 – in cinemas from 8th September.

Available on DVD.

“Dublin in Pieces” (2012) (74 mins) Drama.

Kate Stanley Brennan, Brendan Conroy, Joanne Crawford

Writer/Director: Rick Larkin.

Production company: i-Wire Films.

Budget: €100,000 (estimated).


The film tells the story of a day in the life of the city of Dublin. The story is presented via the conversations of people in the city, in chapters that are snapshots of their lives.

Crowd funded and a limited number of DVD/blu-ray discs produced for funders.

Complete movie here: Dublin in Pieces

“Dublin Murders” (1973) (85 mins) Crime. Made for US Television.

Harvey Kembeck, Sinéad Cusack, Al Lettieri, Cesare Danova, Barbara Rhoades, Cyril Cusack, Tom Hickey.

Director: William Kronick.

Shot on location in Dublin City and county.

Aka “A Likely Story” aka “Horowitz in Dublin” aka “Assassinatos em Dublin”(Brazilian VHS title).

An American detective goes to Ireland, for a visit to his late wife’s relatives and helps the local police in a case of murder and money forgery.


Released in Brazil on VHS as “Assassinatos em Dublin”.

I eventually picked up a DVD on eBay from Taiwan!

“Dublin Murders” (2019)  8 part Psychological Crime Drama  BBC One/Starz and RTÉ

Tom Vaughan- Lawlor, Moe Dunford, Sarah Greene, Leah McNamara, Ian Kenny, Eugene O’Hare, Jonny Holden, Conleth Hill and Peter McDonald .

Directors: John Hayes; Rebecca Gatward and Saul Dibb.

Screenwriter Sarah Phelps.

Based on the Dublin Murder Squad novels by Tana French.

Shot on location in Dublin, Belfast, Bangor, Newry…

“Dublin Nightmare” (1958) (62 mins) Thriller.

William Sylvester, Marla Landi, Richard Leech.

Director: John Pomeroy.

Based on the novel “Nightmare in Dublin” by Philip Loraine.

Penington-Eady Productions.

Dublin Nightmare poster

Set in 1950’s Dublin, Steve Lawlor (Richard Leech) returns to Ireland to aid the Republican cause by taking part in the armed robbery of a security van in the North. The robbery is a success but Lawlor, who held the loot, disappears. Canadian photographer John Kevin (William Sylvester) arrives in Dublin expecting to meet Lawlor, but is informed by police that his friend died in a blazing car crash. The Republican gang believe Lawlor’s absent passenger in the car, bookseller Danny O’Callaghan, is the traitor and has made off with the stolen money.

Lawlor‘s Italian girlfriend, doesn’t believe he died in the crash and when Kevin is attacked by a mysterious assailant, he becomes suspicious and begins investigating the circumstances of Lawlor’s death. But will he discover the real story behind his friend’s death and will the Movement take their revenge on a traitor?


Available on DVD (2014).

“Dublin Oldschool” (2018) (95 mins) Drama

Emmet Kirwan, Ian Lloyd Anderson, Seána Kerslake and Sarah Greene.

Writer/Director: Dave Tynan.

Over a drug-fuelled weekend in Dublin, Jason reconnects with his estranged brother, a recovering addict living on the streets and sees where his hedonistic lifestyle could ultimately lead.

In cinemas June 2018. Available on Netflix – August 2019.

“Durango” (1999) (98 mins) TV movie.

Matt Keeslar, Patrick Bergin, Nancy St.Alban, Brenda Fricker and George Hearn.

Director: Brent Shields.

Aka “A Rose for Annie”.

Hallmark TV production.

Based on the John B. Keane novel of the same name.

Filmed in Ireland – County Wicklow. Rathdrum railway station.


On the eve of World War.II., a struggling young farmer, Mark Doran (Matt Keeslar) falls hopelessly in love with Annie Mullaney (Nancy St.Alban) the beautiful daughter of Fergus Mullaney (Patrick Bergin). But Fergus, a giant of a man, has threatened to destroy anyone who comes courting. Before confronting Fergus, Mark feels he must prove himself a man. Hoping to break the local cattle buyer’s monopoly, Mark organizes an ambitious and unprecedented undertaking: an Irish cattle drive! Enlisting the aid of his wily Aunt Maeve (Brenda Fricker). Mark assembles a herd and sets out for another town some 40 miles away, where he’s sure the prices will be higher.

Available from Amazon.com on VHS (1999) – scarce!


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