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High Boot Benny – 1994 – VHS (82 minutes)

Marc O’Shea, Alan Devlin, Frances Tomelty, Fiona Nicholas, Annie Farr.

Directed by Joe Comeford.

When a police informer is found murdered on the property of a small school dedicated to desegregated education on the southern side of the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic, the school’s directors – a Protestant matron (Frances Tomelty) and an ex-priest (Alan Devlin) – become suspects. Also implicated is Benny (Marc O’Shea), a seventeen-year-old delinquent who has found refuge at the school only to get caught up in the maze of conflict created by the mix of politics and religion.

Never released on DVD and nigh impossible to find on VHS.

In good condition.

€20 plus p+p or can be collected from Enniscorthy.


Spin the Bottle (2004) – newspaper promo copy.

When Rats (Michael McElhatton) is released from prison yet again, his return to his mother’s house gets off to a bad start. The money painstakingly saved to send his aunt to Lourdes (for a miracle cure for her terminal obesity), is stolen. Rats embarks on a series of hilarious, hapless attempts to replace the stolen money before it’s too late to save his stricken auntie. The penny eventually drops and he decides he must use his only weapon – his musical genius. He teams up with sidekicks Tommo (Peter McDonald) and Brainer (Donal O’Kelly) to reform his band, the superb Spermdotcom to raise funds for his auntie.

In good, unplayed condition plus clean cardboard sleeve – see above.

€2 plus p+p.


euro con 011

Three Irish movies on newspaper promo DVDs. All in very good, unviewed condition.

€5 including p+p on the island of Ireland.


dvds 002

Three elusive Irish movies on newspaper promo DVDs. All in very good, unwatched condition.

€5 including p+p on the island of Ireland.


About Adam (2000)

Promo DVD.

About Adam DVD

“Casualty of War, A” (1989) (96 mins) Made for TV movie. Turkey 1 Turkey 1 Turkey 1


Mint condition and only watched once – buy it and you’ll see why. €2.00


Intermission (2003) DVD

Good condition but box a bit worn. €3 plus p+p.


Midnight Man (1997) DVD Turkey 1 Turkey 1 Turkey 1

Poor fare.

Midnight Man

Good condition. €3 plus p+p.



“Night Train” (Dir: John Lynch 1998) DVD

Starring John Hurt & Brenda Blethyn. Romantic comedy with thriller sub-plot.

€7.50 incl p&p (Ireland only).

Contact: (086) 218 5326

or email:

“On Dangerous Ground” (1996) (165 mins) Two-part TV movie.  Turkey 1 Turkey 1 Turkey 1


Disappointing movie but see it for yourself.  €2.00 plus p+p


Relative Strangers (1999)

Relative Strangers

Scarce Irish Daily Star Promo DVD. €2




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