Monthly Archives: February, 2018

2018 Annual Spring Clean!

Well, that’s it, I’ve just completed the annual overhaul of all listings on the site, updated links, removed dead videos and added loads of new material. This year I’m planning to try and index by genre to help people searching for specific types of movie.

I hope that some of you are finding Irish Movie Madness useful; I’m always looking for information and ideas on how to improve the site so do get in touch at

I discovered quite a few gems, and a lot of dross, during the overhaul, but two very worthwhile discoveries were Peter Barkworth’s rare 1985 thriller “The Price” on YouTube here  – and “The Trial of Sir Roger Casement” (1960) which is currently available FREE on the BFI Player here. I don’t know how long either will remain available and if you’re interested best to watch as soon as possible.