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“Ultimate Force: The Killing of a One-Eyed Bookie” (2002) (74 mins) Season.1.Ep.5.

Ross Kemp, Jamie Draven, Tony Curran, Alex Reid, Dermot Crowley and David Wilmot.

Director: Tim Leandro.

Set in Northern Ireland but filmed in England – (Slough), Berkshire.

Ultimate F DVD

When one of his men impersonating a Loyalist politician is captured by IRA terrorists in Northern Ireland, Henno (Ross Kemp) and his SAS team violate their orders to rescue him.

One the better episodes of this series which nose dives in Season.3.

Available on DVD.

“Ulysses” (1967) (140 mins) Drama. B+W.

Barbara Jefford, Milo O’Shea, Maurice Roëves, T.P. McKenna, Martin Dempsey, Sheila O’Sullivan, Joe Lynch, Fionnula Flanagan, Anna Manahan and Maureen Potter.

Director: Joseph Strick

Based upon the novel by James Joyce and filmed entirely on location in Dublin.


Set in 1965 instead of 1904 as written because of budget constraints. The film was banned in parts of England, but it played for an extended period in the West End of London. It had a limited showing in the United States. Strick used surreal imagery for the stream of consciousness novel.

Available on VHS (scarce) and DVD.

“Undercurrent” (1994) (80 mins) Crime Drama.

Owen Roe, Stanley Townsend, Tina Kelleher, Orla Charlton, Ali White, Liam Cunningham.

Director: Brian O’Flaherty.

Low budget: £25,000.

Decent Suit Production.

Filmed in Dublin City and County.

1990’s Dublin. An empty car is found beside a lonely beach. Jane Laughton, the daughter of the prominent politician has disappeared. Suicide? Murder? Accident? The two plainclothes cops assigned to the case, Tom Brennan (Stanley Townsend) and Bob Harris (Owen Roe) are more interested in their recently purchased racehorse, and with a betting scam that just can’t fail. Through a series of flashbacks, newspaper reports and the cops’ investigations, Jane’s past life is revealed. Two warring sisters, a fading government minister and a cheating husband collide against a seedy background of intrigue and betrayal ….

Released on VHS but no longer available. Not officially released on DVD.

“Underground” (1969) (89 mins) War Drama.

Robert Goulet, Danièle Gaubert, Joachim Hansen, Lawrence Dobkin, Carl Duering.

Director: Arthur Nadel.

Aka “Resistance“.

Several Irish actors – including Jimmy Bartley and Joe Pilkington – have minor parts as German soldiers.

Set in France but filmed in Ireland: County Wicklow – Ardmore Studios and Enniskerry; St.James Gate Guinness Brewery, Dublin and Enniscorthy, County Wexford.

Underground poster

Major Joe Dawson (Robert Goulet) parachutes into Nazi-occupied France to a pre-arranged rendezvous with the Maquis resistance movement. He discloses to their leader, Boule (Lawrence Dobkin), that his mission is to kidnap the well-protected German General Stryker (Carl Duering) and take him back alive to London. The plan is to arouse the suspicions of the Gestapo as to Stryker’s loyalty in order to get him out into the open. Then, as he is being brought back to Germany for interrogation, he will be taken from his German guards. The Maquis agent with whom Dawson will work is Yvonne (Danièle Gaubert) who will pose as his wife. She is repulsed by his coldness and the nonchalance with which he kills in order to accomplish his ends, but she works with him for the cause. She later learns that Dawson and a female companion had been in France before on the same mission, but they had been caught and tortured, with Dawson driven out of his mind before escaping back to England. There, he had been confined to a mental hospital, escaped, and was now back on his own to complete his original mission.

Released on VHS – extremely rare. Also on manufactured-on-demand DVD (2012). 

“Under the Hawthorn Tree” (1998) (90 mins) Children’s Adventure.

Liane Murphy, Chris Bollard and Doireann Lawlor.

Directors: Siobhan Lyons, Bronagh Murphy.

Based on the 1990 children’s novel by Marita Conlon-McKenna.

Produced by the Young Irish Film Makers.

Filmed in Co. Wicklow – Glendalough; and Counties Kilkenny and Waterford.

Under the Hawthorn Tree

Ireland, 1845, and the potato crop has failed, bringing terrible hunger and plague. Everywhere people are dying or emigrating. The family of young Eily, Michael and Peggy, around whom this story revolves, does not escape. Their baby sister dies and is buried under a hawthorn tree. Their mother leaves them alone to go in search of their father. The children are determined to avoid certain death in the workhouse, where the poor are sent. So they set off on the dangerous journey across Ireland to find their great-aunts, Nano and Lena, whom they have only heard about in their mother’s stories.

Available on DVD from the O’Brien Press  www.obrien.ie

“Unsere Farm in Irland” (2007/10) (720 mins) 8 episodes. German language TV series.

Eva Habermann, Daniel Morgenroth and Kathi Leitner.

English title “Our Farm in Ireland”.

Production company: Bavaria Film.

German language only – no subtitles.

Filmed in West Cork.

Our Farm 1

Set in the fictional west Cork town of Ballymara, in the lush, gorgeous landscapes on the southern coast of Ireland, this made for TV series introduces viewers to the charming world of Irish country life. German surgeon Dr. Martin Winter, a widower, meets the attractive sheep farmer Erin O’Toole while on a visit to his in-laws. After he falls in love with her, he moves to Ireland with his daughters – the beginning of a new life with interesting new patients, a warm-hearted new woman at his side, and lots of surprises.

Available in HD on YouTube.

Available here on DVD but no English version or sub-titles.

“Untamed” (1955) (111 mins) Drama.

Tyrone Power, Susan Hayward, Richard Egan, John Justin.

Director: Henry King.

Filmed in South Africa and (possibly) Ireland.

Time and place is immediately established by Susan Hayward’s voice-over at the opening of the movie as she informs us “This is County Limerick Ireland – the year is 1847”. Katie O’Neill (Susan Hayward) is the spirited daughter of rich landowner and horse breeder Squire O’Neill (Henry O’Neill). A Boer leader Paul Von Riebeck (Tyrone Power) arrives from South Africa to buy some horses and after Katie causes him to be unseated from his horse during a Fox hunt (“I came to Ireland to buy horses – not to be killed by one”) the two fall in love. But love isn’t strong enough to hold Von Riebeck in Ireland and as a Dutch Free State commander must return to Africa to build up his country. Heartbroken, Katie later marries neighbour Sean Kildare (John Justin) and the following year when the potato famine ravages and decimates Ireland Katie and her family, along with the thousands of Irish, emigrate to Africa to start a new life.  – Imdb

Available on DVD (2013).

“Upstart, The” (1917)

Kathleen Murphy, Fred O’Donovan.

Director: J.M. Kerrigan.

“Upwardly Mobile” (1995-97) Comedy. 13 part RTÉ TV series.  

Joe Savino, Catherine Byrne, Niall Buggy, Robbie Doolin, David Kelly.

Directed by Jeff Naylor.

Written by Brian Lynch.

Three series, including three Christmas specials.

The programme starred Joe Savino and Catherine Byrne as northside couple Eddie and Molly Keogh, who win the Lotto and move to the exclusive Belvedere Downs estate on the southside of Dublin. Backed by a strong supporting cast, the series chronicles their highs and lows in life, in particular the contrast with their upper-class neighbours.

Aired between 8 September 1995 and 26 December 1997.

Not available.


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