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“On Home Ground” (2001) and “Whiskey Echo” (2005)

I’m looking for the following 2 Irish TV works, preferably in DVD or VHS format, if at all possible, and strictly for just my own personal, private viewing at home only –

These 10 episodes of “On Home Ground”, an Irish TV series (hourlong drama) that was broadcast on RTE from 2001 to 2002 (2 seasons) –

Episode #1.1 – Episode aired 4 November 2001

Episode #1.2 – Episode aired 11 November 2001

Episode #1.3 – Episode aired 18 November 2001

Episode #1.4 – Episode aired 25 November 2001

Episode #1.7 – Episode aired 16 December 2001

Episode #2.1 – Episode aired 3 November 2002

Episode #2.3 – Episode aired 17 November 2002

Episode #2.4 – Episode aired 24 November 2002

Episode #2.5 – Episode aired 1 December 2002

Episode #2.8 – Episode aired likely in late December 2002, possibly December 22

“Whiskey Echo” (all of it), an Irish-Canadian TV movie or miniseries (drama) that may have been split into 4 hourlong episodes, from January 17th to February 8th of 2005

If anyone has either of them, knows where I could find either, or knows of any (other) websites, message boards, forums, Usenet newsgroups, etc. where I could post this message, esp. such as ones in Ireland (or Canada for “Whiskey Echo”) or relating to DVD’s, VHS videotapes, etc., or could possibly help me in any other way whatsoever, it’ll be greatly well-appreciated if you could let me know – thanks very much.

PS – I’ve already tried directly contacting RTE (for “On Home Ground”) and the production companies of both, but unfortunately none were able to help me.

D Lee

Contact: TrashFish9@aol.com

“The Flower and the Rabbit” (1991) – short.

Contact: collectireland@gmail.com

“The Eagles and the Trumpets” (1983) (50 mins) RTE/Channel 4

Contact: collectireland@gmail.com

“A Second of June” (1984) – (40 mins)

Drama documentary set in Dublin on the day of President Ronald Reagan’s presidential visit to Ireland in 1984.  A day in the life of some Dubliners, focusing on a small boy, an earring seller, and a girl during USA President Ronald Reagan’s visit to Irish in June 1984. The boy plays video games in an amusement arcade, the earring seller has a stall on O’Connell Bridge which also sells American flags, while the girl works in a fast-food restaurant and then goes to meet a flatmate, a nurse in Holles Street Maternity Hospital. There are protests against the visit on the streets, while the radio-news background details Reagan’s travels through the city. At the end of the day, a motorcyclist takes a singer to a pub to perform, while the earring seller engages the girl in conversation on O’Connell Bridge and walks through the city with her.

Contact: collectireland@gmail.com

“The Bondage Field” (1981) RTE drama.

Kate Thompson, Noel McGee, Patricia Martin, Doreen Hepburn, Derek Lord, Maurie Taylor, Brendan Allis, Michael Duffy. Script/Adaptation: Jennifer Johnston, based on her novel of the same name. Production company: RTE. Producer: John Lynch.

Drama based on the novel of the same name by Jennifer Johnston. An Englishwoman discovers her husband is involved in the IRA. Their marriage begins to disintegrate against the background of the Northern Ireland strikes.

Not released on VHS or DVD.  A long-shot but would anybody have a copy recorded from TV?  Contact: collectireland@gmail.com

“Caught in a Free State” (1984) Channel 4/RTE. TV mini-series. (4 episodes) Götz Burger, Benno Hoffmann, Peter Jankovsky, John Kavanagh and Niall Tobin. Director: Peter Ormrod. Writer: Brian Lynch.

During the Second World War some German agents secretly enter the neutral Irish Free State in order to link up with the IRA.

Not released on VHS or DVD.  Anybody with a copy recorded from TV?

Contact collectireland@gmail.com

“Burke Enigma, The” (1978) RTE.1. “Thursday Play Date” TV series.

Ray McAnally, John Kavanagh, Donal McCann, Emmet Bergin, Barbara Brennan. Produced and directed by Brian MacLochlainn and written by Michael Feeney Callan.

The sudden death of the matriarch of Dublin’s most violent crime family – the Burkes – in mysterious circumstances, spurs two disparate Garda officers to work together in an attempt to smash the family’s hold on the city. The younger of the officers, Det.Sgt.Tony Hannon (John Kavanagh), is related by marriage to the family, though this hardly tempers his savagery in meeting force with force. The other, Det.Insp. McGettigan (Ray McAnally), approaches the investigation with resolution and the fearless brilliance of a chess master.

Not released on VHS or DVD.  Anybody with a copy recorded from TV?

Contact collectireland@gmail.com

“Making the Cut” (1998) (105 mins) Crime. RTÉ TV movie.

Sean McGinley, Andrea Irvine, Alan Archbold, Brendan Gleeson, Bosco Hogan, Gerard McSorley, Owen Roe, Aaron Harris. Director: Martyn Friend. Based on the novel of the same name by Jim Lusby. Parallel Films.

Waterford, southern Ireland. A Saturday night in October during a dock strike. A wino looking for a place to sleep breaks into a cargo container full of peat moss. But there’s already someone else in occupation, wrapped in a bin-bag, head protruding from a tear in one end, a rough X carved on his face.

Not released on VHS or DVD.  Anybody with a copy recorded from TV?

Contact collectireland@gmail.com

“D.D.U” District Detective Unit (1999) Crime. RTE TV 4-part mini series.

Sean McGinley, Andrea Irvine, Dermot Martin. Directors: Alan Grint, A. J. Quinn. Writer: Michael Russell.

A four-part crime drama series investigating the murky underworld of crime, and its heartbreaking and tragic impact on Irish society. The series revolves around the Unit – a group of local detectives whose lives are permanently changing as they are exposed to the harsh underbelly of the Celtic Tiger.

Not released on VHS or DVD.  Anybody with a copy recorded from TV?

Contact collectireland@gmail.com

Never Put it in Writing (1964) Comedy shot in Dublin starring Pat Boone, Milo Shea,

Never released on VHS or DVD but somebody might have recorded it from TV.

Any information/offers etc. gratefully received.

Contact: collectireland@gmail.com

Saltwater (2000) VHS tape

Contact: collectireland@gmail.com




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