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“Abduction Club, The” (2002) (96 mins) Period Romantic Drama.

Alice Evans, Daniel Lapaine, Sophia Myles, Matthew Rhys, Patrick Malahide and Edward Woodward.

Director: Stefan Schwartz.

Filmed in County Wicklow (Russborough House), Blessington; Powerscourt Estate, and West Wicklow. King’s Inns, Dublin…

the abductionc lub

Available on DVD.

“About Adam”   (2000) (97 mins) Romantic comedy.

Stuart Townsend, Frances O’Connor, Charlotte Bradley, Kate Hudson, Alan Maher and Brendan Dempsey.

Director: Gerard Stembridge.

Co-produced by the BBC and Venus Productions.

Filmed in Dublin.

About Adam

Set in Dublin. When carefree Lucy (Kate Hudson) finally meets her perfect man, Adam (Stuart Townsend), she’s ready to give up her wild ways and settle down for good…with a trip to the altar. But while Lucy is busy making plans for her wedding, Adam is busy charming the rest of her family. The only question is: does anyone really know the truth about Adam?

Available on VHS, DVD and as a newspaper Promo DVD.

“Accelerator” (1999) (86 mins) Thriller.

Stuart Sinclair Blyth, Gavin Kelty, Mark Dunne, Aisling O’Neill, Sorcha Gleadhill, Mary Murray, Jeff O’Toole, Georgina McKevitt, Mary Ellen McCartan, Philip Richey, Gerard Jordan, and Niamh O’Donnell.

Director: Vinny Murphy.

Filmed at Park West, Dublin.

Accelerator DVD

Available on DVD.

“Acceptable Levels” (1985) (100 mins) TV. Channel 4.

Kay Adshead, Andy Rashleigh and Patrick Higgins.

Director: John Davies.

Filmed on location in Belfast.

This study of a British TV crew interviewing a Belfast family in the war-strewn Catholic district focuses upon the death of a child hit by a stray plastic bullet fired by a British soldier. The chief reporter becomes politically involved in the incident, whilst her producer is apprehensive and, once back in London, makes sure that the most indicting footage is destroyed.

Not available.

“Acceptable Risk” (2017) (350 mins) Six-part TV Crime Drama

Elaine Cassidy, Angeline Ball, Morten Suurballe, Lisa Dwyer Hogg, Geordie Johnson, Paul Popowich and Risteárd Cooper.

Director: Kenny Glenaan. Writer: Ron Hutchinson.

Filmed in Montreal, Canada and Dublin.

Acceptable Risk is produced for RTÉ by Siobhán Bourke and Kathryn Lennon of Saffron Pictures and James Mitchell of Soho Moon Pictures with funding from the Broadcast Authority of Ireland. The drama is a co-production with Canadian producer Facet4 and is co-financed by international distributors DCD Rights and Acorn Media Enterprises.

When high flying Pharmaceutical Sales Rep Lee Manning is found dead in Montreal, his wife Sarah’s world is thrown into a tailspin. With the ensuing investigation revealing more questions than answers, she suddenly finds herself under suspicion and her life under surveillance from sinister forces.

Episode.1. aired RTE 1 – Sunday 24th December 2017.

Available on DVD.

“Access to the Children”  (1984) TV. RTE/Channel 4.

Donal McCann, Dearbhla Molloy, Judi Bowker, Genevieve McKenzie, Clare O’Dea.

Director: Tony Barry.

Written by William Trevor.

Part of a series “Love Stories of Ireland”.

A father recalls the disintegration of his marriage as he meets his children on a Sunday.

Not Available.

“Ace Eli and Rodger of the Skies” (1973) (92 mins) Drama.

Cliff Robertson, Jack Watson, Pamela Franklin, Eric Shea, Rosemary Murphy, Bernadette Peters, Alice Ghostly.

Director: Bill Sampson (John Erman) (Cliff Robertson project).

Aka “Mi Padre, Mi Amigo” (Argentina).

Story by: Steven Spielberg.

After the Irish segments were done in 1969, the film went into storage for several years while financial backing was sought to complete the film.

Ace Eli and Rodger of the Skies

In the early 1920s, a stunt pilot barnstorms with his son.

Not officially released on VHS or DVD.

“Act of Betrayal” (1988) (240 mins) TV mini-series (4 episodes). RTE/Australia TV.

Elliott Gould, Deborra Lee Furness, Lisa Harrow, Max Cullen, Patrick Bergin, Bosco Hogan, Gerard McSorley, Gina Moxley.

Director: Lawrence Gordon Clark.

(Later cut down to 117 minutes as a TV movie)

A Griffin Production for TVS Television in association with ABC Australia, RTE and Strongbow.

Filmed in Belfast; Australia – Sydney; the USA – Boston, Massachusetts and England.


A terrorist bomb explodes in London’s West End a few days before Christmas, killing and maiming many. In Belfast, a top-ranking IRA man, Michael McGurk (Patrick Bergin), sickened by the violence, walks into a police station and turns ‘supergrass’.

In revealing the secrets of his former colleagues, McGurk cuts himself off not only from his family and friends, but also from the beliefs that have previously ruled his life. He risks losing the love and respect of his wife and son – and earns the undying hatred of the movement he has damaged so badly.

The British government provide the McGurks with new identities and a new home in Australia – twelve thousand miles from the battered streets of Belfast. However, the IRA learn of his new identity and send their most experienced hitman on a chilling mission: to track down the family, and avenge the act of betrayal.

Was released on VHS. Not officially available on DVD.

“Actors, The” (2003) (91 mins) Comedy/Crime.

Michael Caine, Dylan Moran and Michael Gambon.

Director: Conor McPherson.

Based on a story by Neil Jordan.

Filmed in County Dublin and County Wicklow – Humewood Castle (Kiltegan).

The Actors

Available on DVD.

“Adam & Paul” (2004) (83 mins) Drama/Crime

Tom Murphy, Mark O’Halloran, Gavin Dowdall, Luke Keeler.

Director: Leonard Abrahamson.

Filmed in Dublin City.


The film follows two hapless Dublin drug addicts through a single day, which, like every other, is entirely devoted to the business of scrounging and robbing money for drugs. The difference today is that Adam and Paul, already at rock bottom, have finally run out of luck, credit and friends.

Available on DVD.

“A Day Like Today” (2014) (90 mins) Drama

Paul Butler Lennox, Andie McCaffrey Byrne, Tristan Heanue, Brian Fortune, Laura Murray, Thomas Reilly.

Director: Gerard Walsh.

Shot in Dublin on a micro-budget – apparently just €450!

A Day Like Today tells the story of Alice, a woman whose marriage is on the rocks. She has a chance encounter with Joe, a homeless man with an unknown past. When the two troubled characters meet, they decide to take a day off and just enjoy each other’s company.

As they explore Dublin City, they also begin to explore the intimate details of their lives, including things they probably aren’t ready to hear.

Currently on the festival circuit.

No DVD release to date.

Available here: Vimeo.com on demand

“After Midnight” (1990) (90 mins) Drama.

Saeed Jaffrey, Hayley Mills and Ian Dury.

Director: Grewal, Shani S.

Production: Channel Four Films; Dublin Cinema Group.

Filmed on location in Dublin and at Fitzpatrick’s Castle Hotel, Killiney, Co Dublin.

Above, a short, uninteresting, snippet from the film is all that I can find online. Uploaded by the director nine years ago it has received an incredible 44 views!

Set in a respectable Dublin hotel, the film centres around the madcap behaviour of guests and staff the morning after a wedding, the scene is set with various scenes of sex, fighting and general drunkenness. This is witnessed by a new and innocent young staff member, Ranji, who is bemused by what he sees.

Does not appear to have been released on VHS or DVD.

“Agnes Browne” (1999) (90 mins) Comedy/Drama.

Anjelica Huston, Marion O’Dwyer, Tom Jones, Ray Winstone, Arno Chevrier, Gerard McSorley, Niall O’Shea, Ciaran Owens, Carl Power, and Brendan O’Carroll.

Director: Anjelica Huston.

Film based upon Brendan O’Carroll’s book “The Mammy”.

Shot on location in Dublin and Bray – County Wicklow.

Available on VHS (used) and DVD.

“Ailsa” (1994) (75 mins) Drama

Brendan Coyle, Andrea Irvine, Juliette Gruber, O.Z. Whitehead.

Director: Paddy Breathnach.

Written and adapted by Joseph O’Connor from his own short story.

Filmed in Dublin City and County.

Miles Butler (Brendan Coyle) lives an uneventful life with his girlfriend Sara (Andrea Irvine) until he discovers the body of his landlord in a neighbouring apartment. The tragedy of this moment makes a deep impression on Miles. His curiosity is aroused when a beautiful stranger moves in and his fascination with the vacant apartment develops from obsession to psychosis.

Does not appear to have been released on VHS or DVD.

Available as a download or to watch from www.volta.ie

“Alarm” (2008) (100 mins) Thriller.

Ruth Bradley, Aiden Turner, Tom Hickey, Anita Reeves and Owen Roe.

Director: Gerard Stembridge.

Filmed in County Dublin and County Wicklow – Roundwood and Wicklow town.

Grieving after her father’s violent death in Dublin City and hoping for a fresh start, young professional Molly (Ruth Bradley) relocates to a quiet commuter town, but grows uneasy by the fact that her neighbourhood is all but deserted during the daytime hours. Later, when burglars break into Molly’s new house, she quickly breaks down and buys a high-tech alarm system. Unfortunately, not even the comforting presence of Molly’s new boyfriend (Aiden Turner) is enough to alleviate her anxiety, which quickly begins to spiral into paranoia as she begins to suspect everyone around her – her oldest friends, the local handyman and even her new partner.

Available on Region 1 DVD – scarce.

Full movie available on YouTube – above 12/1/2018.

“Albert Nobbs” (2011) (113 mins) Drama.

Glenn Close, Mia Wasikowska, Aaron Johnson, Janet McTeer, Pauline Collins and Brendan Gleeson.

Director: Rodrigo Garcia.

Filmed in County Dublin – Dublin Castle, Dun Laoghaire and Marlay Park; County Wicklow.


Available on DVD.

“Alfred the Great” (1968) (122 mins) Historical Drama.

David Hemmings, Michael York, Prunella Ransome, Colin Blakely, Julian Glover, Ian McKellen.

Director: Clive Donner.

Filmed near Loughrea in County Galway and on the River Shannon.

Some 1,500 extras were involved in the making of the film, including 450 members of the Defence Forces.


An Irish government minister on a visit to the set at Lough Ree. Note the trendy Viking in the right foreground who is sporting a fine wristwatch!

Released on VHS but unobtainable.

Available on DVD for the first time on the Warner Archive Collection – released 16/8/2016.

“Alive and Kicking” (1958) (94 mins) Comedy.

Estelle Winwood, Sybil Thorndike, Kathleen Harrison, Stanley Holloway, Joyce Carey and Richard Harris.

Trivia: Screen debut of Richard Harris.

Director: Cyril Frankel.

Appears to have been filmed in England.

Alive and Kicking DVD

Three elderly ladies run away from a retirement home to live together on an island off the coast of Ireland.

Available on DVD (2014).

“All Dogs Go to Heaven” (1989) (85 mins) Animation/Comedy/Drama

Featuring the voices of Burt Reynolds, Loni Anderson, Judith Barsi, Dom DeLuise, Vic Tayback, Charles Nelson Reilly and Melba Moore.

Director: Don Bluth.

Filmed in Dublin.

Set in 1939 New Orleans, this colourful, song-filled story centres on Charles B. Barkin, a roguish German Shepherd with a conman’s charm and a marshmallow heart. Out for revenge against his double-crossing former partner, a cigar-chomping Pit Bull named Carface, Charlie finds himself guardian to a lonely little orphan named Anne-Marie. Her astounding ability to talk to animals leads this unlikely pair on an adventure packed with thrills, laughs, tears and true love.

Available on VHS and DVD

“All Good Children” (2010) (81 mins) Drama

Jack Gleeson, Imogen Jones and David Brazil.

Director: Alicia Duffy.

all good children

All Good Children tells the story of Dara, a young Irish boy who is moved to rural France with his brother Eoin after the death of their mother. There, the boys befriend a local English family and the vulnerable Dara falls under the spell of their young daughter Bella, but when she begins to pull away, Dara’s feelings for her start to get out of hand.

Available on DVD.

“All Is by My Side” (2013) (116 mins) Biopic.

Hayley Atwell, André Benjamin, Imogen Poots.

Director: John Ridley.

Production company: Subotica.

Filmed in Dublin and Wicklow.

All is by my side

All is By My Side is based on the true events surrounding the year from 1966 to 1967 that Jimmy James Marshall arrived to England and returned to America as Jimi Hendrix. It is also the story of an amazing young woman named Linda Keith who literally plucked Jimi from obscurity and inspired him to play his music his way. Though the two would not remain together, the deep and true affection they shared, stayed with them for the remainder of Jimi’s too-short life. Their love is immortalized in the awe inspiring, yet over-looked Hendrix track titled ‘Sending My Love To Linda’. Rather than another telling of the downward spiral of a rock icon, this is the detailing of how a love supreme changed music history.

Available on DVD.

“All Souls’ Day” (1997) (78 mins) Drama

Eva Birthistle, Declan Conlon, Tom Hickey, Jane Snow, Michael McElhatton.

Writer/Director: Alan Gilsenan.

Production company: Yellow Asylum Films.

Filmed in Counties Donegal and Dublin.

Not available.

“All Things Bright and Beautiful” (1993) (94 mins)  BBC  TV – Screen Two.

Gabriel Byrne, Tom Wilkinson, Ciaran Fitzgerald.

Director: Barry Devlin.

Production company: BBC (N.I). Good Film Company.

Filmed in the village of Donaghmore, County Laois.

Set in Ireland in the 1950s, this is the story of nine year old Barry O’Neill, altar boy and innocent, who has a vision of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the ensuing snowball of religious euphoria that threatens to turn him into a saint.

Does not appear to be available in any format.

“Ambassador, The” (1998/99) (600 mins) 12 episodes. BBC TV series.

Pauline Collins, Denis Lawson and Owen Roe.

Director: Sydney Macartney.

Filmed in Ireland.

the ambassador

Pauline Collins stars as Harriet Smith, Britain’s new Ambassador to Dublin, one of the country’s most coveted – and potentially explosive – Embassy postings. Supported by her Commercial Attaché and MI-6 operative John Stone (Denis Lawson), Harriet uses both diplomatic skill and common sense to bravely face issues ranging from territorial disputes, kidnapping and cults to sabotage and murder. Continually under fire, the Ambassador treads a minefield of Anglo-Irish tensions as she strives to prevent her personal life from clashing with her professional career – and her duty to Britain.

Available on DVD.

“Amber” (2012) (208 mins) Four-part TV Crime mini-series

Eva Birthistle, David Murray, Lauryn Canny.

Director: Thaddeus O’Sullivan.

Production company: Screenworks.

Shot on location in Ireland – Dublin.


Set in Dublin’s suburbs, with its massive empty modern apartment blocks, Amber’s parents Ben (David Murray) and Sarah (Eva Birthistle), recently separated, are getting on with their lives. Everything changes one afternoon, however, when Amber (Lauryn Canny) fails to return home as arranged. As her family and friends search for her, emotions will be tested in the harsh glare of the media spotlight.

Amber is tender, touching, and unflinchingly horrifying. Each episode focuses on one particular character or set of characters, broadening out as the series continues to tell a story from the point of view of many of those whose lives are affected.

First aired on RTÉ 19/1/2014 and shown on four consecutive nights.

Available on DVD.

“Ambush in Leopard Street” (1962) (60 mins) Crime Drama.

James Kenney, Michael Brennan, Bruce Seton, Norman Rodway, Jean Harvey, Pauline Delaney, Marie Conmee.

Director: J. Henry Piperno.

Filmed at Ardmore Studios in Bray.


In London, retired thief Johnny ( James Kenney) forms a gang for one last big heist. The plan is to rob a diamond shipment as the truck carrying it makes its way down Leopard Street. Since the truck is heavily guarded, it is necessary for Kenney to recruit a larger gang than usual. The “old pros” perform efficiently, but the hotheaded newcomers gum up the works.

Available on DVD (2013) as part of 2 movie release “The Hand”/“Ambush in Leopard Street” – Renown Pictures Ltd. www.renownfilms.co.uk

“American Tail, An” (1986) (81 mins) Animated feature.

Don DeLuise, Madeline Kahn, Phillip Glasser, Christopher Plummer, Nehemiah Persoff, Will Ryan, John Finnegan, Cathianne Blore.

Director: Don Bluth.

Animated film by Sullivan-Bluth & Steven Spielberg.

An American Tale

This delightful animated feature is an unforgettable treat for the entire family. Directed by famed animator Don Bluth, the critically-acclaimed film follows the humorous and dramatic adventures of Fievel, a little boy mouse who journeys from Russia to America with his family in the 19th century, to seek a new life free of cat persecution.

During the stormy boat trip, Fievel is lost at sea, finally washing up ashore in New York Harbour, where he vows to find his family. The voices of Dom DeLuise, Madeline Kahn, Nehemiah Persoff and Christopher Plummer bring the story of Fievel, his friends and his enemies to life in this endearing “American” tale.

Available on VHS and DVD.

American, The (1998) (84 mins) Romantic Drama. TV movie.

Matthew Modine, Diana Rigg, Aisling O’Sullivan, Brenda Fricker, T.P.Mckenna, Eva Birthistle

Director: Paul Unwin.

Based on the Henry James novel.

Scriptwriter Michael Hastings.

Production Co: BBC Worldwide, Irish Screen.

Set in Paris but shot entirely in Ireland – Dublin City (Bank of Ireland, College Green), Royal Hospital, Kilmainham.


The era when upstart America challenged the ancient privileges of Europe is portrayed in The American, an adaptation of Henry James’s darkly romantic novel and the second title in Masterpiece Theatre’s American Collection, devoted to presenting outstanding American drama.

Set in 1868, the story follows the fortunes of Christopher Newman (Matthew Modine), a 19th-century “new man” who has amassed a fortune in California and heads to Europe to learn its ways and find a wife. After arriving in Paris, naïvely receptive to all its charms and mysteries, he becomes enchanted with Claire de Cintré (Aisling O’Sullivan), a young Parisian widow whose beauty and enigmatic background ignite an obsessive desire in the handsome American. But his overtures are discouraged in no uncertain terms by Claire’s imperious mother, Madame de Bellegarde (Diana Rigg), a descendant of ancient nobility who stops at nothing to arrange coldhearted aristocratic matches for her children. www.pbs.org

Full movie available on YouTube.

Released on DVD (2005).

“Amongst Women” (1998) (219 mins) Drama. BBC/RTE 4-part TV mini-series.

Tony Doyle, Ger Ryan and Susan Lynch.

Director: Tom Cairns.

Based on the novel by John McGahern.

Production company: Parallel Film Productions.

Filmed in Ireland – County Mayo – Mayo Abbey, Islandeady and Castlebar.

Amongst Women

Based on John McGahern’s award winning novel and set in 1950’s rural Ireland, this is the searingly truthful story of embittered ex-IRA man Michael Moran (Tony Doyle), a brutal, domineering patriarch. Widowed and desperate to keep his family together, he succeeds only in driving his children from him. His daughters bound together by love and fear of him, struggle painfully to establish their own lives away from the family home, while his sons, resentful of his harsh and at times, violent discipline, manage to break free – and break his heart.

Available on DVD (2008) from Amazon.com – scarce!

“An Crisis” (2010) Six-part Irish language TG4 comedy drama

Conor MacNeill, Norma Sheahan, Michelle Beamish.

Filmed in Killiney, County Dublin.

For the past ten years, Setanta de Paor has been acting director of an obscure Irish language organisation called ACT (An Chomhairle Teanga). Setanta is a mild-mannered man who has always believed in the path of least resistance. A conciliator par excellence who has got where he is by keeping his head down.

But now, in the downturn, ACT has come under scrutiny and threat of closure. The appointment of a new minister who went to school with Setanta, and always disliked him, makes matters worse. Setanta and his team push the various projects they’ve been funding into the spotlight in an effort to justify their existence. The projects range from intense young filmmakers to passionate promoters of the Ulster Scots language and culture to very unorthodox GAA stars and volatile sean-nós singers.

And if that was not enough, the temperature gets turned up when Setanta inherits a parrot reputed to be able to recite every word of the famous, but unread, Irish novel “Cré na Cille”

Throughout it all, Setanta struggles manfully to hold it all together helped, and more often hindered, by his staff and the cultural sacred cows they have chosen to fund.

Not available, but an episode is available here: www.vimeo.com

“And No One Could Save Her” (1972) (73 mins) Mystery/Crime American TV drama.

Lee Remick, Milo O’Shea, Frank Grimes, Liam Redmond, Jennie Linden, Shelagh Fraser, Edward Golden, May Cluskey, Paul Maxwell and Ronan Smith.

Director: Kevin Billington.

Earlier Title: “Alive, Alive O“.

AKA: “Personne ne pouvait la sauver” (Canada) and “Niemand Konnte sie retten” (Germany).

Filmed for the ABC Television Network’s “Wednesday Movie of the Week”.

Trivia: Lee Remick’s TV movie debut.

Some filming in Dublin….

And No One Could Save Her - still pic Irishfilmposter.com 2

And No One Could Save Her Frank Grimes + Lee Remick

Fern O’Neil (Lee Remick) is an American heiress whose husband Sam O’Neil (Frank Grimes) has disappeared in the middle of a transcontinental flight to Ireland. She heads to Dublin, her husband’s original destination, to get to the bottom of things.

The film originally aired February 21, 1973.

And No One Could Find a Copy! ….after a great deal of searching all that I can find are a few seconds on this YouTube upload: www.youtube.com

Not available.

“Angel” (1982) (90 mins) Drama.

Veronica Quilligan, Stephen Rea, Alan Devlin, Peter Caffrey, Honor Heffernan, Lise-Ann McLaughlin, Donal McCann, Ray McAnally, Marie Kean.

Aka “Danny Boy“.

Director/Screenwriter: Neil Jordan.

Trivia: Directorial debut of Neil Jordan.

Filmed in Northern Ireland and in County Wicklow.


Saxophonist from South Armagh witnesses a double homicide and then sets out for revenge.

Available from Amazon.com on VHS – search under “Danny Boy” and on DVD as “Angel”.

“Angela’s Ashes” (1999) (145 mins) True Drama.

Joe Breen, Emily Watson, Robert Carlyle, Shane Corcoran, Ciaran Owens, Michael Legge, Eamonn Owens, Andrew Bennett.

Director: Alan Parker.

Based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning autobiography of Frank McCourt.

Filmed on location in Ireland.

A boy grows up in the lower-class part of Limerick from 1935 through the late 1940s.

Life in impoverished Depression-era Ireland holds little promise for young Frank McCourt, the eldest son in a tightly knit family. Living by his wits, cheered by his irrepressible spirit, and maintained by his mother’s fierce love, Frank embarks on an inspiring journey to overcome the poverty of his childhood and reach the land of his dreams – America.

Available on VHS and DVD.

“Angela Mooney Dies Again” (1997) (86 mins) Comedy/Drama.

Patrick Bergin, Mia Farrow, Brendan Gleeson and Tommy Tiernan.

Director: Tommy McArdle.

Aka “Angela Mooney”.

Merlin Films Group.

Angela Mooney (Mia Farrow) is a woman prepared to die for what she believes in – the local creamery, a business built up by her husband, that is about to be taken over by an American corporation. Angela is afraid that the American company will destroy the soul of the town but that her view is not shared by the rest of town who are in favour of the buy-out. However all is not as it appears, and Angela’s real reasons for resistance are revealed via flashback. This coincides with the return to the town of someone from Angela’s past, someone exciting enough to have all the town in a fervour – all except Angela.

Does not appear to have been released on VHS or DVD.

“An Gobán Saor” (1994) (52 mins) Drama.

Filmed at Feakle, Flagmount, Co. Clare; Woodford, Co. Galway.

A contemporary Irish language film based on the riddles of the Gobán Saor, a mythical mason and builder of mountains and round towers. This one hour drama sees a contemporary Gobán teach his son Darrach how to tell a story whilst driving in his car. “Shorten the road”, he exclaims, beseeching his son to tell a tale. The drama follows a series of riddles the Gobán sets Darrach when he eventually realises he was exchanged at birth for a girl, Gruamach, with whom his father arranges his marriage. Gruamach is a clever one and Darrach is clever enough to marry her. Darrach embarks on a bizarre journey of discovery and is finally able to ‘shorten the road’ for his contrary father.

“Animal Farm” (1999) (90 mins) Drama.

Alan Stanford, Gail Fitzpatrick, Pete Postlethwaite and the voices of Peter Ustinov, Patrick Stewart, Pete Postlethwaite, Julia Ormond, Kelsey Grammer, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Paul Scofield, and Ian Holm.

Director: John Stephenson.

Based on George Orwell’s classic 1945 novel of the same name.

Budget: $23,000,000 (estimated)

Shot on Luggala Estate in County Wicklow.

Animal Farm

A bitterly satirical indictment of Stalinist Russia and the failure of Communism, Animal Farm tells of the revolt of the animals of Manor Farm against their human masters. Led by the pigs Snowball (Lenin) and Napoleon (Stalin), the animals attempt to create a utopian society. Soon, however, Napoleon gets a taste for power, drives out Snowball, and establishes a totalitarian regime as brutal and corrupt as any human society. Manor Farm becomes a world where all animals are equal–but some are more equal than others.

Available on  DVD.

“Animals” (2019) (109 mins) Comedy Drama.

Holliday Grainger, Alia Shawkat, Fra Fee, Dermot Murphy, Amy Molloy, Pat Shortt.

Director: Sophie Hyde.

Based on the 2014 novel of the same name by Emma Jane Unsworth.

The film was made in and around Dublin, whereas the book is set in Manchester.

Laura (Holliday Grainger) and Tyler (Alia Shawkat) are soulmates. Thirty-something best friends and revellers residing in Dublin, they are ingrained in the fabric of each other’s lives; dating, partying, drinking and living their lives without limitations.

American ex-pat, Tyler – a siren of drugs, alcohol and debauchery – lures aspiring writer, Laura, away from her long overdue novel as well as her new beau, the irresistibly handsome Jim (Fra Fee). A tee-total classical pianist, Jim is the antithesis of Tyler and the world she and Laura inhabit, and with his presence the girls’ hedonistic double act finds itself in jeopardy.

In cinemas from the 9th August 2019.

“Anne Devlin” (1984) (121 mins) Romantic Drama.

Bríd Brennan, Bosco Hogan, Ian McElhinney and David Kelly.

Director: Pat Murphy.

Filmed on location in Strokestown, County Roscommon and Dublin – Kilmainham Jail.

Anne Devlin

Robert Emmet finds he has a devoted servant. After the 1803 rebellion, Anne Devlin is put under pressure by the British to inform but she resists.

Not available.

“Anner House” (2007) (75 mins) Romantic Drama. TV movie.

Liam Cunningham, Flora Montgomery and Conor Mullen.

Director: Stephen Burke.

Based on a Maeve Binchy story.


Filmed principally in South Africa with some shooting in County Dublin.

Maeve Binchy Collection

Available as a single DVD or as part of a 3 DVD box set of Maeve Binchy titles which includes “Echoes” and “The Lilac Bus”.

“An Old Fashioned Christmas” (2010) (85 mins) Period Drama. Hallmark Channel.

Jacqueline Bisset, Catherine Steadman, Kristopher Turner.

Director: Don McBrearty.

Based on a short story by American novelist Louisa May Alcott.

Filmed in part at Bunratty Folk Park and also Knappogue Castle, County Clare.

Americans, Isabella (Jacqueline Bisset) and Tilly (Catherine Steadman) pay a visit to Ireland, hoping Isabella’s long-ago suitor, the Earl of Shannon, can assist Tilly in getting her writing published.

Available on DVD.

“Another Shore” (1948) (77 mins) Comedy.

Robert Beatty, Stanley Holloway, Moira Lister, Wilfred Brambell.

Director: Charles Crichton.

Based upon a novel by Kenneth Reddin.

Filmed in Ireland (Dublin/Greystones etc.) and Ealing Studios.


Gulliver Shiels (Robert Beatty) is a restless, young Dubliner who wants more out of life. A chronic daydreamer, he spends his days longing to escape his normal existence and pines for an adventurous life on faraway tropical islands. Spending an ungodly amount of time on street corners, he plans to fund his escape by saving the lives of rich people from the busy, hazardous traffic. Bored, frustrated and desperate, his life is about to get more interesting than he could ever have hoped for with the sudden arrival of a beautiful local girl and a drunken tycoon.

Available on DVD.

“Anton” (2008) (95 mins) Thriller.

Gerard McSorley, Anthony Fox, Laura Way.

Director: Graham Cantwell.

Aka “Trapped

Filmed in Belfast, Cavan, Dublin and France.


Inspired by true events. After time spent at sea, Anton O’Neill returns to find that 1970’s Ireland is a radically different place to the one he left behind. Northern Ireland is in flames, and civil unrest has spilt south of the border to his beloved home in County Cavan. Blinded by hatred and misguided patriotism, Anton is led into an illicit world of violence and is forced to choose between his family and his country. Hunted and on the run, he is drawn into a shocking battle of wills with the law and his former accomplices, ending in an explosive showdown in which he must risk everything to protect the woman he loves.

Available from Amazon.co.uk on DVD under the title “Trapped”.

“Any Time Now” (2002) (360 mins) 6 part TV comedy/drama mini-series.

Co-produced by  RTÉ and BBC (N.I.)

Angeline Ball, Susan Lynch and Zara Turner.

Directors: John Woods, Brian Kirk and Declan Recks.

Filmed in Dublin and Belfast.


Contemporary series, set against the backdrop of Celtic Tiger Dublin, about the lives, loves, and libidos of three lifelong friends. Nora Moggin (Angeline Ball), Kate O’Dowd (Zara Turner) and Stevie McCutcheon (Susan Lynch) live in Dublin. They have a combined age of 99. Between them, they have slept with 47 men, broken 11 hearts, drunk approximately 5,000 pints, bought one house, buried two parents, failed one marriage and produced one baby. They’ve known each other long enough to believe that their friendship, at least, is invincible…


“Aristocrats” (1999) (293 mins) Period Drama. 6 part BBC TV mini-series.

Siân Phillips, Serena Gordon and Alun Armstrong.

Director: David Caffrey.

Filmed in Ireland – Carton House, Maynooth, County Kildare. Also in Dublin, Meath, Louth and Wicklow – Powerscourt House.


Based on the true story of a powerful and wealthy family whose triumphs and scandals rocked England for nearly a century. Caroline, Emily, Louisa and Sarah Lennox are the four daughters of the Duke of Redmond, great-granddaughters of King Charles II. They are born into a world of powdered wigs and jewels, of luxury and privilege. Courted by notorious politicians, lords, actors, and even the Prince of Wales, they experienced British life as few have.

From elopements and secret liaisons to war, treason and rebellion, these unforgettable sisters shared their loves, joys, and tragedies. Their lives are of an age gone by, but their stories are timeless.

Available on VHS and DVD.

“Around Here” (2018) (80 mins) Drama

Conor Wallace, Emma Kearns, John Colleary, Dara Eaton, Brid Ní Chumhall, Tim Landers, John Colleary and Tom O’Mahony.

Writer/Director: Martin Beirne.

Life in a small rural Irish community is a particular type of existence. Around Here focuses on the experiences of teenager Michael Murray and his family. The Murray’s run a farm and are generally dysfunctional, with limited communication. Paddy, Michael’s older brother, helps at home while Michael attends secondary school. Michael brings a sense of preoccupation into the outside world and it isn’t long before he receives unwanted attention. This comes in the form of a vulgar bunch of bullies.

His efforts to garner any interest from Helen, the new girl in school, are sabotaged and ultimately he finds himself seeking some kind of direction by joining the local hurling club. Hurling Coach Carthy and his daughter, Helen, introduce some semblance of normality and Michael begins to get a sense of his identity.

Gradually, Michael builds his confidence and continues to train, despite the pressure from his father. The bullies get what’s coming to them and Michael gets the attention he desperately seeks from Helen. The film culminates with Michael facing his biggest challenge: his family.

Premiered at the Galway Film Fleadh on the 13th July, 2018.

“Arracht” (2019) (90 mins) Drama. Irish language.

Dónall Ó Héalai, Saise Ní Chuinn, Dara Devaney.

Director: Tom Sullivan.

Ireland, 1845 on the eve of The Great Hunger. Colmán Sharkey, fisherman, father, and husband, takes in a stranger at the behest of a local priest. Patsy, a former soldier in the Napoleonic wars arrives just ahead of ‘the blight,’ a disease that eventually wipes out the country’s potato crop, contributing to the death and displacement of millions. As the crops rot in the fields, Colmán, his brother and Patsy travel to the English Landlord’s house to request a stay on rent increases that Colmán predicts will destroy his community. His request falls on deaf ears and Patsy’s subsequent actions set Colmán on a path that will take him to the edge of survival, and sanity. It is only upon encountering an abandoned young girl that Colmán’s resolve is lifted. Just in time for the darkness of his past to pay another visit.

Cinema release due 3rd April 2020.

Ascendancy (1983) (84 mins) Drama  Turkey 1 Turkey 1

Julie Covington, Ian Charleson, John Phillips.

Director: Edward Bennett.

Aka “Maktens Barn”.

Filmed in the north of England.

Ascendancy VHS for blog

1920s drama, set in Belfast, which follows the mental breakdown of Connie (Julie Covington), the daughter of a Unionist shipyard owner, whose brother has been killed in WW.I. She has failed to come to terms with his death and the unfolding troubles around her world serve to push her over the edge. A thoroughly depressing piece which, as an aside, captures the sectarian foundation of Northern Ireland quite accurately.

Was released on VHS (Longman Video) but no longer available – eBay.

“As the Beast Sleeps” (2002) (75 mins) Drama. BBC NI.

Stuart Graham, Patrick O’ Kane, Laine McGan, Daniel O’Grady, Colum Convey.

Director: Harry Bradbeer.

Writer: Gary Mitchell.

The political leadership of the UDA have placed a ban on paramilitary activity which may damage their position in the peace process. The men this affects are the young teams groomed for fighting. For some, the new rules mean a drastic change in lifestyle, a loss of stability and identity.

Kyle is caught between loyalty to the UDA and loyalty to Freddie, his best friend. Freddie wants to carry on doing what he was groomed for.

They are drawn into conflict when Kyle is reluctantly recruited to head a punishment squad to deal with renegades. When Freddie breaks the ban, personal and political loyalties collide violently.

Not available.

“As The Earth Turned” (2012) (89 mins) Comedy Sci-Fi.

Denese McCready, Damian McDonald, Robert Render, Michael Smyth.

Writer/Director: Bill Taylor.


Set in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Low budget Sci-Fi spoof but well worth a look!

As the Earth Turned

Don Farrell is having a crisis – his girlfriend is cheating on him, his prospects are bleak and a strange mark has just appeared on his arm. Could this working class hero’s life get any worse…? He doesn’t realise it, but to fulfil his hopes and dreams, he has to save the world from a returning evil. Nothing worthwhile is ever simple.

Full movie on YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aGvKu3XsEI8

“Asylum” (2005) (99 mins) Thriller

Natasha Richardson, Ian McKellen, Marton Csokas and Hugh Bonneville.

Director: David Mackenzie.

Adapted from the novel by Patrick McGrath.

Partially shot in Ireland – Dublin. Also in England – West Yorkshire.


Natasha Richardson is (Stella), the beautiful, neglected wife of Max Raphael (Hugh Bonneville), the newly appointed Deputy Superintendent of a maximum-security psychiatric hospital. Soon after her arrival, Stella develops a curious attraction to Edgar Stark (Marton Csokas), an artist confined for the gruesome murder of his wife. Secretly observed by the cunning Dr. Peter Cleave (Ian McKellen), Stella and Edgar begin a torrid affair. But as passions are ignited, so are suspicions, rage and jealousies, plunging the characters into a thrilling game of cat and mouse that builds to a shocking, fever-pitched conclusion.

Available on DVD.

“Attracta” (1983) (55 mins)  Drama

Wendy Hiller, Kate Thompson, Joe McPartland, John Kavanagh, Deirdre Donnelly.

Director: Kieran Hickey.

BAC Films/Irish Film Board/RTÉ.

Based upon a short story by William Trevor.

Not available. Shown in the IFI in Feb.2013

“August Saturday” (1990) (60 mins) BBC (NI) TV movie.

Peter Caffrey, Sorcha Cusack, Bosco Hogan and John Kavanagh.

Director: Diarmuid Lawrence.

Written by William Trevor.

Part of the BBC “Screenplay” series which ran from 1986 – 1993.

On the third Saturday of every month, a group of close friends have dinner together in the function room of the Tara Hotel. All are in their early 40s, and one couple, Grania and Desmond, who were childless for many years, experienced happiness by the birth of a daughter 14 years previously. However, 15 years previously, an Englishman called Prendergast had made a fleeting visit to the town, and his unexpected reappearance causes great consternation to Grania and fear of the terrible consequences his return may have for her and her family.

Not available.

“Awfully Big Adventure, An” (1994) (112 mins) Comedy/Drama.

Alan Rickman, Hugh Grant, Peter Firth, Prunella Scales, Georgina Coates.

Director: Mike Newell.

Based upon a novel by Beryl Bainbridge.

Filmed entirely in Dublin City although the story is set in 1950s Liverpool.

an awful

An engaging comedy about a star-struck young girl lured into the grown-up world of the theatre. From a crush on the company’s heartless director to her first sexual encounter with the show’s biggest star, young Stella Bradshaw quickly discovers what it takes to make it in the theatre. An intriguing blend of comedy and passion this provocative story is a hilarious look at what really goes on when the lights go down.

Available on VHS and DVD.


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