Updated 15/3/2020

“Sea Fever” (2020) Horror.

“Sacrifice” (2016) (90 mins) Thriller

Radha Mitchell, Rupert Graves, Ian McElhinney.

Director: Peter A. Dowling.

Writers: Sharon Bolton (novel), Peter A. Dowling (screenplay).

Filmed in Shetland, Scotland, Ireland; and in Manhattan, New York City.

Spoiler Alert: Apparently the trailer below contains all the best bits!

Tora Hamilton is a consultant surgeon who moves with her husband, Duncan, to the remote Shetland Islands, 100 miles off the north-east coast of Scotland. Deep in the peat soil around her new home, Tora discovers the body of a young woman with rune marks carved into her skin and a gaping hole where her heart once beat. Ignoring warnings to leave well alone, Tora uncovers terrifying links to a legend that might never have been confined to the pages of the story-books.

Available on DVD.

“Saint Patrick: The Irish Legend”  (2000) (100 mins) TV movie.

Patrick Bergin, Malcolm McDowell, Alan Bates and Susannah York.

Director: Robert Hughes.

Filmed in Ireland.

St Patrick DVD

Patrick (Patrick Bergin) is born in Britain, the privileged son of nobility. At the age of 16, he is kidnapped by Irish raiders and enslaved by a cruel druid chieftain. Six years later, following many vivid dreams and visions of destiny, Patrick escapes and returns home to England and a sheltered life with his loving parents Concessa (Susannah York) and Calpornius (Alan Bates).

Troubled by new visions of the Irish people pleading to be freed from enslavement and hardship, he returns to the turbulent country intent on liberating the nation. His mission is jeopardised by English Bishop Quentin (Malcolm McDowell), who believes the Irish are warlike heathens, but his unwavering courage in the face of adversity ultimately forces Ireland to abruptly turn in a direction that changed history forever.

Available on DVD.

“Saints and Sinners” (1949) (85 mins) Comedy.

Kieron Moore, Christine Norden, Sheila Manahan, Michael Dolan, Maire O’Neill, Tom Dillon, Noel Purcell.

Director: Leslie Arliss.

Based on a story by Paul Vincent Carroll.

Filmed in County Louth – Carlingford; and Shepperton Studios, England.

saints-and-sinners.jpg DVD

Comedy drama about a man convicted of embezzling church funds who, on being released from prison, returns to his home village determined to clear his name. Everybody in the village seems to have something to hide and it’s only when a local soothsayer predicts the end of the world that the truth comes out.

Filmed in and around the village of Carlingford, Co.Louth, the movie is worth tracking down as it’s a time capsule of an Ireland that disappeared utterly within a few short years. As a story, it’s quite weak and only for the serious collector of Irish movies.

Available on DVD.

“Saltwater” (2000) (97 mins) Drama.

Peter McDonald, Brendan Gleeson, Brian Cox,Valerie Spelman, Conor Mullen and Pat Shortt.

Writer/Director: Conor McPherson – adapted from his own play “The Lime Tree Bower”.

Filmed in County Dublin – UCD Belfield and Dun Laoghaire.


Life in an out-of-season seaside resort is tough enough but for the Irish-Italian Beneventi family, grieving the loss of their mother and struggling to make a living from their fish ‘n’ chip shop, the future looks more of a challenge. The father, George (Brian Cox), is in debt to the local bookie-cum-loan shark, Simple Simon (Brendan Gleeson); the youngest son, Joe (Laurence Kinlan), abruptly loses his innocence when he falls in with a bad influence at school and daughter Carmel (Valerie Spelman) is dating a philandering university lecturer. But when Frank (Peter McDonald), the eldest son, robs the local betting shop, things begin to look a little brighter.

Was released on VHS but impossible to find.

“Sanctuary” (2012) (84 mins) Irish/Polish production. Drama.

Anne-Marie Duff, Jan Frycz, David Fennelly, Agnieszka Zulewska.

Director: Norah McGettigan.

Filmed in Counties Cavan and Donegal.

sanctuary dvd

A journey of one man’s self-discovery, at times dream-like and strange, Sanctuary is a visual portrayal of the wounds of losing someone whom you loved but failed.

Jan is a successful Warsaw plastic surgeon with an unsuccessful home life: he and his wife live in the same house but are estranged; his daughter left home early and has no contact with him.

One day he returns from a business trip to find his wife dead in the back garden. Unable to cope with his daughter’s grief and resentment and his own heartache and guilt, he uses a conference abroad as a pretext to escape.

But there’s no escape from memory: a young woman who reminds him of his wife brings forth emotions that he doesn’t know how to deal with. www.venom.ie

Available on DVD – scarce.

“Sanctuary” (2016) (88 mins) Romantic/Comedy

Charlene Kelly, Kieran Coppinger, Robert Doherty, Frank Butcher, Paul Connelly, Valerie Egan, Michael Hayes, Patrick Becker, Emer Macken, Jennifer Cox.

Director: Len Collin.

Script: Christian O’Reilly.

Larry and Sophie are in love. What could be more natural for them than to want to be alone, together? They bribe the feckless Tom to book them into a hotel for an afternoon’s tryst and look forward to getting to know each other, like countless couples before them. But Larry and Sophie aren’t any couple – they both have intellectual disabilities and Tom is their care worker. By attempting to be intimate, they aren’t just breaking the rules – they’re breaking the law.

While Larry and Sophie try to figure out their feelings, their future and how to use a condom, their friends from the training centre escape the not so watchful eye of Tom and go on a joyful rampage through Galway.

Premiered at the Galway Film Fleadh in July 2016.

“Savage” (2009) (88 mins) Crime Drama.

Darren Healy, Nora-Jane Noone and Gerry Shanahan.

Director: Brendan Muldowney.

Filmed in Dublin.


Paul Graynor (Darren Healy) is a tabloid press photographer who lives in a threatening and hostile city and it was only a matter of time before he became the victim of a vicious assault. Finding himself the subject rather than the purveyor of an inner city tabloid story, Paul tries to come to terms with the attack though the scars both physical and psychological prove impossible to heal. As Paul struggles to come to terms with his ordeal his metamorphosis begins – from victim to avenger.

Available on DVD.

“Saving Private Ryan” (1998) (169 mins) War/Drama.

Tom Hanks, Edward Burns, Matt Damon, Tom Sizemore.

Director: Steven Spielberg.

The horrific D-Day landing scenes at Omaha Beach were filmed at Curracloe in County Wexford.

Also filmed in England and France.


Seen through the eyes of a squad of American soldiers, the story begins with World War II’s historic D-Day invasion, then moves beyond the beach as the men embark on a dangerous special mission. Captain John Miller (Tom Hanks) must take his men behind enemy lines to find Private James Ryan, whose three brothers have been killed in combat. Faced with impossible odds, the men question their orders. Why are eight men risking their lives to save just one? Surrounded by the brutal realities of war, each man searches for his own answer – and the strength to triumph over an uncertain future with honour, decency and courage.

Available on VHS and DVD.

“Saving the Titanic” (2012) (104 mins) TV Docudrama.

Liam Cunningham, David Wilmot, Ciarán McMenamin.

Director: Maurice Sweeney.

Filmed at Ardmore Studios and in London, England.


She was the pride of the British Empire. A leading example of state-of-the-art engineering in a time of groundbreaking scientific and technological innovations on a global scale: the RMS Titanic. Yet she sank in less than three hours after striking an iceberg on 14th April 1912. We all know about the many deaths in the icy waters, the fates of the rich and famous on the ship’s maiden voyage and the dramas that played out in the Titanic’s last hours. What is less known however is how a team of shipbuilders and engineers attempted to save the stricken vessel.

Seeking to answer the question of what happened in the engine and boiler rooms after the collision, Producer Stephen Rooke’s and Director Maurice Sweeney’s film ‘Saving the Titanic’ tells the story of the disaster from below deck, with the action taking place between the time the crew embark the Titanic at Southampton and the eventual sinking of the ship. Narrated by leading Irish actor Liam Cunningham and based upon eye-witness accounts, this is the remarkable story of nine central characters from the engineering crew as they work among the huge, coal-fired furnaces heating the boilers and massive dynamos whirring to satisfy the ship’s demand for electricity. These nine men – among them leading fireman Frederick Barrett, chief engineer Joseph Bell, Sligo man electrician Alfred Middleton, assistant electrician William Kelly from Dublin and 18-year-old electrical engineer Albert Ervine from Belfast – are the heroes of this epic film. Their personal stories of bravery are recounted as the men fought courageously to hold back the power of the sea and keep the power systems running, even when they learned that all was lost. Most of these men died but their actions saved many lives. – From Official site.

Available on DVD.

“Scapegoat” (2009) (60 mins) True Drama. BBC TV movie

Stuart Graham, Martin McCann, Ian McElhinney.

Director: Michael McDowell.

Budget: £200,000 (estimated).

Filmed in Northern Ireland.

In 1952 Patricia Curran, the daughter of a judge, was murdered in County Antrim. A young RAF airman, Iain Hay Gordon, was tried for the murder. There were so many discrepancies in the case that, even at the time, many people suspected Gordon was innocent. BBC.

Does not appear to be available.

“Scarf Jack” (1981) (150 mins) Children’s TV mini-series (6 episodes) Southern Television.

Roy Boyd, Keith Jayne, Bernard Kay and Jo Kendall.

Director: Christopher McMaster.

Adapted for television by P.J.Kavanagh from his own novel.

Scarf Jack

Fleeing from strife-torn Ireland in 1798, the mysterious Captain Jack (Roy Boyd) is pursued across England by the vicious magistrate Hunter Gowan (Bernard Kay) and his hired thugs. Cornered and captured in Gloucestershire, the captain is taken to some woods and lynched by Gowan, only to be saved in the nick of time by a young boy named Francis (Keith Jayne). Now Captain Jack swears revenge upon Gowan and his gang …

Available on DVD.

“Scarlett” (1994) (360 mins) Romance/Drama. TV mini-series.

Joanne Whalley, Timothy Dalton, Stephen Collins, Annabeth Gish, Colm Meaney, Jean Smart, Sean Bean.

Director: John Erman.

Sequel to “Gone With the Wind“.

Filmed in part at Ardmore Studios in Bray, County Wicklow.

Looks dreadful from the trailer – you’ve been warned!

Available on VHS and DVD.

“School Run” (2008) (90 mins) TV3 Comedy/Drama. 2 episodes

Katherine Igoe, Conor Mullen, Isabelle Geraghty, Carrie Crowley, Barry McGovern.

Director: Neasa Hardiman.

Budget: €700,000 (estimated).

The first television drama commissioned by TV3.

Filmed on location in Dublin.

A comedy about the parents and pupils of a southside Gaelscoil as they struggle to put on a school nativity play.

Does not appear to be available.

“Schooner, The” (1983) (53 mins) Drama

Michael Gormley, Lucie Jamieson, Johnny Marley.

Director: Bill Miskelly.

Based on a short story by Michael McLaverty.

Production company:  Aisling Film Productions.

An 8-year old boy rekindles his grandparent’s memories of their lost son Joe when he discovers a model schooner.

Not available.

Copy held in the Irish Film Archive.

“Scout” (1987) (60 mins) TV drama. BBC Northern Ireland.

Ray McAnally, Stephen Rea and Gerard O’Hare.

Director: Danny Boyle.

Written by Frank McGuinness.

Filmed in Belfast.

Palmer (Ray McAnally) has been Manchester United’s scout for generations of young footballers, finding the best talent in Ireland and sending them across the water to success whatever the background. Six young hopefuls gather at his secluded cottage for a weekend trial – but their aspirations of following the path of George Best from Belfast to Old Trafford are broken when a violent past graduate returns.

Part of a trio of TV dramas called NEXT commissioned from BBC Northern Ireland from three Irish writers. The aim of the Trilogy was to gauge the response by young writers to The Troubles by means other than stereotypical recourse to images of civil strife and inter-community violence.

Not available – copy held by the NFTVA.

“Scúp” (2013-14) (350 mins) Bilingual.TG4/BBC NI TV 14-part drama.

Don Wycherley, Kelly Gough, Denis Conway, Pascal Scott.

Director: Declan Recks.

Written by Colin Bateman.

Production company: Sterling Film and Television Productions.

Filmed in Northern Ireland – Belfast, County Antrim.

Set within the world of an Irish language newspaper in Belfast, Scúp gets behind the stories – and the people who are penning them. At the heart of the show is the new editor Rob Cullan, a once high-flying journalist who left Ireland as a young man and swore never to return. He’s about to learn that you should never say never as he falls back in love with the place and the people he thought he’d left behind.

Not available.

“Sea, The”  (2013) (90 mins) Drama.

Ciaran Hinds, Charlotte Rampling, Rufus Sewell, Sinéad Cusack, Natascha McElhone.

Director: Stephen Brown.

Scripted by John Banville from his Man Booker Prize-winning novel of the same name.

Filmed on location in Ireland – County Wexford.


After the death of his wife Anna (Sinéad Cusack), Max Morden (Ciaran Hinds) retreats to “The Cedars”, a house by the sea where he spent his childhood summers. Reacquainting himself with places past provokes a cathartic reflection as the present draws out powerful memories from one fateful summer many years ago – memories of innocent joy, uplifting warmth but also of profound tragedy. Only an unforeseen revelation will provide a path to redemption and closure.

Available on DVD.

“Sea Fever” (2019) (89 mins) Horror; Sci-Fi

Connie Nielsen, Dougray Scott, Hermione Corfield, Olwen Fouéré.

Director: Writer/Director: Neasa Hardiman.

Filmed in Ireland – Ardmore Studios and the West of Ireland.

For marine biology student Siobhan (Hermione Corfield), it was supposed to be a research excursion with a trawler crew fishing off the West coast of Ireland, but when they hit an unseen object and become marooned, a mysterious parasite infects their water supply. Soon the oozing force infiltrates the entire vessel and turns Siobhan’s journey into a claustrophobic fight for survival. Can they stop the mysterious water-borne parasite from spreading before it’s too late?

Premiered at the Dublin International Film Festival on the 8th March, 2020.

“Sea Marks” (1976) (70 mins) Drama. TV movie.

Veronica Castang, George Hearn, Paedar Cafferky.

Directors: Ronald F. Maxwell, Steven Robman.

Writer: Gardner McKay.

Filmed – in part – in Achill, County Mayo.

Sea Marks

Colm Primrose (George Hearn), a fisherman from the wild coast of Ireland, loves his work, his boat, his fishing buddies, and the sea in all its moods. Living in a small, rural community he has no telephone, no modern conveniences – and no wife! While at a local wedding, he sees Timothea (Veronica Castang), a young woman from Liverpool, to whom he eventually writes a letter. Their correspondence, in which he describes his life, continues for eighteen months before she returns to the area for another wedding. Before long, she persuades him to visit her in England, where she works for a publisher.

Their relationship, the first ever for Colm, provides sweet romance, but the seeds of disaster are sown from the beginning when Timothea has his letters published as “sonnets.” Described by publicists as “primitive,” the unschooled Colm finds himself, unexpectedly, a celebrity poet, in demand for talks to clubs. However, Colm misses the sea while Timothea, who has escaped to Liverpool from rural Wales, wants never to live the primitive life again.

Available on DVD.

“Seascape”  (1994) TV movie.

Tom Hickey, Conor Kelly, Derrick O’Connor and Fiona Shaw.

Director: Thaddeus O’Sullivan.

Writer: John Banville.

Not available.

“Seaside Stories”  (2009) (100 mins) Drama.

Fionn Burke, Maggie Byrne, Michael Diamond, Jacinta Sheerin, Michael Canavan, Gerry Howard, Aileen Murphy, Caolann O’Dwyer, Theresa Leahy.

Director: Fergus Tighe.

Production company: Gallivanting Media.

Filmed in County Clare – Ennistymon and Lahinch.

Low budget €200,000 estimated.

Locky McNamara is 11 and has been flourishing since his mother, Anna, gave up the drink three years ago. When Anna’s old boyfriend Mick gets out of prison on good behaviour, she falls back into her old ways of daytime drinking while Locky runs wild in the streets with his mate Callo. Meanwhile, Anna’s daughter, Sally, arrives home determined to tell Locky that she is really his mother…….

The film has been on the festival circuit but no sign of a DVD release – April, 2018.

“Secret, The” (2016) 4-part True Crime Drama

James Nesbitt, Genevieve O’Reilly, Katherine Kingsley.

Adapted by Stuart Urban from the book ‘Let This Be Our Secret‘ by Deric Henderson.

Filmed in Northern Ireland and was produced by Hat Trick Productions with funding from Northern Ireland Screen supported by Invest NI.

Hazel Buchanan (O’Reilly) and Colin Howell (Nesbitt) meet at their local Baptist Church in Coleraine and embark upon a passionate and destructive affair, which climaxes in an elaborate plot to commit the “perfect murder” to kill both their partners and make it look like a suicide pact.

Broadcast on ITV April, 2016.

Secret Affair, A (1999) (88 mins) TV drama.

Janine Turner, Fionnula Flanagan, Paudge Behan.

Director: Bobby Roth.

Based on the novel of the same name by Barbara Taylor Bradford.

Shot in Ireland – County Dublin; Leixlip Castle, County Kildare and Italy – Venice.

A Secret Affair

Vanessa Stewart (Janine Turner) is on a business trip in Venice when she runs into war correspondent Bill Fitzgerald (Paudge Behan). There is an instant attraction and the two become lovers. However, Vanessa has a fiancé back in the States, and when she returns home, she forbids Bill to ever see her again. Vanessa’s will is tested when she receives a bouquet of flowers and an invitation to meet Bill again in Dublin. Their romance is rekindled, but danger and death are just around the corner…

Available on DVD.

“Secret of Kells, The” (2009) (75 mins) Animated feature film.

Ivan McGuire, Brendan Gleeson and Mick Lally.

Directors: Tomm Moore, Nora Twomey.

The Secret of Kells is a magical animated classic that tells the story of Brendan, a young monk whose life is changed forever when he is initiated into the secrets of the Book of Kells and embarks on an extraordinary adventure, meeting fearsome monsters, Vikings, and a serpent god along the way.

Available on DVD.

“Secret of Roan Inish, The” (1995) (103 mins) Fantasy.

Jeni Courtney, Eileen Colgan, Mick Lally, John Lynch, Richard Sheridan, Susan Lynch, Cillian Byrne.

Director: John Sayles.

Based upon a 1959 novel “Secret of the Ron Mor Skerry” by Rosalie K.Fry.

Filmed in County Donegal.

Sent to live with her grandparents in a small fishing village in Donegal, 10-year-old Fiona (Jeni Courtney) is fascinated by the village’s rich folk culture – especially the local myths about a half-human, half-seal creature known as a selkie. Fiona becomes convinced that her supposedly deceased little brother is living with the selkies, and she travels to the beautiful, enchanted island of Roan Inish, where her grandparents once lived, to confirm her suspicions.

Available on DVD.

“Secret of the Cave” (2006) (88 mins) Adventure.

Patrick Bergin, Kevin Novotny, Gareth O’Connor, Niamh Finn and Joseph Kelly.

Director: Zach C. Gray.

Filmed in Ireland – Achill Island, County Mayo and in the USA – Collegedale, Tennessee.

Secret of the Cave

The film follows a young American boy named Roy Wallace (Kevin Novotny) who spends his summer in a tiny fishing village on the coast of western Ireland. After a short while, unexplainable events and deeds begin to occur and rumours of ghosts sweep the village. All these things are pointing to something mysterious that is going on in a nearby cave. Roy sets out to disprove the rumours and decides to explore the cave with his new, local friends Oscar (Gareth O’Connor) and Abbey (Niamh Finn).

Available on DVD.

“Secret Scripture, The” (2016) Drama

Theo James, Rooney Mara, Aidan Turner, Jack Reynor, Vanessa Redgrave, Pauline Mclynn, Tom Vaughan-Lawlor.

Director: Jim Sheridan.

Based on the novel by Sebastian Barry.

Screenplay by Johnny Ferguson.

Filmed in Ireland – Sligo, Wicklow and Inistioge, County Kilkenny.

A woman keeps a diary of her extended stay at a mental hospital.

In Irish cinemas from the 24th March, 2017.

Available on Amazon Prime (Streaming) and on DVD as a Spanish import – 28/12/2017.

“Sensation” (2010) (107 mins) Adult Comedy.

Domhnall Gleeson, Luanne Gordon and Patrick Ryan.

Director: Tom Hall.

Filmed in Counties Dublin and Wicklow.


Lonely Irish farmer Donal (Domhnall Gleeson) hasn’t inherited much in terms of social skills. Finding it hard to talk to women, in frustration he turns to the internet. He hooks up with Kiwi call-girl Kim, who has a business plan to see her off her back and behind a desk, greeting punters at her own brothel. Donal might provide her with the money she needs, but what might he be getting out of the deal? And what demand is there for the services of prostitutes in rural Ireland anyway? Element Pics.

Available on DVD.

“Separation Anxiety” (1996) (90 mins) Comedy.

Shelagh Harcourt, Kevin Gildea, Susan Collins, Conor Lambert, Michelle Reid, Brendan Dempsey.

Director: Mark Staunton.

Writer: Shelagh Harcourt.

Production company: Paradox Pictures.

Filmed in County Dublin.

A contemporary comedy of manners set against the backdrop of the first divorce case in Ireland. Kevin (Kevin Gildea) is a charming waster. Sally (Susan Collins) is his upwardly mobile but estranged wife and they are both trying to come to terms with the fact that their relationship is over. Their bawdy and irreverent twenty-something friends get involved as they struggle with commitment and betrayal, lust and love and the old fashioned notion that perhaps a relationship can last forever. Irish Film Board.

Does not appear to be available.

“Serpent’s Kiss, The” (1997) (104 mins) Romantic Costume Drama.

Ewan McGregor, Greta Scacchi, Pete Postlethwaite, Richard E.Grant, Carmen Chaplin, Charley Boorman and Donal McCann.

Director: Philippe Rousselot.

Most of the filming was done at Mount Ievers Court, Sixmilebridge, Co.Clare.


England, 1699. Dutch landscape artist Meneer Chrome (Ewan McGregor) is hired by rich landowner Thomas Smithers (Pete Postlethwaite) to turn his overgrown estate into a masterpiece of topiary and hedge-mazes. But unbeknown to Smithers, Chrome is fulfilling the will of Smithers’ ardent enemy (Richard E. Grant), who hopes to bankrupt the wealthy man and seduce his beautiful wife (Greta Scacchi). However, when Chrome falls under the spell of Smithers’ enigmatic daughter, all plans go awry.

While searching for information about the movie I came across this amusing blog post from one of the female extras.

Available on VHS and DVD.

“Seventh Stream, The” (2001) (100 mins) Drama.

Scott Glenn, Saffron Burrows, Simon Delaney, Eddie Grimes and Maire Hastings.

Director: John Gray.

Filmed in the West of Ireland.

7th Stream

Some in the village claim she’s an enchantress, one of the mythical seal people who has become trapped in human form. For Owen Quinn (Scott Glenn) and the other fishermen in their wind-swept Irish coastal village, times are hard. Not only is there a fishing drought, but the solitary Quinn grows more remote to his friends and neighbours by the day. Widowed for five years and still mourning his late wife, Quinn sees only a grim future – until a beautiful and mysterious woman called Mairead (Saffron Burrows) arrives and something magical changes his life. While most remain suspicious of the stranger and distant, Mrs. Gourdon (Fiona Shaw), a widow whose unrequited love for Quinn initially makes her jealous, befriends Mairead and finds her life miraculously changed. Quinn experiences change, too – finally opening up to find love and happiness in life again. However, the oceans have their own secrets. Quinn is left facing a difficult decision – one that will risk everything he holds dear…..

Available on VHS and DVD.

“’71” (2014) (99 mins) Thriller.

Jack O’Connell, Paul Anderson, Richard Dormer, Sean Harris, Sam Reid.

Director: Yann Demange.

Aka “Nineteen-Seventy-One”.

Gregory Burke (screenplay).

Set in Belfast but shot in England – Blackburn, Lancashire and Sheffield, South Yorkshire.


A young British soldier (O’Connell) is accidentally left behind by his unit following a riot on the streets of Belfast in 1971. Unable to tell friend from foe, the raw recruit must survive the night alone and find his way to safety through a disorienting, alien and deadly landscape.

YouTube trailer available… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kIYDNyEkJP4

Available on DVD.

“Shackled” (2010) (82 mins) Horror.

Donna Bradley, Andy Blaikie, Gerry Shanahan, Brian Fortune and Ruth McIntyre.

Director: Dave McCabe.

Low budget – €15,000!

Filmed in Ireland – Dundalk, County Louth. House scenes filmed at Bellurgan Park, Co.Louth.


A botched break-in on the night of murder victim Brian McDonald’s funeral prompts his sister Sarah to start investigating the events surrounding her brother’s last few weeks alive. Soon, rumours begin to arise of Brian’s associations with drug dealing and dodgy characters, but at the same time, Sarah begins having prophetic nightmares of the two of them at a mansion, where they are being haunted by strange masked figures.

With the help of childhood friend Michael and clues from her late brother’s journal, Sarah begins looking for the mysterious people Brian was dealing with. The search leads them down the dark trail of why she and Brian were fostered, who their real mother is and how the mysterious mansion ties into her brother’s death. Complicating matters are the mysterious people themselves, who will stop at nothing to prevent Sarah getting to the mansion from her nightmares and finding the truth… From official site.

Available on DVD.

“Shadow Dancer” (2012) (101 mins) Thriller.

Andrea Riseborough, Clive Owen and Gillian Anderson.

Director: James Marsh.

Based on a novel by Tom Bradby.

Production company: BBC Films/Element Pictures/Irish Film Board.

Filmed in County Dublin.

Set in 1990’s Belfast: Following an aborted bombing attempt in London, Collette McVeigh (Andrea Riseborough) is arrested and falls into the hands of an MI5 officer, Mac (Clive Owen), who offers her a deal; turn informant or go to prison. Fearing for her son’s safety, she returns to Belfast where betraying family and beliefs she becomes a mole for British Intelligence. As suspicion of Collette mounts and Mac takes more risks to protect her, both feel the net closing in.

Available on DVD.

“Shadow of a Gunman, The” (1972) (80 mins) Drama.

Frank Converse, Jack MacGowran, Sandra Morgan, Richard Dreyfuss.

Director: Joseph Hardy.

Based on the original 1923 play by Seán O’Casey set during the Irish War of Independence.


Donal Davoren (Frank Converse) is a poet who has come to share a room with Seamus Shields (Jack MacGowran) in a Dublin tenement slum. Some of the residents of the building mistake Donal for an IRA gunman on the run. Donal does nothing to dispel this notoriety, especially when it wins him the affection of Minnie Powell (Sandra Morgan), an attractive young neighbour in the tenement. Meanwhile, Seamus’ business partner, Mr Maguire hides a bag full of bombs in Seamus’ apartment before participating in an ambush in which he is killed. The city is put under curfew as a result of the ambush, but Donal and Seamus do not discover the grenades until the Auxiliaries (paramilitary police) raid the tenement…

Available on VHS and DVD (2003).

“Shadow of a Gunman” (1995) (75 mins) Drama. BBC TV. “Performance” Season 5, Episode 1.

Kenneth Branagh, Stephen Rea, Paul Ronan, Bronagh Gallagher, James Ellis, John Kavanagh and Ruth McCabe.

Director: Nye Heron.

Not officially available.

Shadow of a Scream (1997) (88 mins) Crime. TV Movie

David Chokachi, Athena Massey, Timothy Busfield,  and Cyril O’Reilly.

Aka ‘The Unspeakable’ and ‘Criminal Pursuit’.

Director: Howard McCain.

Production Co: Concorde-New Horizons. (Roger Corman).

Set in the USA but shot in Galway City and county; also in County Clare.

Shadow of a Scream

A serial killer is on the loose in the Greater Boston area picking up his victims through personal ads in newspapers. Detective Alice Redmond (Athena Massey) is sent undercover in an effort to trap the killer suspect Darren Metlick (David Chokachi)….. a slasher movie to be avoided!

Was released on VHS (2000) but very hard to find now.

“Shadows on our Skin” (1980) (75 mins) BBC ‘Play for Today’ series: Season 10 – Episode 22.

Macrea Clarke, May Friel and Joe McPartland.

Director: Jim O’Brien.

Based on the novel by Jennifer Johnston.

Adapted by the poet Derek Mahon for television.

1970’s Derry: teenager Joe Logan (Macrea Clarke)  is growing up at the height of the Troubles, having to cope with embittered parents, a brother who’s been away and come back with money and a gun in his pocket, harsh school teachers, and the constant awareness of the military presence in the background. An unlikely friendship springs up between Joe and Kathleen (Lise Ann McLaughlin), a young school-teacher who brings a fresh perspective to his familiar world.

Not available.

“Shadows, The” (2014) (86 mins) Childrens’ Fantasy/Drama.

Lorcan Melia, Natalia Kostrzewa, Emma Eliza Regan.

Aka “Guardians of the Crown“.

Director: Colin Downey.

Low budget €100,000.

Filmed in Dublin and Navan, County Meath.

The Shadows is about the adventures of a lonely young boy called Matthew who discovers the key to a magical world hidden at the bottom of his grandmother’s garden. In this mysterious world of Shadows, Matthew befriends two Shadow People; Yorrick, guardian of the ancient Shadow Crown and Alice who has been sent to protect and watch over Matthew. But in an icy lair far to the north, the wicked witch Geldren soon hears of the boy and comes to take the crown away. With the help of his new friends, Matthew must find his inner courage to defend the crown and defeat the evil witch Geldren. If Matthew cannot overcome his fears, he may never learn of the great destiny that awaits him….

Appears to be available on YouTube here: “Guardians of the Crown”

“Shake Hands With the Devil” (1959) (100 mins) Thriller.

James Cagney, Don Murray, Dana Wynter, Glynis Johns, Michael Redgrave, Cyril Cusack, Sybil Thorndike, Harry Brogan, Noel Purcell, Ray McAnally, Richard Harris.

Director: Michael Anderson.

Based on the 1933 novel by Rearden Conner.

Filmed at Ardmore Studios, Bray and in County Dublin – including Trinity College; the Garda HQ in the Phoenix Park; Chapelizod. County Wicklow – Wicklow Head and lighthouse.


When a classmate, and secret IRA member, is shot dead by British forces a young Irish-American medical student Kerry O’Shea (Don Murray) is thrown into the chaos of a world he thought he had left behind with his dead father. O’Shea comes under the malign influence of his former Medical School professor Sean Lenihan (James Cagney) who has “shaken hands with the devil” and begun to see fighting as an end in itself. Soon Kerry becomes embroiled in a series of actions against the British, but just as the possibility of peace grows, Lenihan leads his men on a mission to pursue his own warped personal agenda…

Available on VHS (1998) and on DVD (2012).

“Shamrock Handicap, The” (1926) (66 mins) Romantic Comedy. Silent. B+W.

Janet Gaynor, Leslie Fenton and Willard Louis.

Director: John Ford.

Based on a story by Peter B. Kyne.

Production company: Fox Film Corporation.

In Ireland, kindly nobleman Sir Miles O’Hara (Louis Payne) is in danger of losing his estate as he refuses to collect rent payments from his impoverished tenants. He is forced to sell off part of his racing stable to a wealthy American, who takes along Gaffney’s jockey Neil Ross (Leslie Fenton) as part of the bargain. When Neil is crippled in a racing accident, Sir Miles and his daughter Sheila (Janet Gaynor) sail to America with their prize horse “Dark Rosaleen” in tow. The O’Hara’s hope to win the $125,000 Shamrock Handicap, thereby earning enough money to square their own debts, and to take care of the incapacitated Neil.

Not officially released on DVD.

“Shamrocracy” (2012) (90 mins) Comedy (?)

Gary Bermingham, Andrew Travers, Lorna Barker, Attila Bone.

Directors: Gary Bermingham, Andrew Keogh and Richard O’Connor.

Filmed on a micro-budget over the course of two years with a minimal script outline and improvised scenes involving real people, politicians and celebrities, Shamrocracy blurs the line between fiction and reality to create a biting commentary on Ireland today.

Terry Ghusto (Gary Bermingham) is the returning émigré moving in with his brother-in-law, newly unemployed road-sweeper Bobby Channels (Andrew Travers) while attempting to make a name for himself in local politics. The film follows the varying fortunes of the two, as Terry’s high-flying pretensions come into sharp conflict with Bobby’s own more humble voyage of self-discovery. IFI

Full movie available on YouTube here: Shamrocracy

“Shamus”  (1959) (50 mins) Children’s Comedy/Drama

John Francis Rooney, Diana Chesney, George Bethal Datch, Aldwyn Francis, David Grahame, Paddy Hayes, Tiny Littler, Andre Malandrinos, Michael Nightingale, Thomas Skelton, Felix Blaney, Chris Brown, John Byrne, Alice Chalmers, Pauline Cox, Judi Fanci, Jim Murphy, Louis Ralston and Nina Speedy.

Writer/Director: Eric Marquis.

E.J.Fancey Productions Limited.

Filmed in Northern Ireland – Belfast City; Newcastle, County Down.

The adventures of a young orphan boy who steals a leprechaun’s crock of gold. However, he gets more than he bargained for when the leprechaun puts a curse on him and he suddenly sprouts a monkey’s tail.

This is more than just a quirky tale for children and there’s lots to entertain everybody, in particular, the views of Northern Ireland fadó fadó – in colour – which are outstanding.

Full movie available on YouTube – above.

“Shaughran, The” (1912) (U.S.)

Jack Clarke, Gene Gauntier.

Director: Sidney Olcott.

Not available.

“She Didn’t Say No!” (1958) (97 mins) Comedy.

Eileen Herlie, Niall MacGinnis, Ray McAnally, Perlita Neilson, Liam Redmond, Betty McDowell, Ian Bannen, Jack MacGowran, Hilton Edwards, Anna Manahan and Wilfred Downing.

Director: Cyril Frankel.

Screenwriter: T.J.Morrison.

Based on the novel “We Are Seven” by Irish author Una Troy.

Set in Doon, County Waterford and was due to be shot there, but apparently, the film company were made aware that they wouldn’t be welcome in Ireland and filming was switched to England (Cornwall) at the last moment, Also at Elstree Studios.

She didn't say No

She Didn’t Say No!’ depicts the controversial exploits of the Monaghan family, in which all the children are illegitimate, fathered by a variety of men. Based on a true story the film was considered so immoral that it was banned in Ireland on its release in 1958 and was feared lost until a badly decomposed copy was discovered in a film distributor’s collection in 2002.

A successful grant application to the Heritage Council allowed the Irish Film Archive to commission and acquire a beautifully restored print with remastered sound of this important and rare Irish film. The new print is now held in climate-controlled vaults alongside the rest of the Irish Film Archive’s collection of over 20,000 objects, at the Irish Film Institute in Eustace Street. The Irish Film Archive collects, preserves and makes available Ireland’s moving image heritage and as is the repository for the National Film Collection. www.iftn.ie

Not available.

“Shell Shock” (2009) (99 mins) Drama.

Colin Farrell, Jamie Sives, Paz Vega and Christopher Lee.

Director: Danis Tanovic.

Based on the book by Scott Anderson.

Filmed in Spain and Ireland.

Spring 1988 – After being badly injured on assignment battle-scarred photojournalist Mark Walsh (Colin Farrell) returns home from Kurdistan without his friend and colleague David (Jamie Sives). When photos trigger flashbacks of the wartime horrors he experienced, Mark struggles to uncover the shocking truth behind David’s disappearance.

Available on DVD.

“Shergar” (1986) (75 mins) BBC Screen Two series: Season 2, Episode 11.

Stephen Rea, Veronica Duffy, Gary Waldhorn and Niall Tobin.

Director: Nigel Finch.

Written by Bill Morrison.

Based on the events surrounding the kidnap (reputedly by the IRA) of the Aga Khan’s champion stallion Shergar in 1983. When Frankie (Stephen Rea) gets out of Portlaoise Prison, his old friends are anticipating some action. He comes up with the kidnapping of the racehorse to raise 2 million. The horse is kidnapped, a ransom demanded, international financiers move in while delicate negotiations are enacted by faceless people in three countries to ensure the animal’s safe return. In the end, the talks break down, no money is paid, Frankie and the kidnappers are not apprehended – Shergar was never found again, dead or alive. TCD.IE

Not available.

“Shergar” (1999) (95 mins) Thriller.

Ian Holm, Tom Walsh, Laura Murphy, Mickey Rourke, David Warner.

Director: Denis C.Lewiston.

Filmed on the Isle of Man – Many locations including Peel; St.Johns; King William’s College, Castletown; Sulby and Injebreck.


Heavily fictionalised account of the Shergar kidnap story. In 1983 Ireland’s most decorated thoroughbred and perhaps the greatest racehorse of all time, was kidnapped, (allegedly by the IRA), and held for $2 million ransom.

Terrorists Gavin O’Rourke (Mickey Rourke) and Dermot Concannon (Andrew Connolly) kidnap Shergar and steal him away to a remote farm owned by Eamon Garrity (David Warner). Unbeknown to the kidnappers, a young teenage runaway named Kevin Doherty lives in the hayloft of Garrity’s farm. When Shergar’s owners refuse to pay the ransom, it is up to Kevin, the orphaned son of a jockey who himself dreams of becoming a great rider, to rescue Shergar from being destroyed by the kidnappers. With Shergar’s execution pending, Kevin resolves to ride the horse to freedom. With the help of a kindly old stable hand and his beautiful free spirited granddaughter, Kevin embarks on a desperate ride, staying only a few steps ahead of the kidnappers and the authorities.

Available on VHS and DVD.

“Sherlock Holmes and the Baker Street Irregulars” (2007) (114 mins) Two-part BBC TV Drama.

Jonathan Pryce, Bill Paterson and Anna Chancellor.

Director: Julian Kemp.

Set in London but the entire production took place in Ireland.

Filmed in Dublin including Dublin Castle and the Clancy Barracks.

A gang of sharp-witted street kids save Sherlock Holmes from an accusation of murder and help to foil an audacious robbery while rescuing members of their own gang.

Available on DVD.

“Sherlock Holmes and the Deadly Necklace” (1964) (87 mins) Thriller. B+W.

Christopher Lee, Thorley Walters, Senta Berger, Hans Söhnker and Hans Nielsen.

Director: Terence Fisher.

Aka  “The Valley of Fear”.

Filmed in London, in Ireland – Dublin and in West Germany – Berlin.


A priceless Egyptian necklace, once worn by Cleopatra, is stolen. At the same time, a series of mysterious murders, including that of a police informant, baffle the authorities. Called into the case is the legendary detective Sherlock Holmes, accompanied by his faithful assistant Dr.Watson. Holmes suspects that the notorious criminal mastermind Professor Moriarty, posing as a kindly antiques collector, is the thread that links the crimes.

Available on DVD.

“Shine of Rainbows, A” (2009) (100 mins) Family Drama.

Connie Nielsen, Aidan Quinn and John Bell.

Director: Vic Sarin.

Filmed in County Donegal – Malin Head and Letterkenny.

Tomas, a frail, shy eight-year-old boy, has been living a solitary life in a drab orphanage – sad, friendless and alone. Then a joyous burst of colour comes into his world: Maire O’Donnell, whose smile and spirit light up the darkest room – and Tomas’s heart. Before he knows it, Tomas is on a boat, sailing to the wind-swept Corrie Island off the coast of Ireland, where he meets Alec, her reticent husband who cannot hide his disappointment with the boy.

Not discouraged, Maire introduces Tomas to the wonders of his new world. She shares with him the secret of the seals, the mystery of the stone giant and shows him that you can find magic anywhere if you really look. In this rugged and enchanting world, Tomas thrives. He befriends a pair of island children and rescues an orphan seal pup who join him on his journey of self-discovery. Slowly, Alec too begins to see in Tomas what Maire always has.

Available on DVD.

“Shooting for Socrates” (2014) (94 mins) Drama.

John Hannah, Conleth Hill, Nico Mirallegro, Richard Dormer, Art Parkinson, Bronagh Gallagher, Sergio Mur.

Director: James Erskine.

Production company: New Black Films.

Filmed in Belfast and Spain.

Shooting for Socrates

Set during the 1986 Football World Cup when Northern Ireland met Brazil in the finals, the film tells the story of the Northern Ireland team’s momentous World Cup performance that year, through the eyes of players, fans (including a 10-year-old boy from East Belfast) and journalists. The film also includes the ‘wit and wisdom’ of Brazilian footballer Socrates de Souza. http://film.britishcouncil.org/shooting-for-socrates

I was going to link to the YouTube trailer but it’s too cringeworthy – even for this blog! You’ve been warned.

Available on DVD (2015).

“Shoot to Kill” (1990) (222 mins) Yorkshire Television Docudrama.

Jack Shepperd, David Calder, T.P.Mckenna, George Shane.

Filmed in Yorkshire.

Drama documentary reconstruction of the events that led to the 1984–86 Stalker Inquiry into the shooting of six terrorist suspects in Northern Ireland in 1982 by a specialist unit of the Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC), allegedly without warning (the so-called shoot-to-kill policy); the organised fabrication of false accounts of the events; and the difficulties created for the inquiry team in their investigation.

Full movie available above – 8/1/2018

Not available on DVD.

“Showbands” (2005) (100 mins) Music/Drama. RTE Television

Liam Cunningham, Kerry Katona, Don Wycherley,  and Tina Kellegher.

Director: Ian Fitzgibbon.

Parallel Film Productions.

Filmed in County Galway.


1960s rural Ireland and bar cleaner Denise (Kerry Katona) dreams of becoming a showband star. She teams up with a has-been band manager, Tony Golden (Liam Cunningham) and sets about carving her way through the corrupt local music scene, overcoming local opposition from a powerful and sinister local music producer, Rendell (Denis Conway).

Available on eBay Australia on DVD – scarce!

“Showbands II” (2006) (100 mins) Music/Drama. RTE Television

Liam Cunningham, Kerry Katona, Don Wycherley,  and Tina Kellegher.

Director: Ian Fitzgibbon.

Parallel Film Productions.

Follow-up to the original movie.

Showbands 2

Ireland 1965, six months after the Golden Ballroom had its glorious opening night and Tony Golden (Liam Cunningham) is happy touring the high roads and the bye roads of Ireland with Denise (Kerry Katona) and the California Showband. However, Denise is unhappy. She is fed up of playing the same crummy dancehalls and yearns for more. Tony response is to promise Denise, that he will take her all the way to the Eurovision therefore ensuring that she will have a one single all over Europe. But first they have to take on the National Song Contest against their rivals – the ruthless manager Rendell and his glamorous singer Bella.

Available from eBay Australia on DVD – scarce!

“Shrooms” (2007) (84 mins) Horror.

Lindsey Haun, Jack Huston, Max Kasch and Don Wycherley.

Director: Paddy Breathnach.

Filmed in Counties Cavan, Monaghan, Wicklow, Armagh, Fermanagh and Derry.


Jake has promised them ‘the trip of a lifetime’ because he claimed Ireland has the best magic mushrooms in the world. It sounded like it would be great fun. Now that they are tripping things don’t seem so funny. Bluto, one of the gang is missing. Tara thinks he’s dead because she feels she has seen his death before but nobody believes her as they think she is just out of it. They’re out of it too. That was the whole point of coming here, but there is something out there, something watching them, something that will kill them if they don’t get out of the forest and get help.

Available on DVD.

“Siege” (1976) (70 mins) Thriller. RTE TV movie.

Donal Neligan, John Hewitt, Alan Stanford, Gerard McSorley, Kevin McHugh, Leslie Lalor, Marie Conmee.

Producer: Deirdre Friel.

Filmed in Co.Fermanagh.

The third in a trilogy of plays “Victims” written by Eugene McCabe set in the deceptive rural calm of the Fermanagh countryside. See also “Cancer” and “Heritage”.

Not available.

“Siege of Jadotville, The” (2016) (108 mins) War Drama

Jamie Dornan, Guillaume Canet, Emmanuelle Seigner, Jason O’Mara, Mikael Persbrandt, Mark Strong.

Director: Richie Smyth.

Script: Kevin Brodbin.

Based on the novel ‘The Siege at Jadotville: The Irish Army’s Forgotten Battle’ by Declan Power.

A Netflix Original filmed in South Africa.

A gripping true story of incredible bravery against impossible odds, The Siege of Jadotville thrillingly depicts the 1961 siege of a 150-strong Irish UN battalion under Commander Patrick Quinlan (Jamie Dornan) by 3,000 Congolese troops led by French and Belgian mercenaries working for mining companies.

Premiered at the Galway Film Fleadh on the 9/7/2016 and now in cinemas.

Not released on DVD yet – 8/1/2018.

“Siege of Sidney Street, The” (1960) (94 mins) Thriller

Donald Sinden, Nicole Berger, Kieron Moore, Peter Wyngarde, Jimmy Sangster, Godfrey Quigley, Joe Lynch, Christopher Casson, T.P. McKenna.

Directors: Roy Baker & Monty Berman.

Filmed at Ardmore Studios and Wellington Street (off Dorset Street) in Dublin.

Siege of Sidney Street poster

The Siege of Sidney Street, popularly known as the “Battle of Stepney”, was a notorious gunfight in London’s East End on the 3rd January 1911. Preceded by the Houndsditch Murders, it ended with the deaths of two members of a supposedly politically motivated gang of burglars and international anarchists led by Peter Piatkow, aka “Peter the Painter”, and sparked a major political row over the involvement of the then Home Secretary, Winston Churchill.

DVD available on Amazon – scarce!

“Silence, The” (2010) (240 mins) Four-part BBC TV drama.

Douglas Henshall, Dervla Kirwan, Hugh Bonneville, Gina McKee and Genevieve Barr.

Director: Dearbhla Walsh.

Filmed in County Dublin.

The Silence DVD

Eighteen-year-old Amelia Edwards (Genevieve Barr) has recently been fitted with a cochlear implant, enabling her to hear, but she struggles to accept that she has a place in the hearing world.

Breaking free from her over-protective parents (Gina McKee and Hugh Bonneville), she goes to stay with her party-loving cousins, homicide detective Uncle Jim (Douglas Henshall) and warm-hearted Aunt Maggie (Dervla Kirwan). Amelia witnesses the murder of a policewoman and is reluctantly propelled further into a loud and frightening world. The Silence is about an ordinary family where something extraordinary happens. Element Pics website.

Available as an import (Dutch DVD) in English language.

“Silence” (2012) (84 mins) Drama.

Eoghan Mac Giolla Bhride, Andrew Bennett, Marie Coyne and Tommy Fahy.

Director: Pat Collins.

Written by Eoghan Mac Giolla Bhride and Pat Collins.

Silence DVD

Eoghan is a sound recordist who is returning to Ireland for the first time in 15 years – to record landscapes free from man-made sound.

His quest takes him to remote terrain, away from towns and villages. Influenced by elements of folklore and archive, Silence unfolds with a quiet intensity, where poetic images reveal an absorbing meditation on themes relating to sound and silence, history, memory and exile.

Available on DVD.

“Silent Grace” (2001) (87 mins) Drama.

Patrick Bergin, Orla Brady, Cathleen Bradley and Cara Seymour.

Director: Maeve Murphy.

Based on the true life ‘dirty protest’ of Irish Republicans within Armagh Women’s Prison.

When IRA ringleader Eileen (Orla Brady) holds a paramilitary rally in the prison yard, Governor Cunningham (Conor Mullen) clamps down with a 23-hour lock-up. With no access to a toilet, the women protest by smearing the walls of their cells with their own faeces.

Into this filth arrives glue-sniffing wild child Aine (Cathleen Bradley) sectioned because she mouthed off to the judge about being in the IRA. She isn’t, but will she take to the Republican cause when it’s all she’s got left?

Available on DVD – scarce and expensive.

“Silent Sonata” (2011) (77 mins) Drama. War

Leon Lucev, René Bazinet, Pauliina Räsänen.

Writer/Director: Janez Burger.

Some filming in Ireland – White Strand beach, Louisburgh, County Mayo with the rest of the film being shot in Rakitovec, Slovenia.

A man stays alone with his children in a half-demolished house in the middle of a desolate field. His wife has just been killed by a grenade in a military battle. He is expecting a new attack. Instead, a wandering caravan called Circus Fantasticus stops by the house. They bring along the dying director of the circus. Is it possible for anything beautiful to happen in a landscape of war and death? Can life go on? Is it possible to realize that death does not exist?

I hope that others can make more out of this trailer than I did – I won’t be watching the full movie even in the interest of research. 

Available on DVD (2014).

“Sinful Davey” (1969) (95 mins) Comedy.

John Hurt, Pamela Franklin, Nigel Davenport, Ronald Fraser, Robert Morley, Fidelma Murphy, Donal McCann, Eddie Byrne, Mickser Reid, Niall McGinnis, Maxine Audley, Noel Purcell, Brenda Fricker, Angelica Huston.

Director: John Huston.

Aka “La Horca Puede Esperar (Spain).

Filmed in County Wicklow – Luggala Estate and at Glencree Reformatory.

Screen debut in a bit part for Angelica Huston.


Scotland 1821: Davey Haggart (John Hurt) is quite certain of his paternity (even if nobody else is) and determined to emulate his father, a notorious rogue and highwayman. This includes breaking a man out of Stirling jail, holding up the stagecoach, and robbing the Duke of Argyll (Robert Morley), amongst other feats. Unfortunately, he is handicapped by the fact that his childhood playmate Annie (Pamela Franklin) is equally determined to track him down and save his soul…

Available on DVD as a Spanish import on Amazon and eBay – scarce!

“Single Handed” (2007-2010) RTE TV series. Police Drama.

Owen McDonnell, David Herlihy and Ruth McCabe.

Directors: Colm McCarthy (Season.1.); Anthony Byrne (Seasons 2 & 3); Thaddeus O’Sullivan (Season.4.)

Filmed in Connemara, County Galway.


Jack Driscoll is transferred from Dublin back to his birthplace in the remote west of Ireland as Garda Sergeant, the role recently vacated by his father, Gerry. Jack’s first major case is an investigation into the death of a young woman, found in an isolated caravan. Jack is frustrated in his attempts to identify the woman as the community closes ranks. And what looked at first like accidental death takes on an increasingly sinister hue. Jack uncovers a tangled web of blackmail and sexual abuse, involving the farmer whose field the caravan occupied, a local hotelier, his father’s oldest friend and a builder with a reputation for violence. Jack’s relentless pursuit of the truth dredges up long-buried crimes and pits him against his new Inspector and Gerry, who may hold the key to the mystery. Throughout all of this there is one glimmer of hope: a romance with a young Dublin nurse…

Available on DVD box set (Series 1 + 2). The final two seasons have yet to be released on DVD.

“Sing Street” (2016) (106 mins) Music/Drama.

Lucy Boynton, Maria Doyle Kennedy, Aidan Gillen, Jack Reynor, Kelly Thornton and Ferdia Walsh-Peelo.

Writer/Director: John Carney.

Shot in Dublin.


Sing Street takes us back to 1980s Dublin where an economic recession forces Conor out of his comfortable private school and into survival mode at the inner-city public school where the kids are rough and the teachers are rougher. He finds a glimmer of hope in the mysterious and über-cool Raphina, and with the aim of winning her heart, he invites her to star in his band’s music videos. She agrees, and now Conor must deliver what he’s promised – calling himself “Cosmo” and immersing himself in the vibrant rock music trends of the ‘80s, he forms a band with a few lads, and the group pours their hearts into writing lyrics and shooting videos. Combining Carney’s trademark warmth and humour with a punk rock edge, and featuring a memorable soundtrack with hits from The Cure, Duran Duran, The Police and Genesis.

Available on DVD.

“Sinners, The” (1970-71) TV mini-series. Granada Television. 2 seasons/12 episodes.

Mary Larkin, Elizabeth Begley, Martin Dempsey, Tony Doyle, Brigit Forsyth, Des Keogh, Donal McCann and Eamon Morrisey.

Not available.

“Sinners” (2002) (96 mins) BBC (NI) TV true drama.

Anne-Marie Duff, Tina Kellegher, Bronagh Gallagher, John Kavanagh.

Director: Ashling Walsh.

Aka “The Magdalen Laundry

Parallel Films/BBC.

Set in the ultra-conservative Roman Catholic Ireland of the 1960s. The story of Theresa (Anne-Marie Duff), a young Irish girl who becomes pregnant out of wedlock and is sent by her family to a Magdalen Laundry convent to repent her sins. Through Anne Marie’s experiences, we witness the hardships and abuse suffered by the girls and women in the convent, and the strong friendships that develop. Anne Marie fights against the nuns to keep her baby but ends up losing the battle. However, hope appears in the form of a local man who takes pity on her and offers her marriage as a way out.

Most of the film is available on YouTube here: Sinners

Not officially available.

“Sitting Target” (1972) (93 mins) Crime Drama.

Oliver Reed, Ian McShane, Jill St. John, Edward Woodward, Frank Finlay, Freddie Jones.

Director: Douglas Hickox.

Filmed in England – London and Ireland – Kilmainham Jail and Arbour Hill were used as the locations of the prison scenes.


Escaped convicts Harry Lomart (Oliver Reed) and Birdy Williams (Ian McShane) are lying low before they prepare to skip the country. However, Lomart can’t control his rage at being cheated by his wife, Pat (Jill St. John), whilst he was inside, so he decides to kill her and her lover before he goes. This causes all sorts of complications to their escape plans.

Available on DVD (2012).

“Situations Vacant” (2008) (97 mins) Comedy.

Diarmuid Noyes, Sam Corry, Shaun Dunne and Brendan Conroy.

Director: Lisa Mulcahy.

Writer: Steven Murray.

Production company: Grand Pictures.

Low budget – € 200k.

Dave Bracken (Diarmuid Noyes) and Vinny (Shaun Dunne) are both loveless and jobless, and friend Tom (Sam Corry) who, although employed and in a relationship, is unhappy and bullied in both. Barstool sage Whack (Brendan Conroy) advises Dave and Vinny that they should lie in their job interviews and, although initially, their lies pay off, they soon start to unravel.

Available on DVD – scarce.

“Six Shooter” (2004) (27 mins) Black Comedy.

5 STAR - Copy

Brendan Gleeson, Rúaidhrí Conroy, David Wilmot and Domhnall Gleeson.

Directed by Martin McDonagh.

Film Four and Bórd Scannán na hÉireann/Irish Film Board.

Winner of Oscar Award in 2006 for Best Short Film, Live Action for Director Martin  McDonagh.

Trivia: Brendan Gleeson’s son Domhnall is the bolshie CIE catering trolley attendant.

Low-budget (€125,000).

Shot (being the operative word) on the Waterford/Rosslare railway line.

On a train journey home through rural Ireland, a man whose wife has just died encounters a strange and possibly psychotic young oddball. His outlandish words and actions set in motion a chain of events that lead inexorably to the tale’s dark and dangerous conclusion.

Although the full movie is currently on YouTube (above), this is a keeper – so best buy the DVD!

“Sleep of Death, The”  (1980) (90 mins) Horror.

Patrick Magee, Curt Jurgens, Per Oscarsson, Marilù Tolo, Niall Tobin and Ray McAnally.

Director: Calvin Floyd.

Aka “Devil Sleep”.

Based on the story by Anglo-Irish author Sheridan le Fanu.

Swedish/Irish Co-production.

Shot in England and Ireland.


Set in 1815, a young Englishman touring Europe encounters more than he bargained for. His pursuit of the beautiful Countess St. Alyre brings him into contact with the Marquis D’Armanville and other odd characters. A series of bizarre murders occur, bringing our hero to the borderland of nightmare.

Released on VHS – extremely scarce and expensive.

“Small Engine Repair” (2006) (98 mins) Drama

Iain Glen, Steven Mackintosh, Kathy Kiera Clarke and Laurence Kinlan.

Writer/Director: Niall Heery.

Low budget – €2.5 million.

Filmed in Northern Ireland – Belfast.

iain glen

Set around a small fraternity of blue collar forestry workers, Small Engine Repair is the story of a group of men going nowhere. Doug (Iain Glen) thinks he’s a country singer, but he’s too old and lacks any motivation or self-belief. He carries around a demo he won’t let anyone hear while daydreaming of appearing on the local radio station or playing his mate’s bar. His best friend is a worn out mechanic (Steven Mackintosh), a hapless loser desperate to persuade his son (Laurence Kinlan) not to leave the family business, the small engine repair shop of the title. With their personal ties disintegrating all around them, Doug suddenly finds himself staring one last chance in the eye and the chance to prove to local doubters that he has some worth.

Available on DVD.

Small Island (2009) (174 mins) BBC TV drama.

Naomie Harris, David Oyelowo, Benedict Cumberbatch, Ruth Wilson.

Director: John Alexander.

Based on the 2004 novel by Andrea Levy.

Production company: Ruby Film & Television.

Filmed in Jamacia and Northern Ireland – Portaferry, Belfast, The Paint Hall Studio.

Small Island

It is 1948 and England is recovering from a war. But at 21 Nevern Street, London, the conflict has only just begun. Queenie Bligh’s neighbours do not approve when she agrees to take in Jamaican lodgers, but Queenie doesn’t know when her husband will return or if he will come back at all. What else can she do? Gilbert Joseph was one of the several thousand Jamaican men who joined the RAF to fight against Hitler. Returning to England as a civilian he finds himself treated very differently. It’s desperation that makes him remember a wartime friendship with Queenie and knock at her door. Gilbert’s wife, Hortense, too had longed to leave Jamaica and start a better life in England, but when she joins him she is shocked to find London shabby, decrepit and far from the city of her dreams. Even Gilbert is not the man she thought he was. www.northernirelandscreen.co.uk

Available on DVD.

“Smalltown” (2016) (133 mins) 3-part TV3 drama.

Pat Shortt, Charlie Kelly, Pauline O’Driscoll, Stephen O’Leary, Sean Fox, Rose O’Loughlin, Ewen Macintosh, Saffron Hocking, Muiris Crowley, Kieran Boland and Jade O’Connor.

Writer/Director: Gerard Barrett.

Shot in Co. Wicklow and London.

Smalltown tells the story of Conor (Charlie Kelly), who is urged to leave his rural home by his father (Pat Shortt) and mother to head for pastures new in London, however, he must return later down the line when his mother gets sick. It follows his struggle to re-adapt to his hometown and the changes that have taken place while he’s been away, both in the town and in his relationships with the people in it.

First aired TV3 1/9/2016.

Available on DVD – www.towerrecords.ie

“Snakes and Ladders” (1995) (93 mins) Comedy.

Pom Boyd, Gina Moxley, Sean Hughes, Rosaleen Linehan, Paudge Behan.

Director/Writer: Trish McAdam.

Filmed in Dublin and Berlin.

Snakes & Ladders

Kate and Jean are the best of friends who share an apartment in contemporary Dublin. They also share a passion and desire for success in the flamboyant world of street entertainment hoping it will lead to the heady heights of cabaret! In an ironic tale of love and friendship set amongst the pubs and clubs of Dublin, the girls’ friendship is put to the test and their private lives become more and more complicated until a change in fortune sends them down a new path.

Available on VHS (used) – scarce!

“Snap” (2010) (83 mins) Drama.

Aisling O’Sullivan, Stephen Moran, Eileen Walsh and Mick Lally.

Director: Carmel Winters.

The late, Mick Lally, makes his last screen appearance.

Sandra is one angry woman: sometime in the very recent past, her teenage son kidnapped a toddler and created a national panic/sensation. Both Stephen and Sandra have become public enemies, with Sandra having been all but crucified, made into the kind of media scapegoat tabloid readers love to loathe.

Not available.

“Snapper, The” (1993) (95 mins) Comedy/Drama.

Tina Kelleher, Colm Meaney, Ruth McCabe, Colm O’Byrne, Pat Laffan, Eanna MacLiam, Ciara Duffy.

Director: Stephen Frears.

Based on the book by Roddy Doyle – the second in the “Barrytown” trilogy.

Interior scenes filmed at Ardmore Studios and location work at Kilbarrack and Darndale.

Sharon Curley (Tina Kelleher) is 20, works in a Dublin supermarket, lives at home and is pregnant. If that isn’t bad enough, she adamantly refuses to name the father. In turn shocked, concerned, defensive, embarrassed and angry, her own father, Dessie (Colm Meaney), is determined to support her but as the small town is driven into a frenzy of gossip, his loyalty is soon put to the test. As speculation, suggestion and rumour mount will Sharon manage to keep her secret intact? Will Dessie continue to stand by his daughter and how will the ‘snapper’ be welcomed into the world?

Available on VHS and DVD.

“Soft Sand, Blue Sea” (1998) (98 mins) Drama

Brendan Coyle, Julia Ford, Laurence Kinlan, Aimee Mulligan

Director: Pip Broughton.

Channel 4 Films/Diplomat Films.

Producers: Alan Bleasdale, Keith Thompson.

Filmed in Ireland, Dublin– Coliemore Harbour, Dalkey…..

Alan Bleasdale presents a poignant tale of childhood in modern society. Thirteen-year-old David and ten-year-old Danielle are residents in a children’s home. They are not orphans, but are children of disinterested parents and, as such, carry the scars of being unloved and rejected.

Despite this, neither of the children court or expect sympathy. Soon after Danielle’s arrival at the home an unspoken bond forms between the two.

Not available.

“Some Mother’s Son” (1997) (112 mins) Drama.

Helen Mirren, Aidan Gillen, Fionnula Flanagan, John Lynch, David O’Hara.

Director: Terry George.

Aka “Sons and Warriors“.

Some filming in Rush and Skerries – Co.Dublin.


After her son is arrested, an upstanding Irish Catholic schoolteacher faces the difficult choice of standing up for her son or decrying his pro-IRA beliefs. Further fuel is added to the fire when, to demonstrate their status as prisoners of war, he joins his fellow inmates in a hunger strike – and indicates his willingness to die for a cause in which she does not believe.

Available on VHS and DVD.

“Song for a Raggy Boy” (2003) (100 mins) Drama.

Aidan Quinn, Iain Glen and Marc Warren.

Director: Aisling Walsh.

Filmed in Counties Cork and Kerry.

Set in 1939, this is the powerful story of what happens when William Franklin (Aidan Quinn), an anti-Franco veteran of the bloody Spanish Civil War, is appointed to St.Jude’s Reformatory as the only lay teacher, amongst a staff of Catholic Brothers. Franklin’s teaching methods are diametrically opposed to those of the Brothers’, who regularly resort to verbal and physical abuse.

Franklin soon learns the academic challenge is formidable, many boys being still illiterate, but he gradually earns their trust and succeeds in unlocking their hidden talents.

Available on DVD.

“Song for Europe, A” (1991) Comedy. RTÉ TV movie

Michelle Houlden, Joe Taylor, Martin Murphy, John Keogh, Gina Moxley.

Directors: Anne Enright, Charlie McCarthy.

Writers: David Blake Knox, Gerry MacNamara and Angela Ryan.

This one-off spoof about Ireland’s debut in the Eurovision Song Contest (1965) came from the team responsible for the hit comedy/chat show “Nighthawks”.

Aired 2/4/1991.

“Song of the Sea” (2014) (93 mins) Animated Children’s Movie

Voices include Brendan Gleeson, Fionnula Flanagan, David Rawle and Pat Shortt.

Director: Tomm Moore.


The story of the last Seal Child’s journey home. After their mother’s disappearance, Ben and Saoirse are sent to live with Granny in the city. When they resolve to return to their home by the sea, their journey becomes a race against time as they are drawn into a world Ben knows only from his mother’s folktales. But this is no bedtime story; these fairy folk have been in our world far too long. It soon becomes clear to Ben that Saoirse is the key to their survival.


Available on DVD.

“Song O’ My Heart” (1930) (91 mins) Musical.

John McCormack, Maureen O’Sullivan, John Garrick, J.M. Kerrigan, Tommy Clifford, Alice Joyce.

Director: Frank Borzage.

Ireland’s most famous tenor, John McCormack, is lead in this early musical.

Filmed near Bray, County Wicklow also at Moore Abbey, Monastervan, Co.Kildare.

A singer is forced to give up his career when he marries.

Was released on VHS and can occasionally be found online.

Not officially released on DVD.

“Songs for Amy” (2012) (103 mins) Romantic Comedy

James Cosmo, Patrick Bergin, Lorna Anderson, Sean Maguire, Barry Ward, Ross MacMahon, Ford Kiernan, Kevin Ryan, Gavin Mitchell, Olwyn Boyle and the Alabama 3.

Director: Konrad Begg.

Production company: Sonny and Skye Productions.

Filmed in Ireland – County Galway (Galway City and Lough Cutra Castle) and the USA – New York City.

Songs for Amy

Konrad Begg’s debut film follows the plight of struggling musician (Sean Maguire) who tries to redeem himself in eyes of bride-to-be Amy (Lorna Anderson). With his relationship hanging in the balance, he hatches a plan to win her back by writing the perfect album of songs, with a helping hand from his misfit band mates.

Available on DVD.

“Sooner or Later”  (2017) (96 mins)

Aeneas O’Donnell, Anna O’Donnell, Peter Shine & Muireann Ni Raghlaigh

Director: Luke Morgan.

Thaddeus and Sally are sick of the nursing home, so the two decide to take matters into their own hands and escape to a cottage on the Kerry coast. There, they will have a nice, enjoyable weekend, and then they’re going to commit suicide. Thaddeus invites her granddaughter Alice to the cottage. Little does she know, Thaddeus’ new flame, Sally, is coming. More importantly, Alice has no ideas of the suicide plans. But when a postman delivers an urn engraved with their names, Alice begins asking questions.

Premiered at the Galway Film Fleadh on the 11th July, 2018.

South (2016) (80 mins) Drama

Darragh O’Toole, Emily Lamey, Joe Rooney, Andie Mcaffrey Byrne.

Writer/Director: Gerard Walsh.

Filmed in Galway and Dublin.


South tells the story of Tom, a young man struggling with the recent death of his father. After finding a note from his estranged mother he decides to hit the road and try to find her. Throughout this journey, Tom also tries to overcome his crippling stage fright as a musician. Along his journey, he meets Jess, a free-spirited young woman that captivates his mind and heart.

Premiered at the Galway Film Fleadh in July 2016.

“South Westerlies, The” (2019) Drama – in production.

When a small Irish town is earmarked for an offshore wind farm, it’s not just the spectacular scenery that’s under pressure. For Kate, whose job is to deliver the project, her eco-battle with the locals is compounded by the arrival of a surfer with an unmistakable resemblance to her son.

Director: Catherine Maher.

“So You Think You’ve Got Troubles” (1991) (180 mins) 6-part TV Comedy series.

Warren Mitchell, Emer Gillespie, Billy Clarke and James Ellis.

Director: Mike Holgate.

Filmed in Belfast.

Ivan Fox (Warren Mitchell), a Londoner and non-practising Jew, is sent by his boss to Northern Ireland to run the Belfast branch of Drummond’s Tobacco Co. Here he is confronted with age-old Catholic and Protestant attitudes. As a self-proclaimed Atheist, Ivan cannot relate and is dismayed when everyone attempts to categorize him by religion. Ivan is sought after by George Nathan,”The Jew-finder General”, who is “single-handedly trying to repopulate the Jewish community in Belfast.” George’s family is a good, solid Jewish one with one exception; his daughter is dating a Catholic ex-convict. On the work-front, Ivan must decide if he will hire some Catholics at the all-Protestant Drummond’s. This is met by opposition from his Works Manager, Charlie Adamson…

Aired on BBC.1. Oct/Nov. 1991

Not available.

“Spacejacked” (1997) (89 mins) Sci-Fi.

Corbin Bernsen, Amanda Pays, Steve Bond, Matt Holland, Des Kenny.

Director: Jeremiah Cullinane.

Executive Producer: Roger Corman.

Filmed in County Galway.

Spacejacked dvd cover

On the maiden voyage of the space cruiser “Star Princess”, rich people live it up looked after and pampered by androids. They have virtual-reality sex and behave badly. Then, the unexpected happens, the ship is sabotaged by one of the crew and the rich passengers are held hostage.

Available on VHS and DVD – scarce!

“Space Truckers” (1996) (95 mins) Sci-Fi Comedy.

Dennis Hopper, Stephen Dorff, Debi Mazar and Charles Dance.

Director: Stuart Gordon.

Filmed almost entirely at Ardmore Studios in Bray. Only location shooting was on the Dollymount Strand, which doubled for the Mojave Desert, and at the Civic Offices at Wood Quay.

John Canyon (Dennis Hopper) is one of the last independent space transport entrepreneurs. Rough times force him to carry suspicious cargo to Earth without questions being asked. During the flight, the cargo turns out to be a multitude of unstoppable and deadly killer robots

Available on VHS and DVD.

“Spaghetti Slow” (1995) (96 mins) Romantic Drama.

Niamh O’Byrne, Guilio Di Marco, Brendan Gleeson.

Director: Valerie Jalango.

Irish/Italian co-production.

Aka “Messaggi quasi segreti” aka “Alison’s Colour”(?)

Filmed in Ireland – Dublin and Wicklow.

Alison, rebellious punk daughter of a redundant security guard returns to her home in Ireland to find that her room has been rented to a shy, nerdy Italian teenager, Simone. Her return throws the household in disarray and as quarrels with her dad become increasingly frequent, she decides to run away from home. Simone, who is hopelessly uncomfortable in the Irish working class environment, decides to go with her, in spite of his fears and anxieties. The two set off on an exciting journey in which Alison introduces the young boy to the “colours” of eccentric underground culture and dramatic beauty of her country.

No sign of Cinema, VHS or DVD release!

“Speed Dating” (2007) (85 mins) Comedy.

Hugh O’Conor, Emma Choy, Nora-Jane Noone and David Hayman.

Director: Tony Herbert.

Filmed in County Dublin and Ardmore Studios.

Speed_Dating - Copy

After the break-up with the love of his life two years previously, James Van Der Bexton – approaching his 30th birthday – has taken up speed dating but without much success. Despondent, he turns his attention towards a mysterious young woman who frequents his local bar. In trying to discover more about this woman, James plays at being a private detective with disastrous – but hilarious – results!

Available on DVD.

“Spike, The” (1978) (300 mins) School Drama. RTÉ TV series.

Geoffrey Golden (O’Mahony – acting Principal), Phyl O’Doherty (Mrs O’Mahony), David Kelly (Logue, art teacher) Bill Golding (Bert Mullins, shy class teacher), Marie Conmee (Mrs Magner), Julie Hamilton (Mrs Cronin), Jim Fitzgerald (caretaker), Brenda Doyle (Mrs McWilliams), Madeleine Erskine (Norah, nude model)), Tom Irwin (Tom), Siobhan Bryers, James McKenna, Mary Reynolds, Paul Ryan (shy class).

Producer: Noel O’Briain.

Scriptwriter: Patrick Gilligan.

Filmed in County Dublin.

Jerome O’Mahony finds life challenging when he becomes acting principal of St. Aidan’s Post-Primary School in a working class part of Dublin. The school’s tough reputation has earned it the nickname of “The Spike”.

Only the first five of the ten episodes of this series were ever broadcast.

This 1978 ten-part mini-series set in a tough secondary school was effortlessly funny. Sadly, it wasn’t meant to be. The briefest glimpse of naked flesh in Episode.5. outraged the chairman of the League Of Decency, who suffered a heart attack while making angry phone calls to newspapers. The Spike’s producer bizarrely claimed the intent had been “to examine the attitude of pupils and staff to nudity”.

On the day that Episode.6. was due to air with a story of a schoolboy bomber, RTE axed it. The remaining episodes remain locked away in Montrose. www.independent.ie

Not available.

“Spin the Bottle” (2004) (90 mins) Comedy.

Michael McElhatton, Peter McDonald, Donal O’Kelly, Bronagh Gallagher, Pat Leavy and Simon Delaney.

Director: Ian Fitzgibbon.

Filmed in County Dublin.


When Rats (Michael McElhatton) is released from prison yet again, his return to his mother’s house gets off to a bad start. The money painstakingly saved to send his aunt to Lourdes (for a miracle cure for her terminal obesity), is stolen. Rats embarks on a series of hilarious, hapless attempts to replace the stolen money before it’s too late to save his stricken auntie. The penny eventually drops and he decides he must use his only weapon – his musical genius. He teams up with sidekicks Tommo (Peter McDonald) and Brainer (Donal O’Kelly) to reform his band, the superb Spermdotcom to raise funds for his auntie.

Available on DVD – also as a Daily Star promo.

“Spring Meeting” (1941) (90 mins) Comedy.

Nova Pilbeam (‘Baby’ Furze), Basil Sydney (James), Henry Edwards (Sir Richard Furze), Sarah Churchill (Joan Furze), Margaret Rutherford (Aunt Bijou), W G Fay (Johnny), Hugh McDermott (Michael Byrne), Enid Stamp-Taylor (‘Tiny’ Peto/Mrs Fox-Collier), Michael Wilding (Tony Fox-Collier).

Director: Walter C. Mycroft.

Aka “Three Wise Brides” (USA).

Production company: Associated British Pictures Corporation.

Screen adaption by Norman Lee from the play “Spring Meeting” by M J Farrell (Molly Keane).


Tiny Fox-Collier and her son, Tony, are broke. A cheery and handsome young man about town, Tony knows he can rely on his mother for a brainwave to save them from utter destitution. This she has: a visit is scheduled to the Irish country estate of her old flame Sir Richard Furze, now a wealthy widower with two daughters. But while Tiny is determined to see her son marry the beautiful but haughty Joan, it seems Tony only has eyes for Joan’s spirited younger sister, Baby…

Available on DVD.

“Spy Who Came in From the Cold, The” (1964) (112 mins) Cold War Thriller.

Richard Burton, Claire Bloom, Oskar Werner, Peter Van Eyck, Cyril Cusack, Bernard Lee, George Voskovec, Sam Wanamaker, Michael Hordern.

Director: Martin Ritt.

Based upon the novel by John Le Carre, which was adapted by Paul Dehn.

Filmed in London; Holland – Schiphol Airport. Ireland – Dublin – scenes were shot in Cork Street, North Strand, and elsewhere. But the star performer was Smithfield: then a run-down plaza north of the Liffey, where the fulcrum of Cold War-Berlin, Checkpoint Charlie, was recreated.

Alec Leamas (Richard Burton), a British spy is sent to East Germany supposedly to defect, but in fact to sow disinformation. As the action unfolds, Leamas becomes more convinced that his own people see him as just a cog, and his struggle back from dehumanization becomes the final focus of the story.

Available on VHS and DVD – also as a newspaper Promo DVD.

“Stag, The” (2013) (94 mins) Comedy.

Andrew Scott, Hugh O’Conor, Brian Gleeson, Amy Huberman.

Director: John Butler.

Production company: Treasure Entertainment.

Aka “The Bachelor Weekend”.

Low budget – €500,000.

Irish locations – Dublin, Wicklow and Galway.


Self-confessed metrosexual Fionnan (Hugh O’Connor) doesn’t want a Stag do, but would happily attend the Hen party. Ruth (Amy Huberman), the now concerned bride-to-be, promptly persuades the, marginally more-macho, best man Davin (Andrew Scott) to organise one. Reluctantly, he agrees but proceeds to do everything he can to stop Ruth’s wildly infamous brother, known only as ‘The Machine’ (Peter McDonald), coming along for their sober, walking-weekend excuse for a stag party. But “The Machine”, not so easily foxed, tracks them down, and what follows is a hilarious few days in rural Ireland where the Stags find themselves lost, shot at, stoned and butt-naked. The Stag is a hilarious and heart-warming journey of friendship, fear, male bonding, and tightly fashioned squirrel skin!

Available on DVD.

“Staid” (2016) (89 mins) Drama

Adrienne Meyler, Phil Lyons, Stephen Murphy and Paul Creane.

Writer/Director: Paul O’Brien.

Shot in Wexford town – ‘The Sky and the Ground‘ pub – on a micro, micro-budget of just €300 according to the director. Based on a play that was first staged in the same pub during the 2014 Opera Festival and using the same actors.


Baby Collins is stuck in a life she doesn’t want to live, in a place she doesn’t want to be. For years she has routinely dragged herself from day-to-day, just existing, until she decides that she’s not worth even that — until a long-lost friend asks a small favour.

Over the course of the following 36 hours Baby, her most loyal customer, her one part-time staff member and her friend from the past, tangle, fight, sing, talk, smoke, drink, argue, laugh, leave and return, while stumbling towards the reality that their lives are changing — whether they like it or not.

Premiered at the Audi Dublin Film Festival on the 27th February, 2016.

Not available.

“Stalker” (2012) (80 mins) Thriller.

John Connors, Peter Coonan and Barry Keoghan.

Director: Mark O’Connor.

Filmed in Counties Wicklow and Dublin.


Oliver Nolan (John Connors), a volatile homeless man, wanders the streets of Dublin City during the Christmas period. After an unusual encounter with an evangelist, Oliver believes he is sent on a mission from God to clean up society. When he saves a disaffected teenager named Tommy (Barry Keoghan) from some local bullies an unlikely friendship is formed. Oliver soon learns that Tommy’s mother is an addict and his uncle Rudyard (Peter Coonan) is a local drug dealer, and takes it upon himself to get even with Rudyard and his gang of petty criminals for taking advantage of his only friend, Tommy.

Was shown at the Galway Film Fleadh in 2012.

Available on DVD.

“Standby” (2014) (90 mins) Romantic comedy.

Jessica Paré, Brian Gleeson, Stanley Townsend.

Directors: Rob Burke, Ronan Burke.

Production company: Black Sheep Productions.

Filmed in Dublin and Luxembourg.

standby poster 2

Twenty-something Alan (Brian Gleeson) is down on his luck. Stood up at the altar and recently fired from his banking job, he finds himself working with his mother as a part-time tourist advisor at Dublin Airport. It’s there he comes face to face with first love Alice (Jessica Paré), stuck on standby for a flight home to New York. Their summer romance ended eight years previously with Alan promising to return to the US one day. He never did, and they haven’t spoken since. Seizing his chance, Alan convinces a reluctant Alice to stay one more night in Dublin. Over the course of an unforgettable evening, they may just realise that they are more compatible than ever. But time is running out on this brief encounter. When does an unexpected second chance, become the one you’ve always been looking for?

Available on DVD.

“Stand Off” (2011) (89 mins) Comedy. Drama.   Turkey 1 Turkey 1

Brendan Fraser, Colm Meaney, Martin McCann, Emma Hamilton, David O’Hara, Yaya DaCosta.

Director: Terry George.

aka “Whole Lotta Sole

Filmed in Northern Ireland – Belfast (St.George’s Market) and Downpatrick, County Down.

Stand Off DVD

In a desperate attempt to protect his family and pay back gambling debts to a local mobster, Jimbo (Martin McCann) robs a fish market, which is coincidentally owned by the same mobster. On the run, Jimbo is cornered in a local antique shop, where he takes hostage an assortment of colourful characters, including American Joe Maguire (Brendan Fraser), who may be his illegitimate father. Surrounded by the local police, SAS and the mobster’s gang, he must find a way out of his precarious situation with the help of his oddball captives.

Verdict: Billed as something that will appeal to people who enjoyed “Snatch” this movie sucks! Despite some well-cast actors it never gets out of 1st gear. I watched it on Netflix but fell asleep halfway through. and it’s certainly not one worth buying.

Available on DVD.

“Star Fish” (2004) (90 mins) Drama.

Mark Huberman, Edward King, Pat McGrath.

Writer/Director: Stephen Kane.

Filmed in Counties Dublin and Wicklow.

A contemporary story about three misfits who take a road trip to Cork while simultaneously embarking on a journey of self-discovery. Irish Film Board.

Not available.

“Star Portal” (1997) (78 mins) Sci-Fi. Aka “Not of this Earth II: Final Contact

Athena Massey, Steven Bauer and Stephen Davies.

Director: Jon Purdy.

Production company: Concorde.

Low budget.

Filmed in County Galway.

SP 2

A gateway through the universe links the Earth to a watery planet light years away. Through this star portal, a beautiful alien, Quad-rena must send precious human blood to save her dying race. She arrives on Earth ready to complete her brutal mission, but embedded in her human form she finds a strange emotion – compassion. She is compelled to stop her harvest but cannot escape it. Equipped with superhuman powers, but alone on a strange planet, Quad-rena must battle forces from this planet and her own. The fate of two worlds hangs in the balance.

The trailer is more than enough for me.

Available on VHS – scarce!

“Starred Up” (2013) (106 mins) Drama.

Jack O’Connell, Ben Mendelsohn, Rupert Friend.

Director: David Mackenzie.

Filmed in Northern Ireland – Crumlin Road Prison, Belfast and the Maze Prison, Lisburn.


Nineteen-year-old Eric Love is a troubled, violent teenager making the difficult move from a young offenders’ institution to an adult prison. At first, he seems destined for a life behind bars, but the prison’s unconventional therapist is determined to help Eric find a way through, assisted by of one of the prison’s longest serving inmates, Neville, who just happens to be Eric’s father.

Available on DVD. 

“State of Wonder” (1983) (113 mins) Drama.

Anne Chaplin, Michael Halphie, Martin Donovan, Nigel Court, David Meyer and Tony Meyer.

Director: Martin Donovan.

Written by: Martin Donovan (based upon the death of his 17-year-old brother in an auto collision)

First film for Charlie Chaplin’s daughter.

Filmed in Cloghane on the Dingle Peninsula, County Kerry.

A youth dies in an auto collision and lives are affected.

Not available on DVD, but the full movie is currently available on YouTube – 9/1/2018.

“Stay” (2013) (90 mins) Romantic Drama.

Taylor Schilling, Aidan Quinn, Michael Ironside, Brian Gleeson.

Director: Wiebke von Carolsfeld.

Filmed in Ireland – County Galway. Roundstone….?

Set in Connemara, Stay tells the story of a young Canadian in love with an older, reclusive professor. Their idyll by the sea falls apart when Abbey finds out that she is pregnant and Dermot is unwilling to consider having a child. Abbey returns to Montreal uncertain about what to do next.

Available on DVD and Amazon streaming.

“Steamin’ and Dreamin’: The Grandmaster Cash Story” (2009) (89 mins) Comedy.

Con Doyle, Conor Stanley, Tommy Tiernan and Joe Kiely.

Director: Shaun O’Connor.

Filmed in County Cork.

Seamus Kelly is a sociology student from Cork who, as part of his final year in college, directs a documentary on subcultures in suburbia, eventually coming to focus on the Cork hip-hop scene and local artist Grandmaster Cash in particular. The documentary follows Cash as he struggles to achieve fame and fortune, amidst the trouble of negative critical reception and dealing with the rival hip-hop crew, led by Dr Feekinstein.

Was released on DVD  but impossible to find.

“Stella Days” (2011) (100 mins) Drama.

Martin Sheen, Stephen Rea, Marcella Plunkett, Trystan Gravelle, Amy Huberman, Tom Hickey and Joey O’Sullivan.

Director: Thaddeus O’Sullivan.

Based on the novel by Michael Doorley.

Production company: Newgrange Pictures.

Filmed in Fethard, County Tipperary; also County Wicklow – Powerscourt Waterfall, and Newcastle?

A small town cinema in rural Ireland becomes the setting for a dramatic struggle between faith and passion, Rome and Hollywood and a man and his conscience. Stella Days encapsulates the dilemma of Ireland in the mid-1950s – on the cusp of the modern but still clinging to the traditions of church and a cultural identity forged in very different times.

Available on DVD.

“Stitches” (2012) (86 mins) Comedy/Horror.

Ross Noble, Tommy Knight, Gemma-Leah Devereux.

Director: Conor McMahon.

Production company: Fantastic Films.


Richard Grindle (Ross Noble) is the sleaziest clown working the children’s party circuit in Ireland. Arriving late to one birthday, his timing is off, the bratty kids a nightmare and a prank goes horribly wrong – he falls on a kitchen knife and goes to that Big Top in the sky. Years later the same nasty kids attend another more grown-up bash. Little do they know, thanks to a black magic clown cult, Stitches will be the uninvited guest of honour seeking revenge on those responsible for his untimely death. Laughs and gore combine in this twisted tale of one very bad clown.

Available on DVD.

“Story of Esther Costello” (1957) (103 mins) Drama.

Joan Crawford, Rossano Brazzi, Heather Sears, Lee Patterson, Ron Randell, Denis O’Dea and Heather Sears.

Director: David Miller.

Based on the novel by Nicholas Monsarrat.

Filmed in England.

Esther Costello

Esther Costello (Heather Sears) is a young girl playing with her friends in rural post World War II Ireland. She and her friends enter an abandoned home and in the basement discover a cache of live grenades. Not knowing the danger, they begin fighting over them and pull the pin out of one of the grenades. As Esther hears her mother above calling for her, the grenade goes off, setting off an explosion that kills her mother. Esther undergoes severe psychological trauma that renders her blind, deaf, and mute. She ends up living with an uncaring, slovenly grandmother in her impoverished rural hovel, dirty, uneducated and uncared for.

Enter Margaret Landi, a wealthy American, who is touring Ireland in search of her Irish roots, when she comes upon a teenage Esther. Estranged from her scoundrel of a husband, Carlo (Rossano Brazzi), and childless, Margaret is moved by the entreaties of the local parish priest to help Esther. Though at first resistant, she is finally moved by Esther herself into taking her with her. She now becomes to Esther, what Annie Sullivan was to Helen Keller, and under Margaret’s care and ministrations Esther responds and thrives. A light bulb goes on in Esther’s formerly dark and lonely world…

Available on VHS (1997) – very scarce and on DVD (2012).

“Stranger at My Door” (1950) (80 mins) Thriller.

Valentine Dyall, Joseph O’Connor, Agnes Bernelle.

Directors: Desmond Leslie, Brendan J.Stafford.

Filmed in Dublin.

A Dublin man, Michael Foley, who fought as a commando in the British forces in World War Two, comes back to unemployment and near starvation in a Dublin tenement. His only friend is a priest in a church off Grafton Street, but through mistaken pride he refuses his advice and help. Drifting from the queues of the unemployed in Gardiner Street into a quayside public-house, Foley meets a cynical, embittered ex-IRA man, Kelly, who has turned to crime more from frustration than bitterness. The two men are soon in trouble. A smash-and-grab raid on a jewellery shop in Westmoreland Street leads to detectives searching houses in the Mount Street and Merrion Square area, while the final chase is across the rooftops of a Dublin hotel.

Not available.

“Stray Bullet” (1998) (89 mins) Thriller

Fred Dryer, Robert Carradine, Rebecca Staab, Ian Beattie and Stuart Dunne.

Director: Rob Spera.

Producer: Roger Corman.

Filmed in County Galway.

When John Burnside is seduced by an attractive young woman, he is mistaken for her husband and framed for murder. He’s being followed by the police and the head of a crime ring, in a world where no one is to be trusted. Fighting to save his own life becomes the ultimate price to pay for having a one-night stand.

Available on VHS from Amazon.com – scarce!

“Strength and Honour” (2007) (95 mins) Drama.

Michael Madsen, Vinnie Jones, Patrick Bergin, Richard Chamberlain and Pat Shortt.

Director: Mark Mahon.

Filmed in Ireland – County Cork – Cork City, Kinsale and Passage West.


When a young boxer (Madsen) accidentally kills his friend in the ring he vows never to fight again. However, years later when he discovers his only son is dying of the same hereditary heart disorder, which has taken his wife, he is forced to break his promise. Falling into a dark future he must decide whether to fight the most feared man around (Jones) and risk it all for his son’s future.

Available on DVD.

“Striking Out” (2016-)  Two Seasons.1. RTE TV Legal Drama

Amy Huberman, Rory Keenan, Emmet Byrne, Neil Morrissey, Fiona O’Shaughnessy, Brahm Gallagher.

Additional actors joined the cast for the second series, including Moe Dunford, Maria Doyle Kennedy, Charlotte Bradley, Owen McDonnell, Adam Fergus and Jane Brennan.

Filmed in Dublin City and County.


When Dublin-based attorney Tara Rafferty (Amy Huberman) learns that her fiancé and fellow solicitor Eric is cheating on her, she leaves him – and their prestigious law firm – on the same day. Striking out on her own, she sets up her own practice and takes a series of cases that often pit her against her former colleagues.

Working alongside her new team, including mentor and friend Vincent and tech guru and private detective Meg, Tara’s cases put her in direct conflict with influential families and the legal and political establishment as well as challenging her own personal morals.

Series .1. first aired on RTE .1.  on the 1/1/2017 with Series.2. commencing on 7/1/2018.

Series.1. available on DVD.

“Strumpet City” (1980) (350 mins) Drama. RTE TV mini-series.

5 STAR - Copy

Frank Grimes, David Kelly, Angela Harding, Cyril Cusack, Peter O’Toole, Donal McCann, Denys Hawthorne, Bryan Murray, Pat Laffan, Donal Farmer, Brenda Cauldwell, Vinnie McCabe, Peter Ustinov.

Director: Tony Barry.

Based on the novel by James Plunkett. Adapted for television by Hugh Leonard.


Dublin life set against the background of the 1913/14 “Lockout” – the second city of the British Empire but where, for a large percentage of the population, grinding poverty and appalling housing conditions were the order of the day.

Strumpet City is a Dublin on the edge. Ordinary folk are barely surviving, festering in squalid tenements, whole families living in a single room. The war against Germany is looming and talk of rebellion against the British can be heard on every street corner.   The mistreated workers in the factories are forming strong unions, and the city is about to boil over.

Strumpet City RTE STILL

If Strumpet City doesn’t move you to tears check that you still have a pulse!

Available on VHS and digitally remastered on DVD (2004).

“Studs” (2006) (90 mins) Comedy.

Brendan Gleeson, Liam Carney, Eanna MacLiam, David Wilmot, Eamonn Owens, Shaun Elebert.

Director: Paul Mercier.

Filmed in Lucan, County Dublin.


A hapless keeper, a hopeless defence and a captain who has lost the will to win, Emmett Rovers FC are a team in trouble. And now this motley crew of Sunday league losers are facing the final whistle, with no manager and their ground up for grabs.

The Rovers need a hero….Enter the unlikely figure of Walter Keegan (Brendan Gleeson) – a mysterious man in a big coat who persuades the lads that it’s not all over yet. Inspired by Walter’s words, a sudden winning streak has the once calamitous club chasing championship glory. But will it be a fairytale ending for the Rovers or will one last twist of fate shatter their dreams?

Available on DVD.

“Summer Lightning” (1984) RTE/Channel 4 TV production.

Edward Rawle-Hicks, Donal McCann, Paul Scofield and Tom Bell.

Director: Paul Joyce.

Adapted for television by Derek Mahon and Paul Joyce, from Ivan Turgenev’s novella ‘First Love’.

Some filming in County Dublin (Marsh’s Library) – Glencullen and Delvin, County Westmeath.

Sir Robert Clarke (Paul Scofield) looks back on his life and the summer when as a 16-year-old he first fell in love with Louise St. Leger.

Televised by RTE on 8th April 1985.

Does not appear to be available.

“Summer of the Flying Saucer” (2008) (86 mins) Comedy/Sci Fi.

Robert Sheehan, Lorcan Cranitch and Nicola Coughlan.

Director: Martin Duffy.

Filmed in County Galway – Kilkerrin.

1967: Dan’s dull existence on a farm in the west of Ireland is turned topsy-turvy when aliens land in his back-yard. He must use all his guile to help them pass as humans while at the same time he falls for the alien girl. Irish Film Board.

Not available on VHS or DVD!

Sunburn (1999) (89 mins) Comedy/Drama.

Paloma Baeza, Cillian Murphy, Barry Ward.

Director: Nelson Hume.

Some filming in Ireland – Dublin but mainly in the USA – Long Island, New York.


When Davin McDerby (Cillian Murphy) gets his Dublin girlfriend pregnant, he runs from his responsibilities by tagging along with straightlaced Robert (Barry Ward) on a summer abroad program for Irish youth. Against the seaside backdrop of New York’s Long Island, the pair seek work and love while grappling with their newfound adult independence away from home. While borrowing money from and generally taking advantage of naive Robert, Davin hatches plans to stay in the States permanently. But as his crush on the responsible, level-headed Aideen (Paloma Baeza) grows, Davin begins to reconsider his self-serving ways in this funny, low key coming-of-age tale.

Available on Region.4. DVD – full movie also on YouTube.

“Sunday” (2002) (94 mins) TV True Drama.

Ciarán McMenamin, Christopher Eccleston, Brid Brennan, Eva Birthistle, Barry Mullan and Paul Campbell.

Director: Charles McDougall.

Filmed in Northern Ireland – Derry and England – Merseyside and Greater Manchester.


Sunday tells the story of an infamous day in Derry, North of Ireland and how the events of that day were subsequently covered up by the British Government of the time. On Sunday 30th January 1972 a peaceful civil rights march against internment (imprisonment without trial), organised by the Northern Ireland Civil Rights Association ended with 13 marchers shot dead and 15 wounded. It became known throughout the world as Bloody Sunday.

Available on DVD .

“Sunset Heights” (1999) (93 mins) Dystopian Thriller.

Toby Stephens, Jim Norton and James Cosmo.

Director: Colm Villa.

Filmed in Counties Donegal and Derry.

Sunset Heights

Set in Derry of the near future finds the city ruled by two rival law-enforcing punishment squads. When Luke Bradley (Stephens)’s son is found murdered, suspicion falls upon the local preacher (Jim Norton). Taken to Sunset Heights, a druid’s circle on a hill overlooking the city, the accused is summarily executed by the boy’s father. However, when another child goes missing, it appears that they have killed the wrong man – or that the preacher has come back from the dead to wreak his revenge…

Released on VHS and DVD but hard to find.

“Sun, the Moon and the Stars, The” (1995) (93 mins) Comedy.

Angie Dickinson, Jason Donovan, Elaine Cassidy, Gina Moxley, Aisling Corcoran.

Director: Geraldine Creed.

Production Company: Blue Lion Entertainment.

Filmed in north Dublin – Donabate?


Distressed by the break-up of her parents’ marriage, 12-year old Shelley (Elaine Cassidy) is not looking forward to her summer holidays with her mother Monica (Gina Moxley) and sister Dee (Aisling Corcoran). Wrapped up in her own world of music and magic, she wishes the real world would go away – a stupid holiday is the last thing she needs. As her efforts to reunite her parents seem to fail, she declares war on the looming adult world and when an eccentric-looking American woman, Abbie (Angie Dickinson) arrives on the scene, Shelley decides she’s a sea-witch and sets out to destroy her…

Was released on VHS  but impossible to find – unofficial DVD release.

“Survivalist, The” (2015) (104 mins) Drama/Sci-Fi/Thriller

Martin McCann, Mia Goth, Olwen Fouéré

Writer/Director: Stephen Fingleton

Shot in Northern Ireland.


The story of a man in a time of starvation, living off the grid since before the grid went down. Growing food on a small farm hidden deep in a forest, he protects his land from thieves and foragers with man traps and a shotgun. But the long years alone have taken their toll on him, and he is beginning to lose his grip on reality. His isolation is broken by two visitors; Kathryn and her teenage daughter, Milja. They are starving and desperate for food. Initially reluctant to share any, he relents when they offer a night with Milja. The exchange becomes an uneasy ongoing arrangement; as Kathryn schemes to take control of the farm, and the Survivalist finds his feelings growing for her daughter. When the farm comes under attack from outsiders, they find they must work together to survive, developing loyalties which will be tested when food runs short. Written by The Fyzz Facility – Production Co.

Available on DVD.

“Swansong: Story of Occi Byrne” (2009) (92 mins) Drama

Martin McCann, Gerard McSorley, Jodie Whittaker, Owen Roe and Marcella Plunkett.

Director: Conor McDermottroe.

Filmed on location in Co. Sligo.


Austin ‘Occi’ Byrne’s life begins when his mother brings him back to her village in Sligo after she fails to have an abortion in England. Occi suffers traumatic bullying at the hands of a local gang, but remains devoted to his increasingly alcoholic mother, convinced that his lost father will one day re-enter his life. When the mental asylum he’s committed to as an adolescent closes down, he finds work on a trawler where he causes the death of a fellow sailor. The murder goes undiscovered, but worse awaits Occi when he returns home and learns the truth about his parentage.

Available on German import DVD from Amazon – rare and expensive!

“Sweet Inniscarra” (1934) (72 mins) Romance

Sean Rogers, Mae Ryan.

Director: Emmet Moore.

Columbia Pictures Corporation.

Gerald O’Carroll (Rogers) is a millionaire determined to make Kate (Ryan) love him. To win her over, he pretends to be a schoolmaster. A lighthearted romance set against the picturesque background of 1930s Ireland.

May have been filmed in Portarlington and Cashel….

Not available.

“Sword of Sherwood Forest” (1960) (80 mins) Adventure.

Richard Greene, Peter Cushing, Nigel Green, Sarah Branch, Niall MacGinnis, Richard Pasco, Jack Gwillim, Oliver Reed and Desmond Llewelyn.

Director: Terence Fisher.

Filmed at Ardmore Studios and at Powerscourt, County Wicklow.

Sword of Sherwood Forest

England at the end of the 12th century. The Sheriff of Nottingham (Peter Cushing) plots to confiscate the estates of the Lord of Bortrey, who has died while away with King Richard “The Lionheart” on the Crusades. The Archbishop of Canterbury (Jack Gwillim) speaks against this plot, and the Sheriff plans to eliminate him. Robin Hood (Richard Greene) pretends to undertake the assassination of the Archbishop for the plotters; Maid Marion (Sarah Branch), meeting him thinks him the leader of a gang of murderers, and leads him into a trap.

Available on DVD.


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